Toysopoly #1 top class puppy playpen – huge 45” indoor/outdoor cage. Satisfactory exercise kennel on your canine, cat, rabbit, doggy, hamster or guinea pig. Transportable material pen for clean travel

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  • ✅ superior cost: 1 massive puppy playpen + detachable top zipper + water-proof bottom zipper + manual/instruction + bonus: 4 chrome steel anchors.
  • ✅ your pet’s 2nd home – your pets will fall in love with this large, spacious tent! They will grow aware of it or even treat it as their 2d domestic! You could simply customize your puppy’s tents by adding in blankets, comforters, and bite toys!
  • ✅ no assembly required, easy garage- pops up in seconds with out a want for any assembly. Folds flat when now not in use for smooth sporting and storing.
  • ✅ newly design model 2020: roomy eight-panel layout with protected seams and bolstered corners. Crafted from durable water resistant substances. Detachable zippered pinnacle may be removed without difficulty removed for indoor use & closed for outdoor use to offer colour. Zippered door gives clean in/out get right of entry to on your pet. Close the door to maintain your puppy effectively inner.
  • ✅ your pet’s protection is crucial to us. All merchandise are exhaustively and independently 0. 33-celebration lab examined. Certified non-poisonous our engineering studying set is bpa-secure, lead-safe and phthalates-safe.
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what makes toysopoly playpen more top rate? Right here are the reasons:

  • easy pop-up
  • folds absolutely flat and could be very light-weight and transportable
  • uniquely designed to meet your home and journey needs
  • sturdy inner metal frame
  • durable waterproof 600d oxford material cloth, clean to clean
  • 2x zippered roll up doors for convenient get right of entry to
  • water-proof backside protects your flooring from unintentional messes
  • mesh on all facets for air float and visibility
  • attached band for holding a water feeder bottle (bottle not included)
  • 4x metal stakes for holding the pen on ground firmly (outdoor use)
  • carrying bag for clean storage and transportation
  • stunning colorations which can be superb for dogs, cats, dogs, chickens, birds, quails, rabbits, and and so forth…
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    Black, Blue, Maroon, Pink

    6 reviews for Toysopoly #1 top class puppy playpen – huge 45” indoor/outdoor cage. Satisfactory exercise kennel on your canine, cat, rabbit, doggy, hamster or guinea pig. Transportable material pen for clean travel

    1. Sherry and Steve

      I had my doubts when my wife told me she had ordered this for a rescue kitten that we are taking care of. He had been abandoned by his mother at about 2 weeks old. The main issue we had with him was that his litter box use was very hit-and-miss. So every day we had to clean the bathroom floor when we came in from work. My wife thought this enclosure may help keep him confined to a smaller area so he would learn to use the box more regularly. I’m happy to say that I was wrong and she was right. The enclosure is large enough for him to have room to play and run around but also keeps him local to his litter box and food dish. We believe this has helped tremendously in getting him to use the litter box all the time. This enclosure is built well and made of quality canvas and mesh material. And as an added bonus, which we had not thought about, it has been instrumental in slowly and safely introducing him to our tabby cat which we have had for 4 years. We could not be happier with this enclosure, and would definitely recommend ordering it if you have any pets that you would like to keep corralled into an area, but still give them the freedom to run around and play. Great product! Read more

    2. littlesurfboard

      This has been the best thing that I purchased to ground my new kitten in the home. Cats are curious but get overwhelmed so this was a great tool to use to establish a safe homebase for her. I put her food and a litter box in it with a few toys then slowly opened up other rooms in the home for her to get familiar with for her to explore. She would go and explore but then come back to her a little playpen home and stay there for a minute as a “safety zone” then go back out and explore more so it was a real great stabilizing technique. I also travel so I bring this as it is easy to fold up and it provides a familiar and comforting place of recognition that is her home even when we are in a hotel room. She scratches at the mesh but it has not ripped, it’s definitely good quality. The windows and octagon size make it roomy enough for a cat so that they feel like they are in the open. It’s a great place to put her in if I need to contain her for a bit and because we’ve used it as a familiar, safe and stable homebase for her, she likes to go in it. Read more

    3. Brittney Briana

      So to start off I know this was intended for pets but I bought it for my 7 month old baby for when we go camping this spring. This playpen surprised me with how much space and the quality is great! I love that it folds down so easily and can be taken on the go! 5 stars for sure Read more

    4. max’s mom

      i loved the ptoduct & was happy i saw it. we were getting a baby kitten & needed to introduce the 10 yo. cat & the baby. my idea was perfect until we opened the box! immediately put it out on the patio thinking it would air out. people told us sunshine so we put it in the most intense spot. a couple of days, still not one smidge of improvement. i thought as a big human that couldnt. stand it, i got a horrible headache. imagine what it would do to a tiny baby kitten. i returned it & bought a different brand. that one is womnderful! the amazazon staff went above & beyond to help figure out what to do. i would NOT recommend this to anyone. look beyond this brand. it looks very similar but does not stink. good luck. also, what I wanted it for works like a charm. we attached a reg crate to one door so it’s always open and put a litter box in that. we call it his one bathroom studio apartment. he likes it… it’s his space. good luck. Read more

    5. The Somnambulist

      One of my three cats is a large male who loves people but also has a tendency to scratch them when he tires of their attention. I bought this playpen so he can be around visitors without causing bodily injury. But in reality it has been useful for so much more…we also use it for a sort of “time out” (which probably sounds nicer than “cat jail”) if one of the cats is getting overly pesky (usually our male cat who, in addition to scratching visitors, also purposely knocks things off counters, bookcases and fireplace mantles if he is not getting enough attention), if I need to perform a task sans feline (usually paperwork AKA their favorite place to sit on top of) or if a workman is coming over and I don’t want to worry about the cats escaping through an open door. The cats much prefer hanging out in their little playpen in these situations than being trapped in the basement. Maybe I shouldn’t have used the word “little” — this thing is huge (I guess I couldn’t visualize the measurements when I ordered — could have easily gotten away with the next smaller size — it does take up the majority of our family room floor’s free space.) There is more than enough room inside for three adult cats to hang out in together. In fact, it’s big enough for an adult to crawl inside and curl up (not that I would have actually tried that)(recently.) It was very easy to set up, although the zipper on top on mine does get hung up in one spot where the seam must extend out a little bit too much. But I can wiggle it past there without too much effort. The zippers on the doors work very well and quickly so if I need to I can imprison my darling kitties before they even think to try and escape. On the topic of zippers: One of the reasons that I picked this particular playpen is that the bottom is zippered on (not velcro-ed or sewn on.) I know for a fact that my little darlings would easily escape an enclosure if the bottom were simply attached by velcro, but I wanted the option to unzip the bottom for cleaning when the inevitable hairball is deposited on it. I can’t speak to the folding-up process as I have not collapsed this playpen since it arrived more than a month ago. The majority of the time, we leave the door(s) open (rolled up) and the cats just go in there to chill on their own. I threw in some of those old towels that don’t ever seem to not smell a little musty and it immediately became their favorite place to take naps in (is it just my cats, or do all cats love those stinky-ish towels?) Overall, I am very impressed with the sturdiness of the structure. The mesh is plasticized (or similar process) and is very heavy duty/rugged. Our big ole male has hooked his claws into the mesh door and pulled/pushed on it with his considerable body weight and it wasn’t stretched, torn or snagged. The metal framework is also substantial and not a bit flimsy. The fabric is thick and canvas-like. It is rare that a product not only meets but exceeds your expectations, but this ToysOpoly Pet Playpen certainly does. Read more

    6. Annie

      Super easy to assemble! Just unfold it! LOL. But this is so cute and I love the color. EDIT: This was cute and easy to assemble. But my bunny bit a hole on the door of this playpen, it caught his head and he passed away as a result of hanging from the hole on this door trying to escape. I don’t want to bash on a company, but perhaps there should be a hazard about this. I think the material of this might be dangerous for pets because they can bite into it and kill themselves from being stuck in the hole they bit into. I know posting this won’t bring my bunny back, but hopefully this helps bunny owners who is thinking about buying this play pen for their bun. Read more

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