The authentic improved pet bed by means of coolaroo

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  • off-the-floor layout promotes and increases air waft on all aspects of the bed, preserving your pet cool (elevates pets greater than 7 in. Off the ground)
  • suspended platform provides brought consolation with the aid of developing low-impact regions to strain factors and joints (offers almost nine sq. Toes. Of mattress area)
  • cloth is made from a breathable excessive density polyethylene (hdpe) material that helps eliminate hot spots
  • flea, mite, mould and mildew resistant
  • smooth to scrub and keep
  • capabilities a light-weight, yet robust powder-covered steel body that is extraordinarily long lasting for pets of all sizes
  • transportable design makes it ideal for both indoor and out of doors use
  • to be had in three sizes (s, m and l)
  • pick from 5 designer colors
  • assembles in minutes
  • a hundred% recyclable lead- and phthalate-unfastened material for a safer surroundings
  • greengaurd certified
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off-the-floor design promotes and increases air drift. Breathable cloth eliminates hot spots and has a cooling effect to their fur coat.

suspended, flexible mattress floor reduces strain on your pets joints and guarantees consolation.

built for indoor or outside use. Lightweight, powder-covered metallic frame will closing inside the out of doors elements.

smooth to clean hdpe cloth and metal body, certainly hose off with water and permit to dry.


Small, Medium, Large


Brunswich Green, Grey, Nutmeg, Terracotta, Aquatic Blue, Gunmetal

6 reviews for The authentic improved pet bed by means of coolaroo

  1. Ricardee Pearson

    I bought 2 cots (medium) for my Sibe and Aussie. We have a memory foam dog bed, but both dogs prefer to sleep on the floor -_- I was concerned at first that they would be difficult to assemble after reading the reviews. They were ridiculously easy, so maybe they have changed their designed since the last review was written. My aussie Tundra was terrified of it at first, i threw a blanket on it and she hopped right on….took the blanket off, and she wouldn’t go near it. My Husky on the other hand loved it immediately, no coaxing needed. Fast forward a couple weeks later…they have stood up to quite a beating. The bed is typically used as “base”, bed, step stool. I bought a large size because my Sib wasnt able to stretch out on the medium. One thing that would be helpful is to have information on Amazon mirror the information on the box. The box for the medium cots state they are best for dogs the size of cocker spaniels….I was thrown off because one review stated that their 100 lb German Shepherd fit on the large, I have a 50 lb Sibe and 45 lb Aussie so I thought the large would be overkill. Medium is for a dog no larger than a Spaniel, Large are for retrievers, dalmations, siberian huskies etc. Hope this helps Read more

  2. Amazon Steve

    I purchased my first Coolaroo Elevated Dog Bed over 6 years ago for my 50 Lb Soft Coated Wheaten (purchased the Medium size). This bed has LASTED! I’ve been impressed and am purchasing 2 more for both of my dogs. Firstly, I’ll add that I live in sunny Arizona, and most things DO NOT last in the hot/dry Arizona climate. This bed has completely STOOD UP to the long-term test. I’ve attached a few pictures of my older bed compared to the new. I have been extremely impressed and surprised with how well the material has held up through the last 6 years. There is a bit of sagging and rusting, but its lasted 6 years in the rain and heat! No rips from dog nails, and he uses it as a step up to his dog door (which he runs in and out of). My dog LOVES sitting in this bed as it keeps him off the warmer ground and allows air to flow above and below him. He especially loves it on colder evenings when the wind is blowing. I would absolutely recommend and rate a perfect 5/5! Thank you for reading and rating my review!!! Read more

  3. Ashley N. Gary

    These beds are amazing. We have 3 pigs and 3 dogs sharing 4 beds. Two pigs usually sleep on one together. They love them! A sharp hoof poked through the material…we couldn’t break it to her that she’s a little overweight. Our fault. But the replacement covers are only $9! Love!!! Read more

  4. Judy Sehorne

    These have been made cheaper since my last order. They now have plastic connectors where the frame goes together. One of the connectors broke within a week. So the bed is useless now. I have several of these and prior to this last one the frames were all metal and never caused a problem. Read more

  5. Katy Masters

    My dog paces around frantically at night. Non stop. No matter what. Three bike rides, a hike, and six hours of doggy daycare? Nope, still wants to play all night. Intense day long training session? Nope, still wants to play all night. Distracting delicious treat dispensing toys? He just throws them at me while I’m trying to relax and watch some Mythbusters. What a jerk. He has like a thousand dog beds. He mostly uses them as some sort of sled to propel himself across the hardwood floors. For some reason I just keep buying them though. What can I say? He’s just so freaking adorable. This bed was on Black Friday special, and I was like “Hey, a dog bed the roombas can get under. That’s pretty cool. He’ll probably just be scared of it, but what the heck. Let’s try it.” … I think, for the first time since he had surgery and was loaded up on pain killers all day a few years ago… I actually got to sit on my couch with my husband in peace. This peace has continued for five days now. When I go in to the livingroom, he enthusiastically leaps on to the bed with gusto. I tossed a pillow on there, and now it’s all over. He just wants to lay there. He gets in that bed, keels over like he’s been working out herding cattle all day (You know, like MOST cattle dogs do. Slacker.) and just sighs with relief and drifts off to sleep. The other day, someone knocked on our door at 9:30 at night. Normally, he’d start screeching bloody murder as if he’d been shot and start frantically hip-slamming the door to scare away this unlikely intruder. He just raised his head, let out a concerned whine, and decided it wasn’t worth leaving the comfort of his new Coolaroo pet bed. I have no idea how a metal frame pet cot would be so comfy. I think it might be made of magic. Going to have to save up for another one for the other side of the house. Read more

  6. Emersan

    4 Stars BUT I wish the cover was more durable. I have golden retrievers and purchased several of these beds over the last few years. The bed itself is fine, but the cover is not as strong as I would like. If a ball gets stuck underneath the bed, the dog can see it from the top because the cover is mesh and somewhat see-through. My dogs scratch the cover trying to get the ball and ultimately make small holes in the cover. The small holes quickly turn into bigger holes! I have spent hundreds of dollars replacing these covers. I don’t know if its just me, but the green cover seems slightly more durable than the terra cotta one, but still not strong enough. Other than that, I love this bed as there are no pressure points. A couple other notes – take the label off! The label on the top of the bed is the first thing the dog chews! Also, if you leave the bed outside, and especiallly if you hose it off periodically, the screws will rust. Every time I changed the covers, I would have to order new screws from Coolaroo. I recently found a product here on Amazon called Evapo-Rust which works like a miracle! All you have to do is soak the screws and the bars in this stuff and the rust disappears like magic! Read more

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