Silly legacy thin reversible waterproof shielding cowl or liner for mattress or sofa, for puppies and cats (king eighty two x ninety six, grey)

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  • make certain this suits with the aid of getting into your version number.
  • safety: this pet sheet protects your bedding from hair, dust, and any other messes that come along side your pet
  • design: it’s far reversible in 2 shades, for use at the mattress, sofa, sofa, car seat, crate, floor, and other fixtures
  • specs: this mattress and bed shielding liner for pets is made of a lightweight, breathable, and water-resistant material which keeps dirt, moisture, and odors away
  • sizes: this bed and furnishings protector is available in king and queen size, covering and protecting your whole bed. Suitable for all, from small to big pets.
  • easy maintenance: smooth to easy, wash and dry; or can be really wiped and see-treated.
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product description

product description:

hundreds of thousands of humans permit their pets at the ‘human’ beds, and use diverse merchandise to guard the bedding from pet shedding, hairballs, dirt from outside, incontinence, pet illnesses. The hassle arises at night time, when a person wishes to sleep beneath such product, that is non-breathable, crinkly, heavy, warm, pungent, and in all likelihood toxic to pets. Have an excellent night time sleep any time of the 12 months with this lightweight waterproof non-poisonous puppy cover, without disturbing approximately common bedding washings, or rushing your comforter to the dry cleaners.

crucial recommendations:

  • please measure your mattress to decide insurance. The picture used above turned into shot in a photo studio and the bed does not mirror queen or king.
  • use as a liner if your pets – generally cats – have untrimmed/sharp claws and that they generally tend to scratch or knead. Scratching/kneading could puncture the water resistant layer. An additional layer of fabric on pinnacle is recommended to keep away from claw punctures of the water-resistant cover.
  • deliver the product a short wash after opening the bundle to rid it of any manufacturing facility residue and make it friendlier for your pet. A plasticky scent (of the waterproof material) is everyday, and it is going away with one wash.
  • observe:if searching out a spongy and fluffy blanket, this product may not be for you. That is a light-weight cover that replaces the numerous items we use for bedding protection with percent, vinyl, and similar waterproof materials that do not breathe, and purpose people to sweat.
  • care instructions:

  • smooth spills with damp paper or cloth. Spot-treat smaller injuries to avoid a complete system wash.
  • gadget cleanable in warm water. Use regular or pet-friendly detergent. Do not use bleach, vinegar, or different harsh merchandise as they could damage the water-resistant fabric. Avoid softener, as our pets select no ‘clean’ scents. Pet-safe enzyme sprays are good enough to use.
  • tumble dry in low/delicate warmness. Drying with excessive warmness can enlarge the water resistant layer and damage it.
  • size_name

    Twin 82 x 55, Queen 82 x 78, King 82 x 96


    Peach, Gray, Green, Brown

    8 reviews for Silly legacy thin reversible waterproof shielding cowl or liner for mattress or sofa, for puppies and cats (king eighty two x ninety six, grey)

    1. Green Thumb

      I had been looking for a product that was lightweight, but that also stopped pee from going through. I bought this product about a month ago and waited to review it until one of my cats had an accident. It works well, but I would not recommend just spot cleaning it. I tried that, but sometimes the smell is still there. For those reasons, I washed the blanket and then threw it in the dryer on tumble dry low. Only one time when there was a big puddle and it thoroughly dried (which may have been for about four or five hours) did it leave a smell on the blanket below the water protective cover (Although nothing leaked through). I have attached two pictures from one accident my cats made on the cover. The first picture is the pee actually on the cover and the second picture is underneath the cover in the same area. Overall, it does the job intended. Read more

    2. PLC

      This waterproof cover has all of the features we have been looking for to protect our king bed. We are one of those families that definitely does not have the option to lock out our two super loving 15 year old cats with health problems. The cover is light, but does not slide off or move around on the bed. It is very comfortable to sleep with. It also actually works! One of my cats has already vomited on the bed twice and I was able to spot clean it easily, it did not retain any odor and it dried quickly. And the grey color matches our bedroom, although it’s probably neutral enough to look fine in any color scheme. While the price is a bit higher than some other options, we have found no other waterproof cover that works perfectly. We will buy another soon as a back up. Read more

    3. Dana

      I have a kitty that I love but she has a lot of anxiety issues resulting in her peeing on my bed. I got sick of having to wash my duvet and sheets all time and bought this cover thinking it would be a lot easier to just wash the cover. Unfortunately although this stops liquid from coming through, I can still smell the cat pee underneath this cover, so obviously something is still getting through. I am going to buy something else instead. Read more

    4. Kellie

      Got the Brown/Ice Coffee King sized cover. First impression – love the color(s)! They are as promised. However, I bought the king size, even though I have a queen bed, b/c I wanted the cover to fall nice and long over the sides. This does not come close to that…. It barely falls over the top of the mattress itself. Very disappointed in that. And I’m happy I ordered the king for my queen bed. Otherwise, the queen probably would not have covered even the top of my mattress! So, besides color scheme, it looks nothing like the photo. For whatever it’s worth, I did measure the item (to make sure I didn’t receive the wrong product/size), and it is 83×96″. Further note, for those asking, fur DOES stick to the cover. I have a super sheddy dog (GSD) and he sleeps in bed w/ me. Plus naps/hangs out here during day (while at work). I didn’t get this for no fur – but to protect my blanket from his claws. And this does do that!! Also, when he’s licking, nothing comes through. So I don’t feel the wet spots. If you sleep with this on your bed, it doesn’t add any additional heat or weight. But do be prepared to adjust to the additional sound it makes when pup (or you!) move around. I noticed it the first night, but adjusted quickly — or too tired to care! haha It reminds me of trying to sleep in hospital gowns, with that rustling sound. This is really only a 3.5-4 star product. It would be 5 stars, if it were as the picture showed, hanging with plenty of excess off of the sides/bottom. Or had the picture shown the product covering just the top of the mattress. Now, had the photo had shown the product just laying on the top (no excess on the side) I would not have purchased it. Not for this price. Read more

    5. hlaw828

      Very thin and not that absorbent. Any mousture will just pool and roll around long before it soaks in. I bought the king size and it barely goes to the edge of the bed. The edge stiching is very cheap. This is only worth about $15-20, not the 70 bucks I paid. Very disappointed in overall product. Read more

    6. AR S7

      Ordering this product, I was expecting more than 2 sheets of fabric stitched on top of one another. For the price, I was expecting something that was more blanket-like. This is more of a $39 product instead of $69 which is what I paid. Read more

    7. M. Walker

      I needed a cover for my bed that wouldn’t attract so much pet hair. Plus my two dogs love to run through the yard and then track dirt and mud into our bed. This cover really helps with the pet hair and keeps it from getting all over our sheets and pillows. I like that it is waterproof as well. We haven’t had one of the animals pee or puke on it, but it’s been nice when the dogs get to licking certain areas and the bed doesn’t end up wet. It is not soft and fuzzy like a blanket or bedspread. I do leave it on all the time though since the dogs sleep with us at night so taking it off would defeat it’s purpose. If your dogs wrestle or rough house on the bed at all it will not stay in place, not that I was expecting it too. The biggest issue I have is that it only goes up to a King size, and we have a Cal King bed. I have to use a series of sheet grabbers and such to keep it anchored on the bed. Despite having to spend 10 minutes securing it to the bed I am still very happy with the purchase and would recommend it. Read more

    8. Hannah

      I bought this after searching for a product to protect the bed from a pet who has nighttime accidents. In particular, I needed something that would be easily washed and dried. It works exactly as promised and saved me from having to strip down all the blankets and sheets from my bed in the middle of the night. Even though it’s super thin, not a single drop of moisture made it to the other side. Definitely a life-saver! Thank you so much for inventing this product! Read more

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