Relaxed cuddler luxurious orthopedic dog and cat mattress with hooded blanket for warmth and protection – machine washer-friendly, water/dirt resistant base, multiple color in 2 sizes

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  • supports higher sleep: presenting an attached puppy blanket, our protected cat bed is a must-have for animals that disguise or burrow! Together with our amazingly smooth faux fur indoors, the hood gives breathable warm temperature and creates a feel of security for higher sleep, selling better fitness and conduct.
  • advanced comfort: our heat cat bed’s flexible layout method pets can sprawl out or curl up relying on what’s maximum at ease for them! Surrounded by way of cushioned walls, they have got more head and neck help and can settle deep within the cushty crevices.
  • flexible design: with an outside manufactured from upholstery-grade microfiber, our puppy fixtures adds a touch of sophistication to any room! Paired with a bottom that resists dirt and water, it also allows defend flooring in opposition to dust, slobber and accidental messes.
  • puppy-secure substances: from wonderful-power nylon to comfy faux fur, our long lasting canine mattress is made with simplest top rate, puppy-pleasant fabrics! As an brought bonus, they’re washing machine and dryer safe, providing a brief and easy cleanup that couldn’t be easier
  • find it irresistible or your cash lower back: we’re so confident you and your puppy will love our dog cushion, we’re along with our cash again assure with each order! We recommend the small mattress (23×23”) for puppies and cats as much as 25lbs, and the medium (26×26”) for pets up to 35lbs
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assist your puppy experience comfortable and comfortable! Whether or not they’re afraid or feeling worrying, it’s now not uncommon for dogs and cats to cover below the bed or other furniture. Now not handiest does it provide a experience of protection, however it might also sense hotter and extra relaxed. With reinforced walls offering head and neck help, pets can lay in whichever position is first-rate for them! The overstuffed partitions and cushion are filled air loft fibers for cloud-like consolation, awesome for stiff joints and worn-out legs, encouraging your 4-legged pal to get deeper rest. Finished with a nylon backside, these beds are resistant towards dust and water, permitting them to help protect your flooring from damage. Made with pet-secure substances, attempt nowadays and spot the advantages of a first-rate buddies by using sheri bed.


Small – 23" x 23", Medium – 26" x 26"


Dark Brown Ilan, Dark Brown Mason, Gray Ilan, Gray Mason, Oyster Mason, Tide Pool, Tide Pool Ilan, Wheat Ilan, Wheat Mason

8 reviews for Relaxed cuddler luxurious orthopedic dog and cat mattress with hooded blanket for warmth and protection – machine washer-friendly, water/dirt resistant base, multiple color in 2 sizes

  1. Diane

    I love how much my dog loves his new bed! He jumped right in before I could even take off the tag. He is a 15lb cheagle who loves to burrow in heaps of blankets and the 24” is perfect for him—big enough to move around while still being cozy thanks to the walls. The bed interior and exterior are both super soft, and the grey Ilan is a nice, neutral, cooler grey color. This still shipped pretty quickly despite not being a prime item. Not sure how this will hold up in the washer yet, but so far it’s great! Update Oct 2020: this bed has done us well for the past 2 years! It’s easy to wash and is still soft and decently plush after every day use. We even bought another one for upstairs, and our dog prefers this bed to the expensive Casper dog bed we bought him (insert eye roll and heavy sigh). The one we originally bought him is just now starting to rip at the connecting blanket seam, but I think this could’ve been delayed if we carried the bed by the sides/bottom instead of by the blanket attachment when moving it. It’s a simple sewing fix but with a toddler in the house and another baby on the way, nobody got time for that so we’re planning to purchase a replacement. Still love this bed! Read more

  2. Leah K. Baker

    We have three of these beds for two 20-25 pound Boston terriers. They LOVE this bed. Once they’re in it, they snooze out, and are quiet for hours. The impressive thing I found is that my 1 yr old pup, who has never opted to sleep anywhere besides under my arm, has spent several nights on the floor in this bed. This means I have been able to roll over peacefully in the middle of the night without running into a furry, snorting lump of dog. Even my poor, old big doggo has tried to utilize this bed, even though she has a couple of her own size to use. Bottom line, this is hands-down the best bed I’ve had. You can even very easily toss it into the washer to clean it. Nothing beats that! Read more

  3. lovin labs

    My dog (14lbs) really enjoyed this bed, but we’ve only had it a few months and the stuffing in the bottom has already flattened out. Now she doesn’t want to sleep on her bed anymore because it’s not cushiony. The fabric is super soft and and very cozy and the bed was awesome until the bottom broke down. Better stuff in the bottom (or a zipper to add more stuffing) and I’d give it a much higher score. Read more

  4. Hanna

    Super soft material…my dog loves it, she’s in it all the time but it isn’t made very well. We’ve only had it for 3 weeks and it already has a pretty good size hole where the stitching came undone near where the side and bottom come together. She isn’t rough on things – this is just from her trying to burrow (which is what this bed is intended for). I’m glad she loves it but it’s not worth $50. Quality makes it worth about half that. I also wish the blanket top covered a little more of the bed. Read more

  5. Brittany Stanphill

    I bought this for my 4lb puppy and other than the fact that he seemed to like it while it lasted, I don’t have much good to say about it. Sheds like crazy. White fluff all over his toys and pen. He had an accident on it so I washed it as specified and it came out of the machine destroyed. I think I had it for two weeks before that. Disappointed. Read more

  6. LHazle

    My papillon LOVES this bed. He has several different beds around the house. The cuddler beds are our favorites! The inside material is soft, not hairy-furry, but animal soft. The outside is soft yet sturdy. The cuddler design provides great cushion all around and allows your pet to burrow, hide toys, treats, etc. This model has the blanket flap so your pet can hide, snuggle, etc. I’m sure when it gets cooler he’ll be under the flap. Thanks for an awesome, washable pet bed. 😀 Read more

  7. JC

    This is a super soft pet bed for burrowing pets. My 6lb Chi loves to burrow under covers. I was using a standard donut type of bed with a blanket on top. The problem is that the blanket would bunch up and she doesn’t quite get herself covered up very well. This bed, solves that problem. The blanket is sewn onto basically 3 sides with one opening. There is plenty of room for her in the bed with enough blanket for cover. The packaging was a bit banged up went I received it but it could be due to the shipper and not the seller. The bottom is made of a more durable type of material so I think it will last. The inside is a very soft and fuzzy material that appears wonderful to snug up to. Underneath the blanket is the same material. As for how plush the bottom of the bed is, I would have to say a dog that is up to 25lbs or more (I bought a SMALL), would definitely smash it down. I would think it would need a more firm cushion to be able to withstand the weight of 25lbs. Since my Chi is so tiny, I don’t have to worry about that. I’ve washed this bed 5 times in my front loading washer in cold/delicate and dried it on extra low. It has retained it’s shape and softness and I do not use fabric softener or dryer sheets. The bed is quite big for my little Chi as you can see from the pics. There are two sizes you can get, small and medium. Small states for pets up to 25lbs and Medium states for pets up to 35lbs. I purchased the small and I would say that a 25lb pet would fit in there snugly. I just wish the Small was smaller for toy breeds that would be smaller than their Small and for like 10lbs pups or less. The only other thing that I found I didn’t like as much is that the blanket overs about 60% of the bed. I think if it covered about 75% it would work a lot better for those colder nights. Read more

  8. rin

    My building has such unreliable heating in the winter that it’s tempting to let my dog sleep in my bed. This bed has put my concerns to rest. my dog is short but a bit long in the torso (about 24″), so i went with this size, and theres a bit room to spare. it’s so soft and fluffy and he sleeps well. i definitely, completely recommend this bed. as to washability, ill edit this when i cross that bridge. Read more

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