Quality pals via sheri the authentic calming donut cat and dog mattress in shag fur, machine washable

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  • supports better sleep: way to its spherical form, our exquisite zippered donut cuddler cat and canine bed is ideal for pets who love to curve up; the raised rim creates a feel of safety and presents head and neck support, while the wonderful tender filling gives joint and muscle ache relief
  • superior comfort: secure, flexible, and finished with vegan fake shag fur, our warming luxury zippered dog bed is reminiscent of a mother’s fur coat; paired with deep crevices that permit your puppy to burrow, animals could have complete, restful sleep for improved behavior and better fitness
  • versatile design and maintenance: available in beautifully natural colours, our cat and canine donut cuddler beds are a continuing addition to any room’s décor; completed with water and dirt-resistant bottoms, unintended messes might be prevented from achieving your flooring; the detachable shell is likewise safe to gadget wash and dry (do no longer go away mattress to air dry, as this can cause tangling and matting of the fur)
  • puppy-secure materials: our puppy beds are responsibly sourced, made with durable steeply-priced nylon fake fur and non-poisonous top rate filling to make certain safety and luxury for you and your pets
  • delight guarantee: designed and shipped from la, ca, our nearby customer service is best a smartphone call or e mail away to address any worries and inquiries to make certain you and your pets are happy along with your purchase
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  • more guide
  • more comfort
  • able to face up to extra washes without clumping
  • longer, resilient fibers
  • final’s three x’s longer than recycled fibers
  • double overlock-sew gives a stronger, bolstered area end that offers durability via put on and wash.
  • complete bed is secure to system wash and dry (small size)
  • removable zipper shell is safe to device wash and dry (medium, massive, greater large)
  • non-poisonous fillings
  • responsibly sourced materials
  • our friendly team of workers is most effective an email or cellphone name away.
  • included, designed, and shipped from sunny los angeles.
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    Small 23" x 23", Medium 30" x 30", Extra Large 45" x 45", Large 36" x 36"


    Lux Dark Chocolate, Lux Gray, Lux Mink, Lux Oyster, Shag Cotton Candy Pink, Shag Dark Chocolate, Shag Frost, Shag Taupe


    Bed + Blanket, Bed Only

    6 reviews for Quality pals via sheri the authentic calming donut cat and dog mattress in shag fur, machine washable

    1. K2F

      I’m still in shock! The Best Friends by Sheri Calming Shag Cuddler bed almost immediately began to melt and smoke while sitting near our enclosed fireplace. It’s a faux gas fireplace with no open flames. My children and I began to smell something odd. My son said it smelled like plastic and I agreed. We started looking around the family room and kitchen to find the source of the smell and that’s when I saw smoke rising from the pet bed. I ran for the bed, picked it up and it was burning hot, smoking and melted in a spot on one side. It literally felt like it was burning from the inside out along the entire side facing the fireplace. The heat was radiating inward about 4” from the edge. I ran the bed to the sink to stop it from melting and turned on the exhaust fan in the kitchen and opened all the windows and doors in the house to clear out the strong chemical smelling fumes. We’ve lived in this house for 9 years and have had various cat beds, pillows, blankets, plastic water glasses, Christmas stockings, holiday decor, our toes, etc. in front of the fireplace and nothing like this has ever happened. Never! To back things up, we received the bed just yesterday, Feb. 8. We pulled it out of the box today and read the instructions. It can be washed and dried. It’s 100% polyester, which I guess makes it “vegan.” It’s made in China. There were a couple mentions about posting images on Instagram. No where on the box, affixed tags, tag attached by plastic, or note inside the plastic bag inside the box were there any warnings about being flammable or cautioning users to keep the bed away from anything warm or hot, such as heaters, fireplaces, blow dryers. It does say so not “iron” it. I would never ever put this is a dryer, which it says you can. Anyway, after unboxing It fluffed up as expected. We set it near our fireplace. We settled in to watch the Oscars pre-show. One of the cats stepped in the bed for a few minutes then left. It quickly started melting. I’m so very thankful our pets were not in the bed! If we weren’t sitting only several feet from the bed, I fear the house could have burned down. Read more

    2. Jeri Cash

      Dropped a star because there is a “blank space” in the bottom that isn’t covered by cushions. Bought this for my 11yo Schnauzer who is arthritic & clumsy now. He has slept in my bed from the day he came home until just a few weeks ago. He fell off my bed in his sleep & injured his back. I had to put a stop to him being in my bed & knew coaxing him into a dog bed would require an abundance of comfort. He loves “fuzzy blankets”, so I came to Amazon & started looking. This “doughnut” has been exactly right. I now bring it room to room so he can rest in it wherever he follows me. He has Cushings Disease & gets hot, so I added a flat bed sheet & he manipulates it when he’s hot, covering up the fur of the bed, it’s so funny! But on chilly nights, he kicks the sheet off & smushes down in the fuzziness of the bed. I’m so glad I bought it, I can sleep soundly again at night, not worrying he will roll off my bed again. I bought a large size for a 18 pound mini schnauzer. On the rare occasion that the old guy I bought it for will allow his brother in, it fits 2 mini schnauzers. Read more

    3. Violette

      I really liked this bed when I received it. My furry friend took a bit to warm up to it but ended up liking it. However, I just washed it (as per the instructions) and it fell apart. Specifically, a hole opened up and the inside of my washer was full of tiny polyester filling bits. I’m disappointed that it did not hold up to one wash. I expected more for the price. The actual center of the bed could use additional filling, particularly right in the middle – it was rather flat in this area, unlike the sides which were super plush. I ordered the smallest size for my dog and he doesn’t even take up half of it – it’s way bigger than I expected (unless I received the wrong size). I will say that the fuzzy material is extremely soft and I was impressed with this aspect of the bed. I would not, however, recommend this bed if you plan to keep it clean. Read more

    4. mejack

      Your browser does not support HTML5 video. I took this out of the box and it was in a vacuum sealed plastic package, completely flat and deflated. Sorry I didn’t get any photos of that, but I didn’t realize this thing was going to be such a hit. I cut away the plastic and my dog jumped in and immediately claimed it as his. He hasn’t relinquished his hold for at least an hour now. When you take it out of the vacuumed sealed packaging it’s a little flat and needs to be fluffed in the dryer, according the provided instructions, but we didn’t make it to the dryer. My dog wouldn’t get out of it. Anyway, if you’re considering this bed, I feel pretty certain you won’t be disappointed. Read more

    5. Clear Blue

      I loved this bed and so did my Dolly, the Cavachon puppy. However, the first time I washed it on delicate cold water and then ran it through the dryer on air only and the bed came out perfect. The second time, it came out a gummy mass with only the inside pillow retaining the shaggy fur. I’m very disappointed as the bed was such a favorite. Read more

    6. Louise Martin

      My dog isn’t impressed. It’s fluffy like it looks but there is no padding on the bottom on ones I received. I have to put something under it so the dog isn’t on the hard floor. Read more

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