Petsfit journey pet domestic indoor/outdoor for dog metal body home,collapsible soft canine crate

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  • petsfit canine travel crate is ideal for pets up to 19″h; odorless and safe,two doors and top front
  • petsfit cloth canine crate with patented metallic body design, which is strong and clean set up.
  • if your pet likes to tear up cloth things and desires to be constrained, please choose intellectual crate.
  • detachable and washable tender pad
  • several mesh windows make sure excellent ventilation
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product description

the idea of petsfit, each person love pets. So will we keep pets agency and home. We all consider that pets are our own family and deserve the great. Petsfit tender canine crate is manufactured from high great cloth which is no harm on your pets. Not most effective your pet is crucial for you, however also for us. The cause is to carry our own family contributors happiness. The whole lot of our merchandise are practical and convenient.

  • waterproof
  • durable
  • smooth to clean
  • excellent to pet’s fitness
  • relevant to forms of conditions
  • petsfit collapsible soft canine crate

  • portable
  • durable
  • easy to smooth
  • brief to keep
  • relevant to varieties of situations
  • dual uses (1)

    while it’s far in wintry weather, using the lush mat. He/she will feel warm even in the course of the cold day.

    dual uses (2)

    while it’s far in summer season, putting off the plush mat. It turns out to be nylon aspect. Providing her/him a cool mattress.

    petsfit pet merchandise deliver extra convenience for family

    folded flat for clean garage.

    rolling up all mesh for correct breathes.

    with handles for smooth sporting.


    24"LX 18"WX 17"H, 30"LX 20"WX 19"H, 36"LX 24"WX 23"H


    Black, Grey

    8 reviews for Petsfit journey pet domestic indoor/outdoor for dog metal body home,collapsible soft canine crate

    1. fabulsME

      After searching for over 2 years for a soft pop-up crate that was sturdy and well built …. my expectations were very low when I ordered this one. I have to say we were pleasantly surprised at how well built this crate was from the moment it was out of the box. This crate is by far the best made one we have had for our dogs. It is important to NOTE that no pop-up/soft crate should be used for a pet when you are not at home (especially a young dog). If you are looking for a secure crate …. use an “airline crate”. The black wire crates are great but our dogs seem to like the den feeling of an enclosed crate. We use this in our bedroom. Our puppy loves her crate. The mesh, material, and structure are all very well made and we expect this to last for a long time. A+++ and 🐾🐾 Read more

    2. Emma

      So glad I spent the extra $20 to get this kennel. My husband and I travel a lot and this breaks down to a perfect size! Very sturdy and great quality. So happy with my purchase. I have a year old lab and she fits perfect in the kennel. She is a bit smaller lab but as lots of room. And it also comes with a mat that is great! Read more

    3. Doodles21

      This is my initial reaction. I will update if it changes in a few weeks. As a bit more of information I have one small dog! He is almost 9lbs and has never been the destructive kind. Not even when inside a crate or carrier. This is actually why I figured a soft crate was a good option for us. If your dog is large, destructive, or related to Roudini, you may need to consider a regular metal crate. So first impressions… as soon as I picked up the box outside I was like WOAH! Nice and light! It will make my life sooo much easier because just moving thevlarge metal crate around my apartment was a pain in the petunia. The crate/carrier is beautiful. It seems sturdy enough for my dog! It was extremely easy and fast to assemble! Have t taken it down just yet! It’s a very nice medium size. Very pleased so far! It has 3 zipped openings which is great imo! I’m planning on leaving it under my desk (where he likes to hide) for a cozy safe place, so the side opening is just perfect! I missed the info that it comes with a little mat. It’s thin but very soft. It’s beige tho which oh boy! Lol doesn’t match with the grey and blue details of the crate hahaha but not complaining. Lol I ended up buying an American kennel club grey crate bed anyways so we are good in the matching department. We are traveling this weekend with it so it will be nice to not have to drag around a super heavy crate!!! Read more

    4. Amazon Customer

      I don’t always write reviews but I am so glad I found this crate. I have never crate-trained a dog before, but I just brought home a puppy and realized a crate was necessary. I never liked those plastic, cage-looking crates which is the main reason I didn’t want one. This crate doesn’t look like a puppy-jail and is very comfy. It comes with a soft pad, however I took that one out and replaced it with a memory foam one our puppy likes, which fit perfectly. We didn’t need to convince or coerce our puppy to go into the crate, as soon as I lined it with his bed, blanket and pillow he went in there on his own. I like that it opens up on the sides and top which makes my puppy feel comfortable and confident that he can freely go in and out as he pleases. He takes naps and even plays in there on his own. At night, we zip up the doors and he sleeps through the night. I like that the top and sides are mesh so it’s breathable and he can see us and we can see him even when it’s closed up. Also, this crate is not an eye-sore and looks great in out apartment. Very happy with this purchase. Read more

    5. This Chris

      Product is wonderful, I needed a crate for comfort and to keep the dog from roaming when I travel for work but hate lugging her big wire crate anywhere. This is lightweight and cozy. I chose this product specifically because it had two doors that zip open almost the ground so that she can lie partially outside the crate comfortably, and I’m really glad I did! It’s like a doggie cabana, and I can zip the door up really easily when I need to leave her unattended. Definitely not for dogs that will try to get out though. The only downside is I feel like it’s a little pricey compared to equivalent sized wire crates Read more

    6. Dan

      I have a medium sized Schnauzer. I left for maybe 20 minutes and came back to him greeting me at the door. Busted the zipper right off the cage. If you dog is high energy then don’t buy this kennel. It will get destroyed in no time. Read more

    7. linlydeck

      This is great for our puppy. He loves it and feels content in it, and having the three door openings in different positions works great when we use the crate at night in our room, or in the back seat, or when we put him in the back of the car. I would not recommend it for dogs being left alone for a long time; the walls are nylon and they probably could rip through it easily, but our guy hasn’t even tried to do that. It’s lightweight and easy to transport, and it folds up as well. I have already recommended this to another friend. Read more

    8. Barbara A

      This is great. very easy to assemble and fold away. When I recently visited friends out of state who has a service dog I set it up in their home. Milo (my cat was happy to be in it) and Penny (the dog was happy Milo was in it) we enjoyed a great visit. I don’t keep this assembled at home (Milo has the run of the house) I only use it for travel. Milo is very long and this gives him lots of room so he can stretch out as he likes to do. Plenty of room for his essentials as well. It looks good, strong and durable. Read more

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