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  • tour kennel: this small dog journey kennel features tie-down strap holes, twine vents for ventilation & a raised indoors to preserve pets safe and secure. Best for dogs 10-20 lbs. Measures: 24″
  • airline-adaptable: this extra large dog crate meets most airline cargo specs. Made with heavy obligation recycled plastic material. The travel crate functions an smooth-open front latch to quick get entry to pets.
  • kennels & homes: crate & kennel education is critical for dog safety & comfort. We offer traditional tour vendors, wire education & workout kennels, play pens, barn-style canine homes & more
  • petmate: for over 50 years, we at petmate are captivated with our puppies, cats & hairy buddies in widespread. Beginning with the very first canine kennel, we’ve produced plenty of eco-friendly merchandise that pets will love.
  • only for pets: petmate makes a diffusion of pet merchandise for puppies, cats, chickens & different small hairy friends! Take a look at out our brands consisting of aspen puppy, arm & hammer, booda, chuckit!, jackson galaxy & extra!
  • interior dimensions: 21. 5″ l x 15″ w x thirteen. Five” h
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from the producer

1. Heavy-responsibility, plastic shell, metal screws, and blanketed door posts make certain lasting sturdiness

2. Ventilation openings provide sufficient sparkling air and multiplied visibility for pets

three. Tie-down holes make the crate relaxed and cozy for travel

four. Easy-open latch offers a relaxed lock that puppy dad and mom can easily open with one hand

advanced consolation for frequent-flyer pets

  • raised indoors, tie-down holes and heavy-duty plastic provide a cozy journey experience
  • long lasting plastic and metal screws assist preserve the kennel more potent for longer
  • air flow openings surrounding the kennel provide 360-degree visibility and clean air
  • metallic screws and plastic fasteners provide a simple, no-tool assembl
  • due to the fact that introducing the primary dog kennel over 50 years in the past, petmate has long past to awesome lengths to maintain enhancing the lives of puppy proprietors anywhere with a line of first-class merchandise made within the united states of america
  • welcome home

    your hairy member of the family will love their relaxed home as they go along with you for your travels. Petmate’s enterprise-main plastic kennels are completely compliant with air and motorway tour necessities so that you and your little friend can relax.

    (meets most air tour requirements. Please touch your particular airline before travelling for verification in their necessities)

    petmate knows you need your little fur toddlers to be at ease, secure, and secure in their kennels, no matter wherein they are. There is a top class plastic kennel from petmate that is best on your puppy to relax and sleep peacefully in.

    your puppy is your own family. You need them to sleep as cozy as you do. With that in mind, petmate builds it is industry-main plastic kennels to minimize sharp edges and provide a secure, inviting region for your little fur baby to relaxation.

    your canine loves feeling secure and at ease of their very own space. Petmate’s industry-leading plastic kennels satisfy their instinctual desires to be cushty and secure.

    product description

    petmate vari kennel is a comfortable and secure tour kennel that keeps your pet safe. The 360-diploma ventilation openings deliver pets fresh air and extended visibility. The raised interior and tie-down holes help the kennel resist the rigors of travel while maintaining pets relaxed. The kennel offers heavy-responsibility protection with its long lasting plastic shell and metallic screws. The comfy latch gives a sturdy lock for the door while being easy to open with one hand. The kennel can quick be assembled with out a equipment required through the steel screws and plastic fasteners. The plastic cloth is simple to easy and wipe down. The kennel is to be had in several sizes, starting from 15 to one hundred twenty five kilos. The smaller kennel sizes offer a carrying deal with and are available within the “genuine blue” coloration. The nineteen inch kennel size offers a seat belt loop for delivered security throughout tour. The tour kennel meets most airline cargo specifications for clean and secure travel, but puppy owners should constantly check with character airways.


    .10-20 LBS, UP TO 10 LBS, 10-20 LBS, 25-30 LBS, 30-50 LBS, 50-70 LBS, 70-90 LBS


    .Bleached Linen,10-20 Lbs, Bleached Linen

    5 reviews for Petmate vari kennel

    1. Kress

      I have a 50 lb. cattle dog and purchased the XL, 50-70 lb. kennel to give him some extra wiggle room. The kennel looked great and felt strong after putting it together, but that didn’t last long. My dog is very used to being in a kennel as that is where he is throughout the night, and I have not once heard or seen him try to make an escape. He very willingly goes in his kennel, even during the day just to relax. So I was surprised to see that one day after being in his kennel for a couple hours he had bent the door and broken a piece of plastic where the bottom door leg inserts. I had to force the door open (as the top leg was still inserted), and once open I was not longer able to close and secure the door properly. The welding and reinforcement on the door is very weak and even for a smaller or inexperienced “escape artist” this is not a very sturdy or reliable kennel. I am disappointed in this purchase and would not recommend. Read more

    2. Cascade Klee Kai

      We raise dogs and have 8 dogs that all live in our home. There are many times we need to separate some of them for short periods of time for- feeding, dogs in heat, sleeping, etc. I used to shop “Craigslist” to find used kennels because I was looking for “affordable” kennels, even though they would be used. I would drive all over a 3 county area trying to collect the kennels, often arriving to find rusty and/or broken kennels. Then, I discovered the “Petmate” kennels. These kennels aren’t fancy BUT the cost of a new “Petmate” kennel was equivalent, or less, than the used kennels I had been buying. The larger “Petmate” kennels are joined by screws, instead of “convenient” clips, but they are very durable, easy to clean, relatively attractive, and incredibly practical. I love that all kennel sizes, except the 2 smallest sizes, are the same color so they look uniform in the kitchen and bedroom. We crate all our dogs in the car and these kennels work great for travelling. Because they are so much less expensive than other kennel brands, over time, we have able to purchase enough “Petmate” kennels to have dedicated kennels in the kitchen and bedroom, and in each of our vehicles, so that we have eliminated the huge hassle of hauling kennels around, like we used to. On top of everything else, our dogs seem to love them and we have never had any problems with the kennels, and we have been using these kennels for years. I am so “sold” on these kennels, that in the past 2 months, we bought 5 more kennels, so we could finally achieve our goal of dedicated kennels for each vehicle. These kennels are also legal to be used for transporting dogs by plane, which we occasionally do for shows. Read more

    3. rob-d

      This was, by far, the easiest thing I have ever assembled. Took about 5 minutes. Put our doggie bed in side of it and our 19 lb dog was very curious and got in to it very quickly. Now we can’t keep her out. It’s her new home. She outgrew her smaller one and this is just the right size for her to be able to stretch out instead of being so confined. Her doggie bed fits in it perfectly. The latching door is very well made and easy to operate. Read more

    4. Valentina

      I purchased the 30 to 50 lb size for my two brother cats. They have a lot of anxiety when they’re separated so I wanted to get them a large carrier for trips so that they can travel together. We are moving soon and I also wanted the bigger crate for them to both be able to quiver in fear together in while they get used to the new house. A safe space, if you will. To make sure it wasn’t new and scary, I’ve set it up with blankets and an ugly sheet that we don’t use. As you can see, my large male cat is already comfortable inside. Pros: TSA approved, sturdy, easy to assemble, has holes for zip-ties at the opening for extra security while traveling, strong closure, easy to take apart for storage, you can assemble the door to open to the left or right, your choice, and cats think it’s rad. Cons: no handles for carrying. Could be difficult to carry a large pet in. In the photo, you can see how large the 30 to 50lb carrier is compared to a small carrier. Read more

    5. Julie

      This Petmate Kennel has several great qualities, but unfortunately, also a few that made me feel disappointed in my purchase. First, it arrived very quickly. It was very easy to assemble (I purchased the large kennel size), and it feels very sturdy. It does NOT have a handle, which would make this bulky crate a bit easier to move or transport even without a dog inside of it. It does, however, have four holes to tie down. Upon opening the package the first time, I noticed the top part of the kennel had a large crack down the side it. I was concerned this could be something that my puppy could get cut by, so I requested a replacement and mailed the first one back. After receiving a second kennel replacement (also arrived very quickly, which was GREAT!) I noticed that the second kennel also arrived broken with a crack right where the door inserts to the top part of the kennel. Unfortunately, this one was also not good to use, as I could not securely attach the door with the plastic part cracked. I noticed that when both boxes arrived, they did not have a bubble or protective layer at the bottom of the box where the plastic top sits when it is shipped. The box did not arrive damaged, but I would HIGHLY recommend changes to how it is shipped as both arrived broken in different areas. I realize now it probably would have been best to purchase the same crate at our nearest pet store, thus ensuring it did not arrive broken. I was just a little shocked that TWO separate orders arrived this way and both were broken in different places. For this price, I would have not expected both to arrive broken 🙁 Read more

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