Petmate provalu double door twine dog crate

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  • dependable robust cord kennel: this dog crate for medium dogs has a five-point precision lock system & 2 doors on either side for max safety & get entry to. Rounded corners ensure the transportable kennel is snag-unfastened.
  • travel pleasant: the long lasting dog schooling kennel has an adjustable divider panel that contains dogs as they grow. Features rust-resistant finish for out of doors use. Crate is collapsible for garage & tour. 30″ x 19″ x 21″.
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petmate “provalu” cord canine crate, two doors, precision lock system, 6 sizes

the precision pet provalu 2 door cord crate is the appropriate tool for house schooling your hairy buddy or truly supplying a few safe haven within your busy home.

no meeting required, without problems folds flat for garage or delivery. Consists of a long lasting, removable polypropylene pan for easy cleansing and a divider panel to alter the crate length as your pet grows.

  • long lasting production
  • tour & garage pleasant
  • separate entrances
  • clean to smooth
  • 24 x 19 x 18 in
  • product description

    the petmate “provalu” cord crate offers separate entrances and a secure five-area lock machine for a more secure and greater convenient kennel. The separate entrances on either side of the crate provide clean get right of entry to and simplify the placement of the crate door. The extra relaxed door and rounded corners save you snags and keep pets secure interior. The crate is lined with a rust-resistant black e-coat end for long-lasting electricity. The crate is without difficulty collapsible to more or less inches for clean garage and delivery. The provalu crate comes with a divider panel that may be effortlessly adjusted for pets as they develop. The removable polypropylene pan permits for easy and easy cleansing. The provalu crate comes in 6 sizes: extra small, small, medium, medium big, huge, and additional big to accommodate a wide range of puppies.


    24 Inch, 36 Inch, .24 Inch

    8 reviews for Petmate provalu double door twine dog crate

    1. Jewell

      Love these crates. They are well made, close and lock easily. I’ve tried others and now only have this brand. I have four. Each dog has their own crate and love having their own space when the household gets chaotic. They will retreat to their own cave and are fed in their kennels. When I have to leave for errands it is a safe space for each dog and I don’t have to worry about them getting into anything. Having the two doors has made it so that I can have versatility in arrangements. Read more

    2. Bruan J.

      This is a 5-star product! Especially loved the 5-point locking system. Edges are rounded. The wire is coated and smooth on the cut pieces. Wire is a good weight, not flimsy. Only issue for us was size. Our mini-dachshund is just under 9 lbs and should be nearly full grown at 11 months currently. She can sit, stand, turn around, and lie down, but not fully stretch out. If you have a dachshund, you know how they love to stretch out, even sometimes kicking back their little hind legs. The photo is of her in the 24” crate. We are returning and getting the 30” crate. Hope this review helps others. Update: For those trying to decide between the 24” and 30” crate. The second photo is the same dog in the 30” crate. She is in the same position, feet against the bars, and you can see how much more room she has in the 30” if she decided to stretch out. The third and fourth photos are of our mini fully grown at 1yr 3 mos. Read more

    3. Gaston

      I am very happy with this crate. It has two doors, it makes the training process a whole lot easier when introducing the puppy to a crate. Here’s what I did in order to make my puppy feel it wasn’t a threat. I assembled the crate (it’s really easy to assemble, it literally took less than a minute) I then opened both doors using a treat to attack the dog to enter. I repeated the process several times, placed food and water in it to attract my puppy. Then placed it where I felt it was safe, the puppy took immediately taking naps. Once it felt safe I stared gradually closing one door, later in the day closed the second one. The dog never cried and took to it. Read more

    4. Amazon Customer

      Our dog has a problem going in the house, so we bought this to try and get that addressed. Seems to be a small dog thing, which is why we’ll never have a small dog again. Even locked in the cage at night he’s pooped twice in it in the last 2 weeks. Its a good product, but may not resolve the going in the house issue. He’s walked every night outside, but still going in the cage. If your buying it to resolve this type issue, definitely put a cover over the nice cushion that comes with it. He enjoys being and sleeping in the cage, unless of course there’s poop in it. Read more

    5. Jamie

      Good quality, very easy to assemble(you literally just unfold it right out of the box and snap the handle in place! ) I needed this kind of crate to travel with my cat in my Jeep, it’s perfect and exactly what I needed and she needed to keep her happy and calm. I got the smallest size but I wish I got the next size up to give my feline friend more room since she has a small disposable litter box in there as well. I saved one side of the cardboard packaging and cut out a spot for the handle to lay it on top of the crate so nothing falls in between the gaps while driving too. Read more

    6. Kylerg

      This is a well-made product that assembles quickly. We bought it when we got a second small dog and thought the “lift up” gate was a great, secure design–easier and more elegant than the tension hook on our other crate that could be hard to snap. We bought a second one to replace our original. Our Chihuahua/Dachshund was able to figure out the mechanism the first time in it. He paws the latch until it disengages, then lifts the gate with is nose. We now have to rig it with a carabiner to keep him in. Our other dog makes no effort to escape. So, if you have an escape-prone dog, maybe buy the crate with a carabiner as a back up plan? Read more

    7. Kimfit

      If you’ve got a crate trained dog ignore the negative reviews here that say there dog chewed through. Works great, doors in good location. Use as travel crate for 22 lb. dog. Nice to have the xtra door, handle and light weight. NOTE: It DOES have a lip on the front that dog obviously had to step over. I wouldn’t use something like this in a car. Chance of toes getting caught in the front…Other crates have front bottom more flush. Read more

    8. Ellie Mae

      Very nice and easy to assemble. Unlike most of the other crates we have used, could only find one sharp edge which, of course, I cut myself on. But I love the how the gates lift up and slide down for extra security on the latch mechanism. Also, the tray is perfect and does not slide around once the crate is assembled properly. Our puppies love it! By the way, have two Frenchton puppies. Their combined weight is about 18 pounds. They travel very well together in this crate. We got the 24 inch. Read more

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