Petmaker increased puppy mattress series – portable raised cot-fashion bed with non-slip toes, for puppies, cats, and small pets – indoor and outside use

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  • indoor/out of doors- the accelerated puppy mattress is both weather resistant and ready with non-slip rubber ft, making it perfect for each indoor and out of doors use. This cot-style mattress may be positioned anywhere within the home, in addition to to your porch, patio, or outdoor!
  • wearing case protected- with a carrying case simply protected, this mattress is light-weight, portable and travel pleasant. Convey this raised bed anywhere you pass, so your furry buddy can constantly relaxation in consolation!
  • raised mattress-an multiplied pet bed presents higher air flow and body temperature regulation in your pet, as it maintains them raised off warm pavement or bloodless floors. It also gives them a ways from mites or bugs that would hassle them in the grass.
  • care commands- hand wash only, in cold water, no bleach or cloth softener. Air dry.
  • product details- for pets up to 80lbs. Substances: mesh middle panel, lined steel, % t pipe. Dimensions: (l)36”x (w)29. 75” x (h)7”. Coloration: gray. Carrying case covered.
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extended puppy mattress series

let your puppy sleep extra soundly than ever before! With our sort of available bedding options, you may offer maximum comfort and help to your furry buddies of all sizes and styles.


the multiplied pet bed is each weather resistant and equipped with non-slip rubber feet, making it ideal for each indoor and outdoor use. This cot-style mattress may be placed anywhere inside the domestic, in addition to in your porch, patio, or outdoor!

an increased puppy bed offers higher air flow and frame temperature regulation in your puppy, because it continues them raised off hot pavement or bloodless floors. It also offers them a long way from mites or bugs that could bother them in the grass.

with a wearing case effortlessly included, this bed is lightweight, portable and travel pleasant. Deliver this raised mattress anywhere you go, so your bushy pal can usually rest in consolation!

climate resistant and ideal for each indoor and outside use, this improved bed provides higher ventilation and frame temperature law to your puppy, supporting them live at ease and satisfied even in warm or bloodless temperatures. Your dog, cat, or small pet will love resting in this cot-fashion bed!


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8 reviews for Petmaker increased puppy mattress series – portable raised cot-fashion bed with non-slip toes, for puppies, cats, and small pets – indoor and outside use

  1. rich leivenberg

    I was not going to write this but have no choice. I bought this bed for my dog and it ripped within two months of the purchase. When I contacted Petmaker, they wanted me to contact Amazon for a return or replacement but Amazon has a 30 day return policy so that was out of the question. When I sent a second note to Petmaker telling them that it is the manufacturer’s responsibility to honor its product’s quality, I got no reply. I am very unhappy with this product due to its inability to last even two months. I am very unhappy with the manufacturer who basically blew me off. Will not be buying anything else from them and do not recommend this product. Read more

  2. Lil Kraken

    This elevated dog cot lasted 6 days before the mesh ripped from the canvas sides. Description said medium cot would hold up to 50lbs. Wasted money. I have 3 Boston Terriers 13lbs, 35lbs & 40lbs. My 40lbs BT mix is the only one who liked it. She even crawled on it after it broke and fell a sleep. I’d recommend the cot beds, just not made with any mesh. Strong all canvas cot is my next purchase to try. Read more

  3. Big Wes

    This might be the best thing ever for our doberman. He’s a 65 pound 7 month old and loves sitting in the grass because it is obviously more comfortable than the patio. That would be fine if we didn’t live in the south with fire ants, spiders etc. Now we can’t get him out of it lol!! He loves it so much he kind of grumbles whenever he “has” to go investigate a noise. It’s almost like he is saying “what in the actual hell is making me have to get off my mini trampoline!” My wife sent me an email this morning saying that was the best thing we ever got him! Thanks so much! Read more

  4. katrina marie

    The unit looked used , I asked for regular packaging so it came in what was a returned to Amazon box that was in half. Torn and the parts were not together. They were not even all in the blue bag. I was upset. It looked as if it had been returned. It is horrible to put together as the fabric is supposed to be tight but should give a little to get the bars and plastic ends together. It is still wrinkled. The sides look weak from pulling the fabric as they tell you. The fabric covers the bar when you are inserting the mid bar to the smaller bars. The directions do not read left to right.. They are 1-2-then drop down to 3 and 4 then over to right at level of 1 and 2 to 4 and 5 then 6 and 7 are below 4 and 5 . It is not folded so one would assume 1,2,3,4 then below 5,6,7, 8. This is not portable unless you take off the legs as this is too hard to assemble alone. It had scratches and there was hair on the blue fabric. Save your money. Oh the only thing falling off after putting the thing together is the legs don’t stay on when you pick it up. The velcro is a joke. Worse bed I ever got will not last and is not really portable. So I would send it back but spent an hour stretching it cursing and think I dislocated my thumb. I have a couch that only needed legs screwed on and has been perfect. I have a floor couch for her and have had outdoor raised beds before. This is one day here and I hate it . I am afraid to let her on it as the fabric doesn’t look ok. Just don’t do it… Read more

  5. Ashley

    Bought this to get my dogs bed up off of the floor as she is always cold (she is a chihuahua and is always cold) she is about 6 pounds and there is room for 2 atleast 2 of her on this bed! It’s sturdy and holding up great! I added a picture with a soda can for size reference, we bought he small one! Read more

  6. Teresa Jane

    I had to return this because it would not stay flat. I followed the instructions to a T and found it was difficult to put together; however, the instructions were OK. The color was nice, the surface area very nice, came with a nice carry bag – but I couldn’t get over the issue with it not staying flat and that the legs fell off when picked up, and that the feet tips were not a good fit. The Velcro barely attached because it couldn’t be pulled tighter. The ease of disassembling this product would be questionable as it was NOT that easy to assemble. Read more

  7. Oakley

    I have only had this dog bed two days, but a couple of things jump out and make me very pleased with my purchase. First off, I pulled it out of the box and assembled it immediately without even thinking to look for instructions, and I am a person who owns no tools and can’t tell a wrench from a screwdriver. It was that obvious and easy. Secondly, it is very attractive and sturdy. Looks good out on the patio. Third, my little guy seems to love it. He looks just like the Maltese in the picture, and just as happy. OK, I guess that is three things. I needed something for my little 6-pounder, who has a lawn for the first time in his life and loves to lay in the sun. But the grass is sometimes wet and I have seen him laying on the concrete patio just to stay in the sun. Now he has a better alternative to either. Read more

  8. Jenny

    In our garage we have a kennel set up for when we need to leave them and it isn’t nice outside. We use them in there, while the room is insulated, it allows them to not lay on the floor. They also love them out on the deck. You can quickly put them together and take them apart, the plastic pieces can be wiped down and the fabric can go into the washer. I would highly recommend them to others. I would think the small would fit up to a 25lb dog. Read more

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