Petfusion hybrid pet fixtures canine ottoman & toy garage unit canine, cat window perch bed best for sofa, bed 1 12 months warranty

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  • smart multi-functional design: (i) pet steps permit get entry to for your sofa or bed. (ii) padded perch offers a at ease resting region. (iii) steps easily stowaway to create a graceful current ottoman that seamlessly blends in with your house decor. (iv) protected puppy toy basket flawlessly suits internal for added garage.
  • promotes interaction & reduces puppy anxiety: (i) region next to or in the front of the couch making it stress-free for your puppy to sign up for the circle of relatives. (ii) kick up your ft while cuddling. (iii) put via a window providing the environmental enrichment your pet wishes. (iv) remarkable on the quit of or subsequent to your bed!
  • ideal for small/medium puppies & cats: (i) 18 x 18 x 18 inches. Can effortlessly keep 50 pounds. (ii) four-inch stair height allows use for the smallest puppies & cats. (iii) top class foam perch pad affords most comfort.
  • premium additives: (i) heavy-responsibility lid hinges and screws. (ii) internal hinge over-engineered for maximum electricity and durability. (iii) top class excellent 350gsm 100% polyester cloth. (iv) water-proof internal liner protects the bed in the occasion of accident.
  • what you need to realize: (i) foam liner, outer cowl, & step pads are machine washable in heat water (suggest dangle drying all components). (ii) three gray and three black step pads covered, you select! (iii) ground protectors blanketed for the feed & handle. (iv) 12 month guarantee for manufacture defects.

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uninterested in puppy steps that clutter up your home? Need a place to shop your puppy’s toys? This specific multi-useful design modifications everything! Pet steps, garage unit, perch, and ottoman multi functional! But that’s not all, it’s additionally a stunning piece of furnishings that blends in seamlessly with your private home décor while no longer is find. Wait! No longer executed yet! It also features a premium detachable basket with three compartments to split and save pet toys, clothing, and every other pet accessories.

6 reviews for Petfusion hybrid pet fixtures canine ottoman & toy garage unit canine, cat window perch bed best for sofa, bed 1 12 months warranty

  1. AddiePace

    My 80 pound lab loves these stairs! I wanted something to help him get up and down from our ridiculously high bed. I was a little concerned given his weight being well over the 50-pound weight threshold, but the stairs are substantial, and the construction is excellent. The stairs easily withstood his weight even when he was bounding up and down them. The ample storage space includes a compartment insert so you can separate supplies (toys, grooming, etc). The fabric is super soft. I found my daughter snuggled up reading on the pillow top the other day. I also love that everything is removable and washable. I would definitely recommend these stairs. I think small to medium dogs would get the most use out of all of the features, particularly the pillow top, which my dog is just too big to hang out on, although I have no doubt I will catch him trying. Read more

  2. Christina Phung

    This PetFusion Multi-Purpose Pet Step Ottoman is just what our pup was needing. The ottoman is well built and the stairs are very sturdy. Makes it easier for my little dog to get onto the couch. Assembly was very easy and took around 10 mins to build. It comes with a storage bin which is very handy in keeping all my dog’s toys in one place and it fits neatly inside the ottoman. Living in a small apartment, we are very limited on space so having the option to fold in the stairs is a major plus. What I love the most about the PetFusion Pet Step Ottoman is the versatility. Not only do we use it as dog stairs but we also use it as a small coffee table for our living room. The ottoman looks like a normal piece of furniture that our guests are amazed when we tell them that there are dog stairs hidden inside. It did take a bit for my dog to get use to walking up and down the stairs but after practicing (with lots treats!!!), she slowly got the hang of it. I am so happy to have found this item and would recommend this to all pet parents!!! Read more

  3. sandra ford

    I ordered this product to make it easier for my Shih Tzu to get up on the couch. I thought the concept was wonderful so I decided to give it a try. Im glad I did! It arrived the next day and, to my surprise, the box was heavy- always a good sign of a solid product. It took about 10 minutes to set up after unboxing. There was a direction card but it was pretty self explanatory. After I pulled the steps out of the ottoman (great feature that the steps fold in to minimize space AND can be used as a functional ottoman) it was time to introduce my dog. I sat on the couch and positioned him in front of the stairs. It took some coaxing but he trotted up and seemed very proud of himself and his “couch accomplishment ” It is very sturdy and looks like a piece of furniture. Great purchase! Read more

  4. Lynzr11

    I got these stairs when my puppy, Piper, was about 12 weeks old (first photo). She’s almost 14 weeks now (other photos), so I’ve had them for about a week and a half now. The quality is fantastic, and my pup loves them! It’s sturdy enough to support my weight while I sit on the edges of the top, but I don’t try to make that a habit because they’re not meant to carry my weight. If I ever put them away (put the stairs inside the cupboard part) and I’m up on the bed, she starts to cry. She loves having the freedom to go up and down as she pleases. And it makes my life easier too since I work nights, I sleep during the morning and some of the afternoon while my boyfriend works out of our room. He can’t always pay attention to her very closely and she loves being close to me, but she doesn’t like being trapped on the bed either. So I can sleep and he can work and occasionally check in on her while she entertains herself. It’s a win win! I also love the storage bin it comes with. It makes putting away toys, chews, and treats very easy and it looks very nice. The portability of the bin makes it easy to bring wherever I need it, whether it be to a friend’s house while we visit, or just downstairs. Finally, the assembly process was very easy and simple. It came mostly put together, we just had to put the feet, handle, and stair coverings on, and we put the divider and base in the storage bin. That was just about it! Read more

  5. bnic

    I have had this since Christmas (it’s now the end of March) and I waited to write a review because my old dog I bought this for doesn’t take to new things easily. When I unboxed it I was very impressed with the design of it and how sturdy this thing is. I love that the steps fold up inside or that you can use that space for storage when they are out. The 15 year old dog I bought it for wouldn’t go near it. I got it for her because she loves to be on the couch but she can no longer jump up there. The only reason I didn’t send it back is because my cats and my young big dog (who can literally just step onto the couch without the steps anyway) absolutely love it and one of them is sitting on it almost constantly. Well, finally one day last week my 15 year old dog finally worked up the nerve to use it to get to her favorite spot on the couch and she has used it every day since! I’m so glad I didn’t send it back!! If I had to give one negative it’s that the steps are a little bit too shallow and she slipped down them a time or two before she figured it out (she goes up and down a large set of stairs in our house all the time so she can use regular steps just fine). Over all I am very happy with this and I am so glad I kept it!!! Read more

  6. desiree polum

    NO DIRECTIONS…Mine didn’t come with all the parts to screw in all 4 feet. Which are critcal to the balance and fundamemtal for usage. The feet when all screwed in provide enough room for the stares to down.the screws for long handle arent long enough to screwed. The platform that had storage does close flush. Cheap press wood. Here’s the kicker I have 6 hernias and I’m in constant pain I waited for ever to get this item my surgery I. 2 days. The whole reason I bought this to help me. Great concept. Crap materials poor poor construction. But what do I do. Load it myself then unload it at return site. Then wait for another.. I dont recommend this item at all ever. Now I’m just stuck with it…179.00 door stop. Read more

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