Petami water-proof dog blanket for bed, sofa, couch waterproof dog mattress cowl for big dogs, puppies puppy blanket furnishings reversible microfiber

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  • a hundred% water-proof & leakproof- perfect to your pet to lounge and nap to your couch. Thick warm sherpa and fleece makes this waterproof pet blanket suitable for indoor and out of doors use. We’ve got bolstered our blanket so any drinks (water or urine) will not leak from one side of the blanket to the other facet of the throw. Perfect for small, medium, and massive dogs, in addition to cats and kittens.
  • protects fixtures/pet beds – protects your furnishings from scratching, chewing, fur, and shedding even as preserving your puppy secure and fixtures free of fur and urine. Also super as a puppy car blanket and lining for dog crates, kennels, and puppy mats.
  • heat and comfy – equipped with sherpa lining and microfiber fleece, this blanket is reversible. This puppy throw blanket features tender, plush plaid design so one can preserve you heat and comfortable whilst your puppy sleeps with ease for your sofa or bed.
  • flexible – defend your sofa, mattress, and home goods from chewing, scratching, and shedding whilst retaining your pet dry and relaxed. Also excellent to assist maintain unwanted pet hair and fur from sofas and couches.
  • excessive fine & durable – made with 460 gsm premium microfiber polyester, this blanket is gentle, light-weight, but durable. It is easy to care for and system washer-friendly, tumble dry low.
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premium water resistant reversible plush tender sherpa pet blanket

create the maximum cozy bedding enjoy for you fine pal. This is the best water resistant puppy throw blanket to your canine or cat to sleep and rest on at the same time as defensive your treasured domestic goods and furniture. Also makes a terrific addition to kennels, pet beds, or to take at the cross for outdoor use.

warm and secure

reversible and ready with warm and fluffy sherpa lining on the other aspect for a extra comfy and snuggly experience to make your puppy feel cozy and cozy.

defend fixtures

shield your couch, mattress, and home goods from chewing, scratching, and losing at the same time as retaining your puppy dry and comfortable. Additionally first rate to help hold undesirable pet hair and fur from sofas and couches.

lightweight and sturdy

built with 460gsm of excessive first-class microfiber polyester this is tender to touch, this at ease pet blanket makes it easy to take care of, and is light-weight and durable on the equal clean to smooth: machine wash, tumble attempt

a hundred% waterproof

protects your fixtures from spills and urine whilst preserving your puppy relaxed and secure.

best to your bed or couch so your fine buddy can snuggle next to you for completely satisfied nap even as maintaining your furnishings and bedding clean and fur free.

high-quality for touring together with your puppy inside the automobile even as retaining it easy and your pet at ease for any long trips.

defend your ground and carpet from stains and injuries whilst our thick water resistant blanket presents an opulent layer for your cat or dog to front room on.


50 x 40 Inches, 60 x 40 Inches, 80 x 55 Inches, 90 x 90 Inches


Black, Blue, Brown, Charcoal, Checkered Red, Gray/Gray Sherpa, Taupe, Taupe/Taupe Sherpa, Wine, Brown/Brown Sherpa, Light Grey Sherpa, Navy/Gray Sherpa, Plaid Charcoal Grey, Plaid Light Grey, Plaid Navy, Plaid Taupe

8 reviews for Petami water-proof dog blanket for bed, sofa, couch waterproof dog mattress cowl for big dogs, puppies puppy blanket furnishings reversible microfiber

  1. Koigirl1

    This is a large and very soft pet blanket,well made. The people in my house like it as much as the dogs . It appears that the waterproof layer is akin to what you get in the newer terry mattress protectors. I deliberately poured a cup of water on it and it kept the couch underneath dry for 3 hours . However, be aware that acidic things ( cat urine, etc) often wont soak thru, yet the smell will often transfer down if you leave it sit too long. So if you are using this for protection from an elderly or young animal ( or just an ornery cat), check it daily . Like the mattress protectors, you should wash this on a gentle cycle in warm water and regular detergent ( no oxy stuff) and do not dry it in high heat. This should keep the inner barrier intact and functioning for quite a while. Read more

  2. Amazon Customer

    Someone wrote a review and said this wasn’t waterproof and I also read that it was thin, I bought it anyway because one of my dogs is weird about peeing on their beds. Recently bought a $200 bed that was water resistant supposedly, but it wasn’t , so I thought I’d give this blanket a try. Very impressed because it got peed on immediately and as you can see in the picture, the urine didn’t seep through! It is also nice looking and very soft. I’ll be ordering more. Read more

  3. Wesam Aboul Hosn

    I don’t usually write reviews, but decided to write this one considering something happened with me that I saw in an earlier review. My dog is incontinent, which means she leaks urine. I looked real hard for a good blanky that would be waterproof (NOT water resistant) so I can get back the old days of putting her on the couch. I bought this blanket despite reading a few bad reviews. One of those reviews stuck with me, and the reviewer said that it was a very good blanket and very waterproof until it was washed. Well I washed mine twice already and now it leaks through like no tomorrow. And the interesting part is, it was double folded, which means if it wasn’t, my couch would have been drenched. Very sad for me because I paid double the price that you see it listed for, to get it to me internationally. Please stay away if you are looking for a waterproof blanket that will last you a while. Oh and finally, it just feels like it’s made of very cheap material. Hope this review helps. Read more

  4. KateE L

    I bought one of these blankets 3 weeks ago when we adopted a 13 week old puppy because I was worried that he would have accidents & wanted something to protect my couch. We haven’t had any accidents luckily but the puppy LOVES THIS BLANKET!!! He loves it so much I bought a 2nd one so he could have one at the office when he comes there with me. He lays on it, covers himself with it, drags it around, & is just crazy about it!!! Definitely a great buy!!! Read more

  5. Aleko

    Not waterproof. Dog had a TINY accident and it bled COMPLETELY through to the bed comforter. I watched the accident happen and immediately pulled the cover off. It bled through in seconds. “Waterproof” is completely false advertising. Would like my money back or a TRULY waterproof product. Read more

  6. K.

    This blanket is fantastic! So much so that I’ve purchased two of them in as many months. Planning to give them as Christmas gifts to family and friends with pets. These blankets are so soft and cozy. They look and feel just as nice as the luxury throw blankets that adorn my living and family rooms, with the added bonus of being waterproof and washable. If you’ve got a dog or cat (or kid for that matter), you need this blanket! My aging pup has been having health issues, but I still want to allow him on the bed and other furniture. This PetAmi Sherpa throw allows us both to be comfortable, because if there’s an accident, the blanket saves my expensive and difficult-to-wash linens from disaster. I wipe up the mess with a paper towel then rinse the soiled area and blot dry. Liquid beads right off the blanket! If it’s a bigger mess, toss in the washer and dryer. Great in the car too, especially if your pet gets carsick or drools. The value and quality of this blanket far exceeds its price. Buy two, you’ll thank yourself sooner than later. Read more

  7. kamr

    This is actually a really nice blanket for people too, it’s soooo soft. I keep it thrown over the bed when I’m out to protect the bedspread and thought it would blend in with the bedding but it looks messy very easily because the interior waterproof layer is very slippery and the 2 outside layers shift easily. That wouldn’t be so much of a problem but the bottom layer is larger than the top so when you straighten out one edge, it pulls up the opposite side to show the underside. Kind of annoying. It’s a good “throw” blanket but don’t expect it to blend in nicely over your bedding or upholstery, it can’t help but look messy. Read more

  8. Fnert

    The first PetAmi blanket I bought was the grey plaid, and I tested if it was waterproof by putting a corner under a running faucet. It was not at all waterproof. I looked at the tags and nowhere on the product packaging did it say it was waterproof, even though I selected it from the product listing for waterproof blankets. Returned it. Because these blankets had such good ratings, I tried the solid lighter gray. I did the same faucet test and it was totally waterproof and the product packaging DID say it was waterproof. This listing is misleading because when you select the plaid colors, the product description slightly changes. But once you get one of the waterproof colors, it’s a fantastic product! It’s so soft, and our kitty loves it. I’ve since bought another as backup. We use this as a cover over an electric heated pet pad for our 20yr old kitty, and besides being waterproof, it still breathes enough to let the warmth of the pad through. Read more

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