Pet gear “the other door” four door steel crate with plush mattress + journey bag for cats/dogs

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  • 4 doors, such as the massive aspect door that opens up and out of the manner like a garage door
  • insulated base is long lasting and does not crack in bloodless weather
  • coloration-coordinated plush bolster mattress protected in your pets comfort
  • no gear had to installation or fold down and includes storage bag for smooth transport
  • rounded corners and no uncovered steel edges protect you and your pet from sharp edges
  • measures 27″l x 18. 25″w x 21. 75″h; for pets up to 30-pounds
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creates a comfy den region on your puppy

all 4 doorways can be closed for instances while you cannot be right close to your puppy

provide short entry/exit to your puppy

gives easy get entry to whilst comforting your puppy or giving them meals and water

greater features

makes moving the crate from room to room effortless

the crate can be folded flat for easy garage and portability

a journey bag that makes use of the crate’s wheels makes visiting a breeze

product description

“the opposite door” metallic crate from puppy equipment functions heavy responsibility blow-mold plastic with metal inserts. Rounded corners and no sharp edges cast off damage to your own home or car. Four doorways offer accessibility from any angle and the top door can hold as much as a hundred pounds! The garage-style aspect door remains up and out of the manner whilst open. Integrated wheels and pull manage permit for easy movement from room to room. Fleece pad and carry/storage bag are blanketed. Perfect for pets up to 30-pounds.


27-inch, 36-inch, 42-inch


Chocolate, Sage, Tan

4 reviews for Pet gear “the other door” four door steel crate with plush mattress + journey bag for cats/dogs

  1. lilyputt

    I initially really liked the design of this kennel because of the slide up side door. We have a dog with a broken pelvis that we needed to be able to lay down easily and this kennel worked really well for that. The downfall of this kennel is the plastic parts. We had this kennel for one month and the tabs used to lock the door broke off. They are made out of plastic and really should be made out of metal. The tabs themselves are not the best design, as they can be difficult to open by pushing in the tab and pulling down. Read more

  2. Shopper1

    We’ve had this crate for 5 years for our 15 lb tweenie dachshund. Paid $85 which was a good deal even back then. Yes, it is large and bulky but last year our girl had surgery for a ruptured neck disk($$$) and this crate was amazing part of her recovery. Th large side door (along with a little extra foam to bring bottom up to same level as edge made it easier and less painful for us to get her in and out at vet. The wheels and carry handles helped us roll her out to the car or even outside so she could get out to go potty. The top door really helped bring her food to her so she didn’t have to lift her head to eat or drink. She lived in the crate for 10 weeks and then again 6 mos later when she had a relapse and needed 8 weeks of crate confinement again. One of the door latches keeps falling out but can go back in. If you want this crate to cage a chewer maybe not the best option, but if your dog enjoys crate stays, it is a cozy and comfortable compromise between a wire cage or full sided crate and really great for dogs that are recuperating. Getting a second one for our other dachshund just in case. REVISED REVIEW: Bought a second tan Pet Gear for my other dog and not happy at all. First paid more for it. Ok that’s fair but huge difference in the pads that came with the first and second unit. See pics pink pad was in the first one. Ratty black pad with the second one. Since day one this second tan crate is junk. The garage doors doest open/close well and looks like it’s bent. It has gaps at the edges and it’s just junk. The first time we rolled it it left black stuff all over our carpet from the casters. I wish I could get my money back but I waited too long to use because thankfully my dog didn’t need it until now. DONT BUY THESE. It’s not worth $100. Read more

  3. Crazy4gsds

    I bought this to replace a bulky wire 2 door crate that was heavy and awkward to move when competing with my dog. It was a struggle to move in the bed of the truck that had a bed rug. I’d have to climb up into the bed of the truck to move the crate. It was a pain! This crate is so much easier to use and I wish I would have purchased it sooner. I do have assemble it first before loading as I need another set of hands to get it set up. It can be set up solo – just takes a little more patience and time. It’s much easier (for me) to set up before traveling and competing and not having to mess with it at the venue with my dog. The crate has plenty of room for my German Shepherd. Comes with a bolster pad which was a plus and the carrying bag is great for storage once we’re finished using the crate. Have had zero issues with it thus far. Read more

  4. Rick

    I had the old style all metal crate which my dog never would go near. He looked upon it as a form of punishment. He actually goes in this one on his own without fear. The larger opening is less intimidating. It provides easier access to the crate. You can lead your dog into the crate without pushing him or her through a smaller opening. This crate is not without it’s flaws. It is somewhat difficult to assemble. The side walls fall in while putting the top on. You must hold on the sides with your feet while lifting the top with both hands. The online videos make it look so easy. Once the top is on, there are only two metal latches to secure the whole structure. These latches are not very supportive. Once you close the larger sliding cage door, the structure is more rigid. There are two plastic hooks that hold the back folding cage wall. They are made of plastic which will not last very long. You will want to purchase a better pad. The one that comes with it is very thin. The cover that comes with it is not very sturdy. It is made of a very thin nylon. Overall, I am satisfied with this product despite some design flaws. This is heavier than my old style crate. The heavier plastic adds more weight. That is a plus for this crate. My old crate plastic tray floor would always crack over time. I had to replace it twice. The wheels make a great addition to help transport it. The easy open top is a huge plus! I can now give my dog treats and comfort him on long trips. Before, he would try to escape once the cage door was unlatched. This is very convenient which is one of the reasons I purchased this crate. Read more

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