Paws & buddies dog exercising pen puppy playpens for puppies – domestic dog playpen outdoor lower back or front yard fence cage fencing doggie rabbit cats playpens out of doors fences with door – steel wire 8-panel foldable

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  • multiple top alternatives: to be had in 24”, 30”, 36”, 42”, and 48”. Each pen tube gate is approximately 30 square toes.
  • long lasting: constructed from sturdy heavy obligation rust resistant metallic for accelerated longevity and durability. Plus, the anchoring stakes assist cozy the structure in region while being used exterior.
  • adjustable: the ½” heavy obligation tube body with an eight panel layout lets in for a large number of shape configurations to thrill your pet. It’s brilliant for each indoor and out of doors use and consists of a built in door for clean access.
  • secure: the workout pen functions rounded edges and a rust resistant coating so your dog, cat, guinea pig, rabbit, hen, and so on. Won’t accidentally reduce themselves on the wiring. The ground anchors will prevent pointless accidents inclusive of the structure falling over, that may injure close by pets or maybe kids.
  • smooth setup: the wire playpen is incredible simple to set up. Simply spread it and link the fence together using the protected equipment. Once you’re executed, the fence speedy collapses for convenient garage. Its mild weight and collapsible design makes it ideal for journey. No gear required.
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the exercising pen features rounded edges and a rust resistant coating so your canine, cat, guinea pig, rabbit, chook, and so forth. Won’t by chance reduce themselves on the wiring. The ground anchors will save you useless injuries such as the structure falling over, that may injure nearby pets or maybe children.

the cord playpen is terrific simple to installation. Just unfold it and hyperlink the fence collectively using the protected gadget. Once you’re completed, the fence quick collapses for convenient storage. Its mild weight and collapsible design makes it best for tour. No gear required.

the ½” heavy duty tube body with an eight panel design permits for a multitude of shape configurations to please your pet. It’s top notch for each indoor and outdoor use and includes a built in door for easy get right of entry to.


24" Inches

8 reviews for Paws & buddies dog exercising pen puppy playpens for puppies – domestic dog playpen outdoor lower back or front yard fence cage fencing doggie rabbit cats playpens out of doors fences with door – steel wire 8-panel foldable

  1. R. Ross

    I received two of the 30″ tall wire pens today. I linked them together and I’m pleased with the sturdiness and size. it is perfect for our little 8# Maltipoo . I didn’t use the anchors that come with the pen so I can move it around easily. Read more

  2. Dan

    This Pen is great for small breeds and puppies, but I wouldnt recommend it for medium and large breed adults, as they could easily push the structure around or just jump over it. I got this for my Min-Pin, and she loves it. Whenever I left for longer periods, Id be forced to crate her because she would relieve herself all over the house and cause other troubles to the house and herself.. Thanks to this pen, I can leave her in a larger enclosure, allowing her to move around, drink some water, have a snack, play with toys, and go on a wee wee pad, and giving me peace of mind that she has all she needs. The Pen did not come with a manual, but it is very easy to put together, it simply attaches with spokes and can be shaped however you like. The spokes are long enough to be driven into dirt, giving the structure more strength outdoors. I however, have decided to keep mine in the house for when I have to leave for longer periods. See the picture I’ve attached, to see what I’ve done with the product. I turned it into a rectangular enclosure instead of an octagon, but you can shape it however you like because the joints have lots of flexibility. Read more

  3. ginger_red

    Wow!!! Honestly very impressed with how big it is for the price- awesome!!! Posted pics one with the dog bed and the crate and he still has plenty of room to move around. Very happy!!! The construction and quality are great. Same quality as the crate we have without the added weight. Read more

  4. Susannah

    I use this in my garage and like that I can configure it any way I like. Sometime I need my puppies penned in, sometimes I just need a barrier to keep them inside the garage. Read more

  5. lindsey harris

    Actually got this for my lion head rabbit, all the rabbit pens looks really small and had bad reviews, I love this one! It’s already pretty much put together which was a huge plus for me, now I just need to figure out a way to put a cover on it! Very sturdy and good product! Read more

  6. kbruce

    Very nice quality playpen! I was surprised when I opened the box and set this up at how sturdy and nice this playpen is. We have lots of pets and we do dog sitting so this is something I looked forward to using often. I have been extremely happy with the quality and functionality. The door with the latch is handy and works very well. I’ve had no problem with the latch not working or staying closed. I love that you can change the shape to fit where you need it. I received a discount for my honest review. I’m so happy I purchased this item as I use it every single day for one animal or another. The animals love it to since it allows them to be out on the grass but safe! Excellent purchase!! Read more

  7. Debbie Seagroves

    We just rescued not one, but two puppy siblings. The first couple of nights we created them but when we discovered this pet pen, at a fraction of the cost of others, we found the answer to our prayers. We put a vinyl tablecloth underneath to protect the carpet, their bed and a potty pad during the night. Now they can get up and potty as needed during the night and we can get some much needed sleep. In the picture here in founded a couple of sections back to make it a smaller space for potty pad training. I also took it outside and set up so that Lola and Rocky could have some outside off-the-leash play time. It is super easy to fold up and very light weight for carrying from one place to another. Even it easily moves to different places, I immediately ordered two more because at this price I could get three for less than the price of one of others that we saw. Now we have one for Dad’s office so the kids can go to work with him and I have one for my home based business workroom. We have even thought that it would be excellent for taking and setting up on the beach! Just need to add an umbrella or some sort of covering for shade. Can’t wait to try that out. Read more

  8. LaLa

    I am so happy with this product! It is the perfect size and height for my bunnies. They can play safely now while I’m busy in the front yard. Great price and it is exactly what I wanted. Their cages fit perfectly with the door on the play pen. Just waiting on their tunnel toy to arrive. Read more

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