Pals all the time donut cat mattress, faux fur dog beds for medium small dogs – self warming indoor round pillow cuddle

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  • calming & anti-anxiety: perfect for pets to twist up or sprawl, the raised rim round gives warmth with a feel of protection, it allows them to loosen up faster, ease anxiety, and sleep nicely
  • warm & comfortable gift: high best synthetic plush fur, a aggregate of relaxed and breathable, perfect present to keep your paw friend satisfied day & night time
  • first rate supportive filling: superb support for head and neck, offers relief for puppies and cats with joint pain or arthritis
  • protection warranty: made from non-poisonous substances, safe in the washing device and dryer for clean care
  • 3 length to be had: 23×23″ bed for pets up to 25lbs, the 30×30″ bed for pets as much as 45lbs, the 36×36″ bed for pet up to 100lbs
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product description

designed with love for your furry buddies, due to the fact we care approximately them.

extremely good guide for head and neck, offers comfort for puppies and cats with joint ache or arthritis. High pleasant synthetic plush fur, a mixture of relaxed and breathable material ideal to your pal.

design with care

perfect for pets to curl up or sprawl, the raised rim round offer warm temperature with a experience of safety.

available in 2 sizes:

  • 23×23” bed for pets as much as 25lbs
  • 30×30” mattress for pets as much as 45lbs
  • fabricated from non-poisonous materials in your excellent pal, safe inside the washing system and dryer.


    Small, Medium, Large


    Grey, Ivory, Pink, Rainbow, Tan

    8 reviews for Pals all the time donut cat mattress, faux fur dog beds for medium small dogs – self warming indoor round pillow cuddle

    1. cmclittlebit

      Your browser does not support HTML5 video. I have an itty bitty, 1.6 lb Maltipoo puppy, and she instantly fell in love with this bed. She has plenty of room to stretch out and move/squirm around (not in a restless way, but just as puppies do when the nap.) The bolstered sides provide a comforting, secure boundary for her to snuggle up to or upon which she can rest her tiny chin. They’re also not so tall that she can’t climb in and out of her bed on her own, too. This awesome bed is lightweight, super soft, and portable; and the light pink is exactly that: light pink. She’s only expected to grow to be 7 lbs, so there’s plenty of room for her to grow into this bed. The bottom is re-enforced and durable so it can be placed on most surfaces. I did my research and this is the best bed! Read more

    2. Amazon Customer

      Maggie girl loves her new bed. Now she doesn’t like her old bed, guess I will have to buy another one!! Update: I had to wash the bed due to an accident ( not Maggie’s fault) . Didn’t wash well in my washing machine, couldn’t get the water out of it enough to put in the dryer. Ended up going to town to a commercial laundry to dry it, that cost approximately. 2.50 and even then the inside of the doughnut wasn’t completely dry. When all said and done, the bed is lumpy and not very comfy any more. Also half of the little dots on the back side came off in the washer and dryer. Needless to say I’m not a real happy camper. Read more

    3. Jasmine

      My cat loves it. My cat likes to follow me to whichever room I am in and take nap there. So I have been thinking to get him another bed. He is over 13 pounds, so I got a size S. Once I put it on the floor, he walked over and smelled it for a few seconds, then immediately started to knead on it, he didn’t even come out to the front door when I opened it which he would usually do. I am glad I bought this for him. Read more

    4. Niu Yang

      My dogs loved this bed instantly! It’s soft and plush so they can burrow down into it like nuzzling up to a mama-dog. It seems to be very supportive without being stiff. It has a very soft silky feel like fur, but it doesn’t shed or pill. I’ve had it a couple of weeks now and it stands up to both “digging” with their paws and a little bit of chewing too. They haven’t been able to damage it all and it still looks new. I bought a second one for them so they can hang out in comfort in my office too. Highly recommend! Read more

    5. San Gabriel Customer

      This is the best doggy bed we’ve found for our furry buddy. It is just the right size, soft and cuddly, with support around the bed for him to rest his head. The surface is deeply padded and when he lies on his back he sinks into comfort. Although he usually sleeps on the bed with us, during the cold weather, he’s been enjoying lying in his bed in front of the fireplace. We also take the bed with us when we travel and on the few occasions he is boarded at the pet hotel. Murray is a rescue terrier – most resembling a cross between a soft-coated wheaten terrier and a Yorkshire terrier. The medium bed fits him perfectly and the tan color coordinates with his coat. The color is so close to his that it’s hard to tell where the bed ends and the doggy begins. Read more

    6. Daniel G.

      My dog loves this bed. It’s the perfect size for her !(Shiba Inu) it’s very soft and comfortable. And the quality is super good. My dog loves to dig, and when she digs the bed there is no material coming out from inside the bed. Read more

    7. Amazon Customer

      I felt in love with the light pink color at the very first sight, though it says dog bed, I bought it for my cats. I was concerned a little bit that the pink is too pinky, but when I opened the box and saw the pale pink bed, I know it’s just what I wanted. One of my cats got into the bed right away, and she soon started to purr and kneading in the bed. I guess the long-fur fabric is so soft and comfortable that she had sank in the bed whole day (over 10 hours) without much moving. It also looks great in my living room! Read more

    8. BB

      Love how soft and fluffy this bed is and so does my 6 pound Pomeranian! Truly the best looking, best feeling, highest quality dog bed I’ve purchased yet- though admittedly it is also the most I’ve spent compared to the typical $15-20 beds that deflate and lose their plushness in only a couple months. This bed however, feels like it will stay of glorious plush self for far longer. Love the color too- looks like a bed of cotton candy! My Pom immediately took to it. The only potential issue that may come up is come summer, it may be a bit too warm for him as i did notice he got out of it once when the heater was all the way up to go lay on the tile floor, but not a big deal- it’s been chilly and will be his snuggle haven until the weather warms. Hoping it washes well, will update when i find out! Read more

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