Ovation folding dog canine crate features space-saving overhead “storage” style door & comes absolutely geared up w/ substitute tray, divider panel & floor defensive roller ft

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  • ovation unmarried door folding metal canine crate w/ “up & away” garage door, dog crate is 25. 75l x 17. 25w x 19. 75h inches (outer dims.)
  • handy, outstanding cozy garage fashion door on dog crate lifts up & stows on top of the crate saving precious area interior your private home
  • ovation folding metallic canine crate includes unfastened divider panel, leak-evidence plastic pan, a robust sporting manage, rubber feet to guard floors and a 1 12 months manufacturer’s assurance
  • sturdy metallic steel channel song on front of canine crate secures door in vicinity when diminished. To open, honestly elevate the take care of & lay door on top of dog crate & out of the manner
  • steel dog crate folds flat for convenient storage, journey & portability. Sturdy, sturdy metallic crate design creates a safe place on your puppy at the same time as you are away
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from the manufacturer

unmarried door dog crate

with up & away door

intuitive innovation from midwest houses for pets

the ovation single door canine crate functions the modern, patented up & away door at the side of all the features which might be widespread in twine crates for puppies. To open the door sincerely seize the consolation-grip handle and lift and lay the door on pinnacle of the crate. The ovation door stows out of the manner, removing the need for additional space required for a swing-out, hinged door. To close, elevate the door and lower into location at the same time as liberating the protection capture until the door reaches a closed role. With its fold & bring configuration, ovation units up and folds down in seconds without the need for gear. Ovation consists of a composite plastic pan for smooth cleanup within the occasion of an coincidence, plastic sporting handles to move the folded crate from one region to any other easily, floor protective rubber feet, and most significantly, a unfastened divider panel to be used even as your doggy grows into its grownup-size domestic.

ovation capabilities

effortlessly slides & stows overhead, casting off the want for additional space required for a swing-out, hinged door. To open the door simply grasp the consolation-grip handle and lift and lay the door on top of the crate.

the protection capture protects paws and toes and permits the door to relaxation competently above a fully closed position. Release of the safety trap lets in the door to shut.

ovation easily units up and folds down in seconds with out a equipment required! The easy-to-connect plastic handles make it clean to move the folded crate.

consists of divider panel

satisfactory product is what constructed our emblem beginning 90 years ago. It’s the muse of our commercial enterprise. A commitment ongoing, industry-main first-class warranty practices and approaches is what sustains our brand.

we set ourselves other than our competition via our dating amongst our research and layout department, our first-class guarantee and testing lab, our customer service team, and our production centers.

this guarantees that the pets who use our merchandise are given the the fine, most modern, and safest houses and products available on the market.

  • every midwest product undergoes rigorous product trying out from the product design section and all through the lifespan of the product line.
  • our checks follow unique tactics and evaluation techniques and are designed to satisfy the highest of standards.
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  • from domestic dog schooling…

    a crate offers a non-public, den-like space in your canine to name his own, and it additionally enables with housebreaking, potty schooling, and reducing unwanted behaviors like chewing and barking. Select a crate a good way to offer ok space whilst your dog reaches its’ full, adult length, large sufficient to stand up without having to stoop and to lie down with legs outstretched. However, do not buy a crate that is too large — it received’t provide the feeling of safety and protection that a dog enjoys in a properly-sized crate.

    whilst your dog is a domestic dog, the crate may be too large, main him to eliminate in a single quit then go to the alternative cease to sleep; divider panels are designed to solve this problem!

  • use our length-breed chart to decide an appropriate length crate on your breed.
  • pick out a crate that will provide ok area while your dog reaches his grownup length.
  • use the divider panel to modify the duration of dwelling vicinity as your puppy grows.
  • acquaint your domestic dog along with his new home. Begin from early puppyhood and have your domestic dog sleep and rest in his home. He will begin to are looking for safety and luxury internal his little “canine room.”
  • be gentle. Encourage your doggy to enter his home. Don’t pressure him!
  • once he is cozy together with his domestic, honestly restrain him at the door with the door, praising him lavishly. Quickly he might be cozy in his home with the door closed.
  • understand that little puppies need to “move” approximately each 2-4 hours. On a schedule, (which includes after feeding, before bedtime, first factor in morning) allow your doggy out, teach him the course to the door, reward him at the door and take him out to the a part of the yard you want him to use. Right away you are coaching him an removal schedule with the intention to stay with him for the rest of his lifestyles.
  • supervise your pup anytime he is free in your private home. Supervision is what allows you to direct conduct.
  • by no means punish your domestic dog through placing or forcing him into his domestic. Your pup’s home need to be his cozy place, it ought to not be associated with punishment, fear, or something negative.
  • go to midwesthomes4pets. Com for extra statistics on crate schooling and housebreaking.
  • product description

    the ovation single door folding metal canine crate by using midwest homes for pets functions our handy and revolutionary patented “up & away” garage style door. The ovation door stows over the crate & out of the way, casting off the need for extra area required for a swing-out, hinged door. That is a exceptional preference for apartments or rooms where area is at a top rate because the door stows on top of the canine crate and out of the manner. To shut the door, raise the door and lower into location while liberating the protection capture till the door reaches a closed position. The channel-music door frame provides tremendous energy and protection to the crate and the low threshold of the door allows your pet dog to enter the dog crate simply. This dog crate measures 25. 75l x 17. 25w x 19. 75h inches (out of doors measurements) and includes a unfastened divider panel permitting you to adjust the scale of the dog crate even as your canine continues to be developing, a plastic leak-proof pan for smooth clean-up in the occasion of an twist of fate, a sturdy plastic sporting cope with for clean portability and rubber “curler” feet on the bottom of the crate to guard your flooring in the home. The ovation canine crate folds flat for handy garage & portability whilst now not in use. We at midwest homes for pets keep in mind that your canine is part of your family and that’s why we make certain our dog crates are synthetic with the best fine control standards growing a secure home on your pet that you can sense assured with. Midwest homes for pets stands at the back of the high-quality of our products with a 1 yr manufacturer’s assurance. If you have any questions on our canine crates our customer service branch might be happy to help you. Midwest customer support may be contacted at: 1-800-428-8560, to be had nine:00 am – four:00 pm, monday – friday.


    24-Inch w/Divider, 30-Inch w/Divider, 36-Inch w/Divider, 42-Inch w/Divider, 48-Inch w/Divider


    Double Door, Single Door

    5 reviews for Ovation folding dog canine crate features space-saving overhead “storage” style door & comes absolutely geared up w/ substitute tray, divider panel & floor defensive roller ft

    1. Rich J.

      We had a completely unexpected pup fall into our care over the holidays. Our 7yo girls no longer used a crate and theirs we had in storage were a bit worn. So we picked up this one as both a new crate for the pup and to save some family room space with the flip-up gate. The assembly was not too hard though a little more work was required to get it to pop together than with the older wire crates. We knew the new pup wasn’t too fond of going into a crate and he’d be a unhappy going in but the first time we left him alone in it for more than a few minutes, we came back to find the gate lying inside the crate and he was happily roaming free. Thinking surely we must have not aligned the gate correctly or that the clips that held it together weren’t aligned right (the left side as you look at the gate seems more bowed in to reach the clips than the right), I added a few zip ties to hold the seams together. For the next attempt leaving him, I made sure the door was aligned properly and locked correctly. I rotated a security cam so it could see the crate and walked out to watch. Within 10 minutes I had watched him push and pop the door out of the tracks and onto the floor. And that included the time he took to devour the treats placed in the crate first. Now this is a 40lb, 1yo, (appears to be purebred or close to it) Siberian Husky. This was a very large crate he was supposed to have been able to grow into. No idea how this is supposed to hold even the most modestly determined 50-80lb dog if he can get out so easily and quickly. Read more

    2. Debbie G.

      This is a sturdy, heavy duty crate with a divider to move with the growth of your puppy, if needed. I bought this for my 8 week old Miniature Australian Shepard. She was really tiny in it at first, but 5 weeks later and I’ve moved the divider twice already. I love the door because when the crate is open, the door is out of the way and easy to engage when needed. The reason I only gave 4 stars was because before I would allow my puppy inside of it, I had to spend several hours filing the sharp edges off of EACH raw end of the metal. I was afraid she would cut her nose or feet on them…or I would cut myself on it. I filed them all down, dusted it off and painted over the filed areas with appliance touch-up paint. I feel better about her being in it now without worry of cuts. I’m thinking this is a common problem with all metal crates, gates and enclosures. Read more

    3. Wes

      This showed up yesterday to replace the kennel my girlfriend purchased. Both were labeled as XL, but our Samoyed quickly outgrew the other kennel since it was only 36″ long (and no where near tall enough) compared to the Midwest XL Kennel that was 42″ long I believe. The quality is also far superior to the kennel we had prior. Not only was the previous kennel too small, it was also made poorly and at about 5 months old we had to start using a carabiner to keep our puppy from bending the metal to open the door. I don’t see that ever happening with the Midwest kennel since it is far superior in it’s construction and design. Highly recommend this over some of the competition, and at the very least, check the actual dimensions… all manufacturers do not use the same sizes. Read more

    4. CV

      This crate was nearly impossible to put together. I thought it seemed at least study. It is often for a puppy because you are trying to get to them quickly when they need to go outside for potty training and the slide up door gets constantly stuck. Even worse, that constantly shut door needs jimmying enough that the front part of the crate came lose and fell back to fold, and landed on my sleeping puppy. She is traumatized and scared of her crate. I’m so upset with this product and please do not buy. A crate should be a safe comfortable bedroom for your pup. Read more

    5. T. Harms

      I really like the overall design of this crate with the stowaway side door for saving space. However there are design and functionality flaws. The end door works beautifully and is sturdy. Yay! I wish the rest of the crate was made so well! The long side door has issues with design and durability. First, the side door slides up and pops out instead of staying in the open “track.” It’s not fun to try to put a dog in a 42” crate while holding/fixing a door because it came all the way out the top or popped out the sides. The one door stop is a joke with such a long wobbly door. 4 of the welds have BROKEN that hold the door next to the body of the crate. I attempted Loctite glue and twist ties to keep the door track on the crate and door from popping off the crate. A strong dog could easily break the vertical door track with a push on the door and escape! My Golden Retriever puppy is quite gentle so I’m not too worried about using this in my home, but wouldn’t travel with it. The crate welds snapped just lifting open and closing the door (which isn’t done often because I don’t like dealing with this door design). I have a 36” Kong Crate with this same lift door concept so this isn’t my first experience with lift & fold doors—just poorly made, especially unsafe for big dogs! I also had an issue with a hole in the crate tray (I assume from shipping/handling) which was thankfully replaced in a timely manner. Good customer service. Read more

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