Noz2noz gentle-krater indoor and outside crate for pets

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  • clean to gather: lightweight and durable steel frame; sets up and folds down in seconds!
  • properly-ventilated: mesh panels encourage air float and provide view.
  • indoor/out of doors: sets up and folds down in seconds.
  • journey ready: light-weight and smooth to hold and smooth – rounded corners shield towards scratches.
  • multiple sizes available: suits pets as much as one hundred pounds.
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make certain to select the right krate to your puppy!

you will find the noztonoz(r) sof-krate puppy home is easy to installation and breakdown. Push button tabs and couplers placed inside the metal frame tubes allow the unit to be raised or collapsed inside seconds and the accordion design allows it to shop flat. Its light-weight layout makes it extraordinarily clean to carry and pass from region to location

noztonoz(r) sof-krate indoor/outdoor pet domestic

the firstrax noztonoz(r) sof-krate indoor/outdoor pet home permits you to take your best pal with you everywhere you pass. Deliver the portable pet crate along side you on own family holidays journeys to the groomers or visits to the veterinarian. It’s best for brief trips and extended excursions excellent for in a single day motel remains or actually installation at domestic to create a quiet safe retreat for your canine or cat.

cleansing your noztonoz(r) sof-krate is extraordinarily clean. Every version is built with a waterproof base for brief and smooth cleanup; honestly easy up any pet waste wipe down the fabric with a stain and scent remover (we advise nature’s miracle(r)) and permit it to air dry. For extra big cleansing just remove the completely washer-friendly cover from the steel body and throw it in with the rest of the laundry!

choosing the correct size to your puppy

noztonoz(r) sof-krate puppy homes are to be had in five sizes to house nearly any size puppy. First measure your puppy from the pinnacle of his head to the floor; the sof-krate simplest needs to be one to 2 inches taller than this measurement. 2d measure your pet from the top of his nostril to the bottom of his tail; the sof-krate best needs to be four to six inches longer than this size. This may allow your puppy sufficient room to stand up flip round and lay down effortlessly in his sof-krate. You could of direction provide a bigger area in your pet but remember the fact that dogs are den animals and feel most cozy and at ease in an enclosed vicinity. Use the available chart placed beneath to pick out the suitable sof-krate on your puppy desires.

product description

whether your puppy is visiting with you on vacation, going to the vet, or maintaining down the fortress at domestic, the noz2noz sof-krate n2 series indoor/outdoor puppy crate presents a secure, comfortable homestead. This smooth crate is straightforward to hold and units up in seconds! Capabilities a sturdy but lightweight metal frame with long lasting fabric partitions and ceiling and a water-resistant base. Heavy-duty zippers and a door lock assist maintain your pet secure. Top, front and facet entry doors permit for smooth access, while mesh home windows provide wonderful ventilation and look at. The noz2noz sof-krate’ s rounded corners guard vehicle interiors and home décor. Offers two capabilities designed to your puppy’s protection: when your puppy is interior with the door closed, the door locks with the door lock clip (blanketed). When your puppy is using the crate while the door is open, cozy the mesh door open with the fastening strips (protected). To be had in various sizes to fit a number of puppy breeds: 21 inches for pets up to fifteen kilos; 26 inches for pets as much as 30 kilos; 26 inches for pets up to 30 kilos; 30 inches for pets as much as forty pounds; 36 inches for pets up to 70 pounds; and forty two inches for pets up to one hundred pounds.

how to select the high-quality size crate:

  • at the same time as your dog is status, measure your dog from the tip of their nose to base of their tail.
  • even as your canine is sitting or status, measure your canine from the pinnacle in their head to the ground.
  • add 4 inches to determine most measurements. Recall, your canine need to be capable of arise and turn round at the same time as in their crate.
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    21-Inch, 26-Inch, 30-Inch, 36-Inch, 42-Inch

    7 reviews for Noz2noz gentle-krater indoor and outside crate for pets

    1. Sylvia S.

      I just received this 42″ crate and my 72 lb Golden Retriever is already asleep in it. Many people commented on the smell and I came close to not buying it because of those reviews. There is a new plastic smell to it but obviously it doesn’t bother my dog since she’s sleeping in it now. I do plan to air it out for a few days to see if the smell will go away but if it doesn’t I’m not too concerned about it. The crate is lightweight and really easy to set up. You won’t be disappointed if you purchase this crate. Read more

    2. Matt A.

      Let me start off and say I love this crate. BUT… there is a major design flaw, everywhere there is Velcro sewn to the mesh doors, the mesh pulls and creates a hole. I contacted the manufacturer and they were rude saying the item had been discontinued and they do not support it anymore.So back it goes… again! We have tried this crate 3 times and it does the same thing every time. Read more

    3. Amazon Customer

      So far we are very excited about these crates. We have 2 (50#) boxers and just bought a new mini van. I didn’t want them loose in the back and so we sought our other options. Their metal wire crates are too heavy and I don’t want to haul them out to the car every time we want to take them somewhere. These crates are perfect so far…. light weight, easy to set up, and two of the 36″ crates side by side fit in our Town & Country van (with the third row down). We even turned them so the crates are ajoined and the dogs can snuggle together. Read more

    4. Shelby

      I did a fair amount of research before buying two of these crates. When I was only taking one dog to agility trials, hauling a metal crate didn’t seem like such a big deal. Double that and it starts to become a pain. I have been trialing several times per month with these crates for about 6 months now, and I’ve been really happy. I also bring them with me when my dogs come with me to work. I like the little snap that “locks” the zipper shut– keeps an inquisitive border collie mix from nosing his way out. I haven’t had any escape attempts yet, although my dogs are both well acclimated to crates (crate games are great for that!). Read more

    5. Horse Racing Fan

      The overall quality of this crate is disappointing especially considering the cost. The material is thin and cheap and the stitching was poorly executed including some spots where the stitching was completely absent – very poor quality control. The frame is not at all sturdy and the entire crate is somewhat wobbly. The zipper chains are made of cheap plastic and will likely not stand up to the slightest bit of chewing. It reminds me of a cheap tent you might buy at the dollar store, yet it costs nearly a hundred dollars. The product description says it is for indoor and outdoor use. However, I sincerely doubt that this crate can be used outside considering how thin the material is on the bottom. And if your dog is a chewer, forget about this crate as they will have a field day with the cheap, flimsy material. But the worst offense for this crate is the lack of carrying handles – there are none! If you want to move this crate, you have to grab it by the top of the frame which is awkward and difficult, especially if trying to move through a doorway or down a narrow hallway. Depending on your circumstances, you’re probably better off sticking with a much less expensive but much more durable traditional wire crate. Not recommended. Read more

    6. Nancy W

      Noz2Noz makes one of the best soft crates. However my other crates were the “Z” series as opposed to the “N2” series. The Z series comes with flaps to cover the windows and a very nice carrying bag and it was the same price (back several years). I couldn’t find the Z series anywhere so got this one and it’s fine except for those two exceptions. I do put a rubber mat on the bottom for cushion and then a dog pad. They’re pretty light weight to carry as opposed to the beast of my first “soft crate” that needed its plywood floor to keep it stable – I think it might have been a Canine Camper or a Caravan. Read more

    7. Anna Vallentin

      Very sturdy. I especially like that the sleeves that secure the interior rods lock in place, so there’s no chance of the crate collapsing due to improper pop-up. Plenty of room for my largest cat to stand and sprawl, and my smaller cats are happy to have the extra room. TIP: Bed Bath & Beyond’s 12-Inch x 20-Inch Bamboo Serving Tray fits perfectly inside. Without those, the fabric bottom makes for wobbly footing when the crate is being carried. Slide the tray in on an angle through the front door. It might feel a little bit snug going through but it will go. For added comfort, I got some of these thru Amazon: SportPet Designs Waterproof Pet Bed with Non Skid Bottom. They fit well in the bamboo trays. Read more

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