North states mypet petyard passage: four, 6 or 8 panel puppy enclosure with lockable pet door. Freestanding. 7 sq. Ft to 34. Four sq. Feet. (26″ tall)

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  • fear-free safety: maintain your puppy contained and your private home secure with the my pet 8-panel petyard passage. This enclosure features a lockable door made from sturdy, durable plastic and comes in an appealing coffee brown end that suits perfectly with any decor.
  • handy locking puppy door: this enclosure capabilities a small swinging door, best to allow pets input in and out of the vicinity, but additionally locks to safely incorporate your furry pals.
  • configurable for any space: the 8-panel play backyard is 26″ tall and encloses up to 34. 4 square toes of area. It could be made smaller via doing away with 2 panels at a time to create a smaller play place or a relaxed crate for education or dozing.
  • secure on your flooring: way to the durable skid-resistant pads, this play backyard will live positioned and may not scratch or damage floors.
  • without difficulty transportable: with foldable panels and convenient bring strap, this light-weight yard is straightforward to move, best for journey, and can be used each indoors and outside. Proudly made within the america.
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petyard passage eight-panel from north states

the petyard passage is a secure, transportable containment region which capabilities an exceptional swinging door for pets. The 8-panel petyard passage is brown in coloration, encloses as much as 34. Four square toes of area and is 26″ excessive.

grip-n-twist small puppy door

the nine. Five” x 8″ door swings freely permitting your puppy the freedom to come back and move as they please. Need to comprise your puppy? No trouble. The small door also locks for containment providing you peace of thoughts. Ideal for families with dogs or multiple pets.

  • lightweight plastic panels snap collectively for smooth setup
  • small swinging door for pet get right of entry to
  • use indoors or exterior
  • smooth wipe-clean layout
  • convenient carry strap blanketed
  • enclosure as much as 34. Four rectangular feet
  • 26″ tall
  • free standing indoor and outdoor

    the petyard passage creates a unique area in your puppy clearly everywhere. Installation all 8 panels outdoors for a safe workout region as much as 34. 4 square ft. The weather-resistant panels are clean to smooth with slight cleaning soap and water. No need to fear approximately your flooring when using interior. It comes with skid-resistant pads so as to prevent the panels from scratching and slipping on any floor in your own home together with carpet, tile, wood, and so forth.

    easy to gather

    putting in place the petyard passage is simple. The eight interlocking panel partitions come pre-connected; you without a doubt need to drag them out of the box and carefully unfold them to form a play backyard.

    to bring together, elevate up on one panel at the same time as urgent down on the alternative. The pin on both give up of the panel will take a seat perfectly within the plunger for a secure match. Whilst you listen the clicking, your petyard passage is secure for your toddler!

    take everywhere

    lightweight panels are smooth to fold so you can take your petyard passage with you anywhere. A deliver strap is blanketed for clean transport.


    the petyard passage may be configured in numerous methods to house all ranges and stages of your puppy’s existence. Use 6 panels to make a hexagon shaped pen in your pet to play with ease. Or, use 4 panels to create a comfortable 7 rectangular foot crate for pup training. The panels are clean to get rid of. The versatility of this backyard is infinite!

    free status indoor and outdoor

    smooth to collect

    take anywhere


    right here at north states, we’ve been making houses safer for youngsters and pets considering that 1953. Our assignment is to produce innovative, advanced great products designed to offer the highest standards for safety, durability, and ease of use.

    best is the entirety to us. We maintain those high requirements in every component of our enterprise, starting with our employees. Our well-skilled employees are dedicated to excellent manage and strive to offer you with the equal stage of superiority that they could count on for his or her very own children and pets. We take pleasure in our paintings! We’ve fostered a organisation-extensive subculture of total willpower to patron wishes.

    we additionally use only the first-rate uncooked materials to be had for each of our merchandise. No cutting corners here; we want our merchandise to last as long as you need them—if not, longer. The vast majority of our products proudly show the ‘made inside the united states’ seal.

    product description

    the petyard passage is a secure, transportable containment location which features an exceptional swinging door for pets. The 9. 5 x 8 door swings freely allowing your puppy the liberty to come and pass as they please. Need to incorporate your puppy-no problem. The small door additionally locks for containment offering you peace of thoughts. Perfect for households with puppies or a couple of pets. The eight-panel petyard passage is brown in shade and encloses as much as 34. Four sq. Feet. Of space and is 26″ high. Right out of the container, putting in place the petyard passage is straightforward, the 8 interlocking panels are pre-linked- clearly pull the panels out of the box, spread and connect them together. Comes entire with skid-resistant pads, might not slip or scratch, works on any floor. The petyard passage also includes a handy carry manage which makes this lightweight backyard clean to take anywhere, indoors or exterior. Need to reduce the scale of your petyard-honestly eliminate panels for multiple configurations for all stages and levels of your pet’s existence. Put off panels to make a hexagon formed pen on your pet to play effectively. Put off two additional panels to create a comfortable crate for doggy schooling. The flexibility of this yard is endless.


    4-Panel, 6-Panel, 8-Panel


    Brown, Light Gray

    8 reviews for North states mypet petyard passage: four, 6 or 8 panel puppy enclosure with lockable pet door. Freestanding. 7 sq. Ft to 34. Four sq. Feet. (26″ tall)

    1. Amazon Customer

      Love this pen. It’s very customizable. I even bought 2 extra panels that haven’t come in yet but won’t need for a while anyways. I set this up in a square the first night. I realized in the morning that it was too much space for a puppy whose still potty training so my husband have me the idea of breaking it into 2 squares using the dog door panel as the divider between sleep and potty zones. Just use some zip ties to connect the 3 panels to the other 4 and voila! Read more

    2. TuBob Shakur

      We bought this pen to help contain our golden retriever puppy. We like just about everything about it. It’s easy to assemble, configure, and remove or add panels. Also, the pads at the bottom prevent the pen from scratching our hardwood floors. That said, the doggy door is REALLY small. Within about two months of bringing her home, our golden retriever puppy was too big to go in and out of the pen through the doggy door. It isn’t hugely difficult for an adult to open and close the pen by disconnecting and reconnecting a panel. But, it isn’t particularly convenient, either — and our young children aren’t able to do it. We later learned that the panels from this Petyard are interchangeable with North States’ BABY Play Yard, which comes with a large (human) door. So, we bought a 2-panel door extension from a Baby Play Yard, and we’re using it with this Petyard. Ultimately, it would’ve been better to just by the Baby Play Yard in the first place. Read more

    3. Katie Marie

      I love this petyard! I live in a ground level condo and have set it up on my porch like a little fence. Now my little 9 pound Yorkie can hang out on the porch with me and I don’t have to worry about her being on a leash! By far one of the best purchases that I have made. This petyard is sturdy and durable. I have had it on my porch in the rain/sun/wind for several months now and I have no complaints. This product really holds up and is worth the money! Update: over a year later and I still love this gate!!!! It has been on my porch for over a year now and is still in excellent shape. I did put it in the garage for 2 months of the harsh wisconsin winter, but that was really because of shoveling reasons, not because I thought the product couldn’t handle it. update: 2 1/2 years later this pet yard is still going strong!!! I put it away the very first winter but last winter and this winter I decided to leave it out and it is still in amazing shape. It has survived the 2019 polar vortex and insane amounts of snow we have received in Wisconsin the part 2 years and this thing is still holding on like a champ! I can’t believe how well this pet yard has survived 2 1/2 years of Wisconsin weather. It shows no signs of wearing out anytime soon! You can’t go wrong with this purchase. Read more

    4. Shannon

      I don’t quite trust my yorkie yet to have free roam and not have an accident (read: ruin my bedroom), so I bought this. He IS an impressive jumper, but hasn’t yet figured out how to scale this (it moves enough that he knows it might fall). Beware, it’s huge. Pictured, I use all 6 panels, but I just reduced it down to 4, because that still gives him plenty of room. He has an apartment in my apartment and loves it. Read more

    5. Camping Mom of 4

      We recently got a puppy (dog#3, not pictured) and decided it was time to gate them at night as they tend to wake up and wonder around the master bathroom, etc. or sit next to my bed and whine for me to put them in my bed. This works nicely and their current bed fits nicely — a baby crib mattress from Goodwill $7.00. —. I had to move the door to the opposite side of the mattress or it prevents them from walking in as it bumps against the mattress. Works exactly as expected. My dogs are a Maltese (12 pounds), Morkie (9 pounds), and CavaChon puppy estimated to be 8 pounds. Read more

    6. Shasta1962

      We really like this fence – it is so versatile – it breaks down into it’s component parts easily to use as gates to block areas – as well as a “pen”. We are using the various parts to block: stairs, spindles for railings, hallways, doorways, dinner table, etc. She is a puppy and she’s like a slippery mouse and can zip everywhere. We’ve always had big dogs for the past 35 yrs Huskies and a Chow chow and now a Shichon – world of difference in where that little wiggle worm can get to. ha ha ha we’ll get you my pretty! Read more

    7. PB & J

      In the past I had used flimsy metal gates, I did not like having protruding metal at the corners where the gate pieces would come together (we actually had a golden retrieve rip her eye corner from getting caught on one before), and I didn’t like how they would move if a puppy would put its paws on it.. this pet petyard solves all those issues. The corners have locking plastic pieces with nothing exposed–nothing to accidentally poke and prod an animal that happens to rub up against it. Since the corners lock and need a good push to adjust, if a puppy pushes it (unless they are heavy).. it isn’t going to move, or bow. There also is a doggy door which I like to have… when our puppy is free to roam he can go in and out as he pleases, and if he needs to be penned up we can just twist and lock the door. I also like that you can adjust the size of the area as you can remove the panels (or order more and make it bigger). I would recommend this for anyone with puppies, small dogs, or dogs that will not attempt to jump the 2 foot height. Read more

    8. Kindle Customer

      8 panels is REALLY big! Luckily they separate into two panel sections without much effort. I mainly got this for my elderly female dog. She mostly spends her day sleeping in her little chair, but the other dogs are alway pestering her. The other problem was she is a little senile and sometimes just pees right on the floor. The other dogs smell it and assume I want them to mark it too. She is a small dog so with only 6 panels she can have nice amout of room to walk around, and it fits her little chair. I use disposable peepee pads to like the floor and that has eliminated that issue. I did test the full enclosure with all four dog. They are papillons ranging in size from 6.5lbs to 14lbs. With 8 panels they have a good amount of room. One of my dogs is extremely agile and hopped right over it. My senior dog and the two other dogs did not even try. Over all this has been a good purchase and I would recomend. Read more

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