New world puppy products folding metallic canine crate; unmarried door & double door dog crates

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  • double door folding metal canine crate, new global dog crate measures 42l x 28w x 30h inches & is appropriate for large canine breeds between seventy one – ninety kilos
  • flexible 2-door folding steel dog crate includes a leak-proof plastic pan & a 1-yr producer’s guarantee
  • heavy duty slide-bolt latches (consistent with door) securely lock dog crate door in vicinity keeping your dog competently interior their puppy domestic
  • folding steel canine crate assembles effortlessly w/out equipment & folds flat for handy garage, tour & portability internal & outdoor your own home
  • long lasting metallic dog crate layout creates a secure location in your pet at the same time as you are away & presents for your dog’s instinctual “den” instincts
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  • doors for comfort and flexibility
  • allows right ventilation and visibility
  • presents a secure surroundings on your canine
  • protecting, long-lasting black e-coat finish
  • rounded corners for safety
  • convenient fold-down layout for storage
  • smooth to gather
  • choose a crate so one can provide good enough space whilst your canine reaches its’ complete, person length, large sufficient to arise without having to hunch and to lie down with legs outstretched. However, do not buy a crate this is too huge — it gained’t provide the sensation of safety and protection that a canine enjoys in a nicely-sized crate.

    be mild, and regularly acquaint your doggy or dog with his new domestic.

    take away collar, tags, and leads from your dog before he goes in his crate.

    clean with a slight pet-safe cleaner and water. Allow pan to air dry but hold it out of direct daylight to prevent warping.

    new world crates assist with housebreaking and lowering unwanted behaviors like chewing and barking. While you use a new world crate, you give your canine a place to experience secure. You’ll additionally be taking benefit of his natural intuition to maintain his domestic easy, consequently, while he has to “pass” he’ll attempt to preserve it till you could take him outside to the proper location.

    all dogs have a strong herbal tendency to are trying to find out safe haven. In your own home, if your dog has no region to name his personal, he’ll make tries to curl up underneath a table or a few different vicinity. A crate gives a personal, den-like area to your canine to name his own. Add a gentle bed for even greater consolation.

    features and benefits

    the massive swing-open doorways feature low thresholds for easy entrance and exit from the crate. Relaxed, clean-to-operate slide-bolt latches ensure a secure and reliable containment surroundings on your canine, even as the cord layout lets in proper air flow and visibility.

    new world dog crates may be assembled speedy and easily by one character and no tools are required. The crate without problems folds down in seconds for storage and delivery.

    the smooth-to-dispose of, clean-to-easy plastic pan is held securely in vicinity by the cord pan stop. Simply unhook to remove and smooth the pan with slight soap and water.

    upload accessories for personalisation

    new global canine crates are well suited with more than one add-ons that permit you to create a customized surroundings it really is perfect for your dog.

    browse the alternatives beneath to make the right personalized crate.

    product description

    the new global double door folding metallic dog crate includes all the features you may need to offer a convenient, safe and secure pet home for your dog. This dog crate consists of a plastic, leak-proof pan for easy cleanup inside the occasion of an coincidence and a 1 year producer’s guarantee. Every new world double door steel canine crate folds down for convenient garage and portability making the metal new international dog crates a notable preference if you plan to journey or stay at domestic with your dog. If you have any questions about the brand new world canine crate our customer service department might be glad that will help you. Midwest customer service may be contacted at: 1-800-428-8560, available nine:00 am – 4:00 pm, monday – friday.


    24-Inch, 30-Inch, 36-Inch, 42-Inch, 48-Inch


    Double Door, Single Door

    8 reviews for New world puppy products folding metallic canine crate; unmarried door & double door dog crates

    1. Amazon Customer

      I have a 1 year Labrador, which basically means I share my house with a rambunctious, always ridiculously happy, bulldozing monster. Never the less I thought he was old enough to sleep outside of his kennel with my other and I packed his puppy kennel away. Now he’ll chew anything when he decides I’ve ignored him long enough and he’s bored. I thought I had picked up all chewable or even remotely interesting items from dog height. Well not quite, after waking up to find he had decided to chew up and then attempt to ingest a entire glass horse figurine it was time to whip out the kennel again for his own safety. I bought the largest sized kennel for my 65 lbs dog, because I wanted him to have leg room and be able to stretch and move about. Well after setting it up in my living room I feel a little silly. Its not a kennel, it’s a doggie condo. It looks sorta like a zoo exhibit in my living room and takes up an entire corner of room. He definitely has leg room and then some. My 75 lbs senior German Shepherd mix will also sometimes crawl in for an escape and a nap and it is oversized for her as well. This kennel could easily fit a Great Dane or Mastiff sized dog although it might not be strong enough to keep them in if they really don’t like kennels. Overall the kennel is pretty decent. The wire seems thinner than that of my smaller size kennels, which makes sense or else it would weigh a ridiculous amount. Now my destroyer dog is a definite test of quality, when I come home he slams his front paws against the gate and sides and leaps about. And so far this thing has held up flawlessly he hasn’t even bent the sides or scratched the tray after months of Labrador affection showing. The tray is good quality and shows no signs of cracking or wear yet. I feel that I have absolutely gotten my money’s worth and would buy this kennel and brand again when one of my other kennels wears out. Although maybe a smaller size… Read more

    2. Miss Woods

      I started to give this 4 stars, only because it’s a bit smaller then I was hoping, but it’s actually perfect! The crate arrived at my home on a Sunday, the packaging and product was in one piece with no dents or dings. I have a 6 month old 70lb bully pitbull. My husband and I are operating room nurses and work A LOT, and I hated to leave him in a tiny crate for hours on end, especially not having anywhere to pee or poop. So I attached the small crate to the 48in one, and now he has his own little house! 😃 I’m very satisfied, and it’s worked out great for us so far. I am 5’3 and There is room enough for me to sit in, but my head does touch the top of the crate. Standing up next to it, it comes to about my waistline. Overall great buy! Read more

    3. sksefcik

      Better than expected! I bought this crate for my 85-pound, extra large sized German Shepherd to use while recovering from surgery. He’s never had to be in a crate before, and I was really nervous about how he would take it, but this crate is so large, it’s not a problem at all. He’s very tall, long, and lanky, and he looks much bigger than his 85 pounds, but this was more than big enough and tall enough for him. He can stretch out and still has room to spare. Putting the crate together literally takes less than one minute and can be done easily by one person. The sides hinge and fold up, then each end panel is raised and locked into place with interlocking hooks. My dad couldn’t believe how fast I was able to collapse it and put it up again. The crate is sturdy, and though he doesn’t struggle to break out of it or anything, I suspect he couldn’t even if he tried. The fact that it comes with the plastic crate pan is nice–we had a water bowl mishap the first week while I was at work and that pan saved my hardwood floor. I’m including a couple of pics to show how big it is. Excellent value for the money–I would have paid more for this! Read more

    4. Sarah Nesbit

      Super easy set up and tear down which is great. Easy to store if not being used. Not going to lie though, it’s way bigger than I had expected. I even measured it out like 15 times before ordering because I was worried it wouldn’t be big enough for my pup once he’s fully grown, but when I set it up I had to laugh at myself a bit. Read more

    5. Anna D.

      I order a lot of things from Amazon, but each and every time I am nervous about whether or not the product will be as described and/or of acceptable quality. So far, I have purchased two of these; one for my mom’s house and one for my brother’s house for when I am over visiting. This crate fits my two small dogs perfectly (they are each 10 pounds), and you can tell is made of quality. It is very sturdy and very easy to assemble and disassemble. I would recommend also purchasing the MidWest Quiet Time Pet Bed with it, as it fits perfectly and is ultra-soft and comfortable. In fact, my dogs prefer sleeping on the fitted pad rather than a separate ped I have also purchased for them. Read more

    6. Edy

      Nice size for my German Shepherd puppy who is 6 months old and 60lbs already. And growing…. Read more

    7. Frank Carter

      I’m Loving on this well built and affordable crate that works perfect for our 75 lb Yellow English Body female Lab Lola. She was a rescue dog and spent her first 3 years with 5 other dogs in a truck trailer…. So yes, she is kinda not into closed in ANYthing, and has eaten doors to get out, when we first got her. It is easy to assemble. It is sturdy and strong. The under tray is sturdy. It doesn’t fly out. It has been a good couple of months to make sure before I wrote this review because I wanted to make sure. Awesome crate. Read more

    8. Amazon Customer

      There should be a WARNING on this crate, I purchased 3 of these crates, sent 2 back today because of damage, I just opened the 3rd one, the panels on the corner has clips holding it together and the wire is cut, this could cut a dogs nose or tongue. I also found something on the crate and have no idea what it is, looks like gobs of paint baked into the wire. I contacted the company today, they said the crate is made that way and it is not a defect, I don’t believe it. Terrible product! Read more

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