New age puppy ecoflex pet crate/give up table

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  • stylish way to residence your pet whilst disguising the pet crate as a fashionable piece of fixtures that may double as an end table
  • made from ecoflex, a non-poisonous recycled plastic-wood polymer composite material that may not warp, crack or break up
  • spindles made from chrome steel tubing and a stainless-steel latch; double latches on large and x-massive crates
  • easy, no-gear assembly
  • for dogs up to 50 lbs
  • outside dimension: 29. 5 in. L x 21. 1 in. W x 25. 2 in. H indoors dimension: 26. Eight in. L x 17. 7 in. W x 20. 9 in. H
  • door size: thirteen. Eight in. W x 19 in. H
  • detachable desk top for smooth cleansing. Calls for no upkeep
  • crates can offer a safe comfortable hangout area for your canine. Nice used for puppies which can be crate educated and that don’t have tension.
  • ecoflex does no longer absorb moisture, therefore stains and odors are a element of the past
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from the manufacturer

ecoflex dog crate-stop desk

to be had in small – medium – massive – x massive

ecoflex dog crate – stop table

antique white, gray, coffee black and russet brown.

crafted from a non-poisonous combination of recycled plastic and reclaimed wood.

no tools required.

  • spindles manufactured from chrome steel tubing
  • stainless steel latch; double latches on large and x-massive crates
  • unmarried stainless steel latch on small and medium crates
  • quick and clean assembly; no gear required
  • small – for puppies up to 20lbs
  • medium -for dogs up to 50lbs
  • large-for dogs up to 80lbs
  • x-huge-for dogs up to one hundred lbs
  • why buy?

    non-poisonous composite material as a way to out survive wooden, won’t take in odors and wipes smooth.

    wipe easy with damp material.

    doubles as an stop desk.

    secure latching. One latch on small and medium crates. Two latches at the massive and x-big crates

    product description

    this ecoflex dog crate quit table is the proper location for your puppy whilst they are interior. This ecoflex crate stop table can easily do double duty in lots of homes where it could function an end desk in the circle of relatives room, bedroom or dwelling room. Made of ecoflex fabric. Ecoflex is a proprietary formulation that incorporates reclaimed wood and plastic into the cloth that permits the product to be and a exceptional fee as it will outlast most other merchandise. Designed for this use and carries an extraordinary one (1) yr producer warranty. Can be painted to coordinate together with your other furniture and inspire your puppy style. Detachable table pinnacle for clean cleaning. Coloration will in no way fade. Front door latches securely and can’t be by chance opened. Small and medium crates have one comfortable latch. Massive and further large crates have two comfortable latches. Crates are made for dogs which can be familiar with crates and are much less likely to chew. Spindles fabricated from chrome steel tubing. Please be aware that any crate that isn’t one hundred% cord or metallic has the capability to be chewed. This ecoflex canine crate melds form and function into a crate that can double as a piece of your private home décor. To be had in 4 sizes. Small for puppies up to twenty lbs. Medium for dogs up to 50 lbs. Massive for dogs as much as eighty lbs. X-huge for puppies as much as one hundred lbs. This product won’t be an awesome suit for puppies that suffer from anxiety.


    Small, Medium, Large, X-Large


    Antique White, Espresso, Grey, Russet

    8 reviews for New age puppy ecoflex pet crate/give up table

    1. Jamiee Partain

      I have a large bread dog & he busted threw the bars & broke the plastic siding with in 7 minutes of being in it. the bars are made of very week aluminum & were very easy to bend. I have never spent so much & been so disappointed so fast. Read more

    2. Incog Neat Oh

      I got this for my Italian Greyhound who is only ever in it to sleep at night, or because she wants to be there with the door open. She loves being in her crate, and I think she likes this one even more because it’s very den like. She would never, never, scratch and bite at her crate unless she *really* needed to get out urgently. Think: left in there for 12 hours. Look at the pictures. If your dog is not totally crate trained and in love with being in a crate DO NOT BUY THIS CRATE. There are plenty of reviews and photographs that demonstrate that if your dog shows any resistance to this crate, it will crumble. If you buy this thing, and you know your dog is going to scratch and bite at it, and you magically expect it not to break, you are a fool. I feel like this is a five star create, because it’s perfect for my dog and my needs, but I’m giving it four stars because it obviously needs to be made somewhat more durable. Read more

    3. pat griffin

      I have two adult rescue dogs that love having their own private space. The crates are very durable as long as you don’t have a chewer or your dog doesn’t mind being in a crate. My dogs have free range of the house except when guests are over. They willing go into their crates as it gives them a secure space while allowing them to see what’s going on around them. They also look fabulous and I’ve gotten rave reviews. Next to each other, they make a great space for knick-knacks and our sofa throws. Easy to put together and they can hold a pretty good amount as my 6-yr old grandson sits on them all the time. I would definitely buy again! Read more

    4. Lynn

      My 24 pound dachshund busted out of this no problem. Do not recommend Read more

    5. J.G. Woods

      First and foremost we wanted a crate that was as safe as possible for our puppy. The breeder had warned against wire crates due to the fact the puppy’s teeth and claws could get caught up in the “grates” of the wire crates. So this model with the vertical bars and smooth sides was attractive – and it really looks fantastic.Construction wise it could use some help – it’s a hard plastic resin which is perfectly fine and it does gain rigidity once it’s all put together. But with the fasteners also plastic as well as very minimal supports in the corners it’s not exactly the sturdiest thing. BUT given it met our main criteria and really looked so great I decided to shore up the weaknesses with some metal “L” brackets in each corner and flat “L” brackets on the corners of the front door. This improved the crate vastly with respect to how sturdy it became. We ordered two of them, one for upstairs and one for downstairs – each had a damaged panel. One I was able to fix with epoxy as it was just a corner that had come loose (now it’s actually stronger). The other had a cracked frame on the front door which was fixable, but would not look good so I contacted the manufacturer and they sent out the new piece right away. So it you want a very good looking crate and you don’t mind shoring it up with some metal brackets I would recommend this one! Read more

    6. Amy

      This was the absolute worst and unsafe crate I have ever bought! This was described to have stainless steel bars and when it arrived all the bars were aluminum. Within one hour of being in the crate, my little dog was able to to crew almost alway through the bars and escape still found a way to escapr. 15 more mins and she would have broken the bars. It would have stabbed or killed her. I sent it right back and would highly recommend a recall on this product. IT’S NOT SAFE FOR YOUR PET! BEWARE TO ALL BUYERS Read more

    7. Lynnan Bentley

      This item is of very poor quality. My dog was in it for less than 4 hours and was able to bend the metal bars and chew enough of the plastic/composite to get out of it. In less than 4 hours!! I contacted the supplier who then contacted the manufacturer and was told I was stuck with it. Very poor way to do business…the box it came in says guaranteed tough…Do not purchase this item!! Read more

    8. AnnT

      This looks really nice, but is pretty flimsy. It went together in minutes which was great, but plastic screws and a broken top (despite maybe the best packaging ever) in the box made me nervous. A little gorilla glue went a long way to making this a hair more solid. My pit is already crate trained, so a few months later and the crate is still perfectly in tact, but I wouldn’t put a nervous dog or a chewer in this. Read more

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