Midwest homes for pets xxl massive canine 54-inch lengthy ginormous dog crate ideal for a exceptional dane, mastiff, st. Bernard & other xxl dog breeds

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  • giant double door metallic dog crate measures fifty four duration x 37 width x forty five peak inches & weighs 81. 7 pounds, perfect for additonal large canine breeds weighing over 90 pounds (outstanding dane)
  • a canine crate is double door configuration w/ strong drop pin meeting. Consists of clean to clean/removable tray & patent pending ‘l bar’ safety characteristic, twine gauge three, five, 6, 7, 9, 12
  • mesh: 1. 5 x 5 inch; long lasting metallic dog crate design with three heavy duty at ease slide bolt latches per door, please be aware that is an xxl dog crate & requires 2 humans for meeting
  • drop pin production ensures strong & secure dog crate assembly & patented “l” bar on top panel reinforces the dog crate aspect panels to save you them bowing inward after meeting; dog weight one hundred ten+ kilos
  • defensive e coat end prevents rust for long lasting use & canine crate consists of midwest assure 1 12 months manufacturer’s warranty
  • age variety description: all existence levels
  • included components: removable abs composite plastic pan
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from the manufacturer

xxl heavy responsibility double door dog crate

the more, more-massive double door steel dog crate by means of midwest houses for pets is particularly designed for the largest breed of dog breeds, including super danes, mastiffs, and st. Bernards. This long lasting, heavy responsibility metallic canine crate capabilities a two-door configuration with convenient front & facet door get right of entry to, three relaxed slide-bolt latches consistent with door, four rubber ‘curler’ feet to shield your flooring and a durable clean to clean leak-evidence plastic pan. This ‘ginormous’ dog crate makes use of drop-pin construction (four drop-pins) ensuring maximum sturdiness to securely and securely cope with large breed dogs.


due to the surprisingly large length of the sl54dd crate, two people are required for meeting.

the four drop pin construction ensures sturdy and sturdy canine crate assembly to maintain your large canine secure.

the front and aspect doorways each characteristic 3 heavy duty, comfortable slide-bolt latches per door for closing safety and protection.

the l-hook is a latest function that stops the sides of your sl54dd from bowing in.

product description

the extra (greater, more, more) massive double door metal dog crate through midwest houses for pets, solution collection (model sl54dd), is a metallic dog crate particularly designed for the largest breed of dogs inclusive of tremendous danes, mastiffs, st. Bernard’s, etc. This is a further-massive, long lasting, heavy responsibility steel canine crate that functions a -door configuration with handy front & aspect door get admission to, three relaxed slide-bolt latches in step with door, 4 rubber “curler” ft to defend your floors & a tough easy to easy leakproof plastic pan. This “ginormous” canine crate makes use of drop-pin creation (four drop-pins) making sure maximum sturdiness to safely and securely handle big breed puppies. This large dog crate is also ready with our patent-pending “l” bar that horizontally runs alongside the center of the top panel of the dog crate so the aspect panels do now not bow inward after meeting making sure a secure & sturdy dog crate on your dog. The “ginormous” canine crate measures 54l x 37w x 45h and weighs 81. 7 kilos. We at midwest houses for pets remember that your dog is part of your own family and that is why we ensure our dog crates are manufactured with the highest quality control standards developing a secure domestic to your puppy that you can experience assured with. Midwest homes for pets stands behind the great of our merchandise with a 1-12 months producer’s assurance. If you have any questions on our dog crates our customer service department might be happy to help you. Midwest customer support may be contacted at: 1-800-428-8560, to be had 9:00 am – 4:00 pm, monday – friday.


Double Door, Single Door

6 reviews for Midwest homes for pets xxl massive canine 54-inch lengthy ginormous dog crate ideal for a exceptional dane, mastiff, st. Bernard & other xxl dog breeds

  1. Brian R.

    When I say this crate is huge, I mean it is HUGE! Unless you have a monster of a dog, Leonberger, Great Dane, Saint Bernard, etc, you will not need this. I have a German Shepherd and thought this would be nice for him to have some room to move around. While the plenty of room part was right, this crate was just too enormous for our needs. While the set up was fairly easy the crate does weigh a lot and help should be enlisted. To get an idea of the size of this crate I’ve attached a photo that captures its enormity perfectly. I ended up returning this because it was much too large for our needs, but would highly recommend this cage for those of you with larger breed dogs, or the need to lock up a German Shepherd, a corgi and a family of four. Read more

  2. J. Barrett

    This is a huge crate and just wait til you see the box it arrives in! If your kids (or you) like to play with boxes, this is the holy grail! In all seriousness, it was nice to find a crate that could finally fit my 120lb puppy. Sure, he could cram into smaller crates, but because he has hip dysplasia it was becoming more difficult and more painful for him to scrunch up in them. He can now stand, turn around, stretch out a bit and just be comfortable like he deserves. * Worth the price you ask? In my opinion, and especially in my situation, yes. * Other info? This is the third Midwest crate I have purchased and they have all held up well. The other two (smaller ones) are still in action. One used for another dog and the other for a bunny. They’ve held up well, so I expect nothing less from this giant crate. * Cons? – It is more flimsy than their smaller crates – but still plenty solid. When fully built it does sway just a bit, but up against the wall and with a blanket on top it is fine. You could also tighten it up with some zip ties if needed. (Midwest, if you’re reading this, a handy feature you could include are some velcro ties to tighten things up a bit – but still leave it portable. Let’s be honest though, no one is really gonna port this thing around.) * Considerations? – You do need a good chunk of space for this thing, but that’s gonna happen with any big crate. – The box is hard to dispose of (really, I’m not kidding.) – It is heavy and not easy to move. If you catch the UPS person maybe they can help you move it where you want? Read more

  3. B

    I would recommend this to people who need a huge crate for well behaved dogs. However, anyone who has a dog with separation anxiety or who tends to be a Houdini should avoid this crate. The hooks that combine the top of the crate with the side are very sharp unlike most crates that have looped hooks. I bought this crate with intentions of crating my two 80lb dogs together, a German shepherd and husky/malamute mix. My husky mix has really bad separation anxiety and crating them together has stopped him from urinating and defecating in the crate. However, he will still try to escape. It’s really spacious and gives them both plenty of room to stand up, turn around and stretch out if they need to. I had to zip tie all the edges of the crate, otherwise my dog easily gets out. He cuts his face on the hooks when trying to get out from the top. The crate was also difficult to put together. I was able to do it by myself but I had a lot of difficulty and needed two chairs to prop up the sides while trying to piece everything together. A lot of the parts came bent and all the pieces didn’t align 100%. I’m giving this a 2/5 stars because the safety issue with the sharp hooks that go around the top. Read more

  4. Emily

    Today I received my package and I was so excited because I have a Great Dane (still a puppy) and his cage was too small already, he hated being in it. I couldn’t find one of good quality for decent price till I ran into this cage. It arrived sooner than expected and the box was in good condition for the size and weight. It was a little hard to take pieces apart to assemble but once we got it together, it seemed really sturdy. This is our first day with the cage so I can’t give my input as to how long it lasts but it looks like it will last for a good while. This cage is the xxl 54″ and my Dane stands up perfectly in it, he was so happy to finally have a crate with enough space. So if you have a dog of this size, I definitely recommend this crate. Thank you to seller and mailman who handled the package with care. Just an FYI the my dog is bigger in person than what he appears in this picture (standing up he reaches 5′ 7″), the crate was so big that it made him look way smaller lol. Read more

  5. Paul

    My Great Dane Puppy really enjoys his 54″ kennel, its perfect size for him to stretch out in and sometimes he just goes in there to play with his toys. I got him at 8 weeks old and now he is 11 weeks. We never had any problems with him making messes in his cage, he just crys when he has to go. I think this kennel would be perfect for a smaller dog or puppy, they really enjoy the extra room. My Great Dane male will eventually out grow this case, his breeder actually recommended the Petsafe Cottageview Kennel which is much bigger 5’L x 5’W x 4’H. The only reason I took of a star is because I’m not to crazy about the door design, it has a metal ledge that the dog must step over to enter and exit the case and my puppy is clumsy and sometimes hits his legs on it. Also there has been 2 times when my puppy was playing with his stuff animals when he stepped in the crack that’s between the ledge of the door and the tray, his foot got stuck in there and I had to help him get it out. He hasn’t had any problems now that he’s 11 weeks old and he is used to his case but this could be a safety hazard. I attached a few photos of when he was 8 and 10 weeks old, I also included 2 screen shots from my IP camera that I turn on so that I could keep an eye on him when I’m away from home. Good luck with whatever you choose. Read more

  6. Dustin Arnold

    Most Kennels for Danes aren’t tall enough, this is not only tall enough but also provides enough space to turn around plus extra room! It comes with two doors so if your room doesn’t fit the kennel one way it’ll have options for another. It was a little bit of a headache to put together but due-able! P.S. this kennel will take up the majority of a room! Read more

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