Midwest homes for pets plush canine mattress coco elegant dog mattress & cat bed

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  • extremely-plush pet bed: grey ombre swirl deluxe canine bed & cat mattress works extraordinary as a stand-alone puppy mattress or can be used in a 24 inch lengthy dog crate to create a secure pet domestic
  • ideal pet mattress for small breeds: ideal for canine & cats weighing eleven 25 pounds, this puppy bed measures about 23 period x 18 width x 2. 5 top inches
  • create a secure den to your puppy: ultra-soft synthetic puppy bed presents extra comfort for your canine’s crate in addition engaging them to like the use of their crate
  • fashionable dog mattress complements your own home decor: ombre swirl sample & neutral gray coloration appears excellent in the domestic
  • smooth preservation pet bed: gadget washable & dryer friendly pet bed includes a 1 year midwest fine assure manufacturer’s warranty
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ombré swirl puppy mattress in mild grey to charcoal

ombré swirl puppy beds are the pinnacle of consolation. This overstuffed pet mattress functions a completely unique swirl pattern in beautiful light gray to charcoal on a high priced plush cushion that’s assured to make your pet feel like a king (or queen)!

the ombré swirl puppy bed is low maintenance and long lasting. The tufted, plush polyfiber cushion holds as much as years of use and the extremely-soft polyester might not pill up like fleece puppy beds. No need to struggle with getting rid of a cowl while it is time to clean – the mattress is a hundred% machine washable.

ombré swirl pet beds are available in neutral hues that supplement any home decor. The non-skid backside prevents shifting and transferring and works high-quality on hardwood flooring. It fits all wellknown crates or works flawlessly as a stand on my own puppy mattress on the ground.

  • extremely-soft polyester
  • tufted, plush polyfiber cushion
  • device cleanable
  • best for pet crates, pet providers, and motors
  • capabilities & blessings

    thick, tufted cushion functions a non-skid backside surface to prevent transferring and transferring whilst your puppy steps on, steps off, or curls up for a nap.

    the ultra-soft polyester creates a beautiful swirl sample that blends from mild grey to charcoal and appears top notch in any domestic decor. But all of your pet will be aware is the unrivaled consolation.

    the light grey to charcoal ombré swirl pet bed is to be had in seven sizes and fits all fashionable crates to create an inviting and relaxed puppy domestic.

    dirty paws are no suit for our durable, gadget washable puppy beds. Truely wash in a cold, mild cycle one at a time (no bleach) and tumble dry low.


    18-Inch, 22-Inch, 24-Inch, 30-Inch, 36-Inch, 42-Inch, 48-Inch


    Gray, Mocha, CoCo Chic

    8 reviews for Midwest homes for pets plush canine mattress coco elegant dog mattress & cat bed

    1. Laura G.

      These are great beds, easy to wash, and provides just enough cushion. Thicker than a matt but not a huge overstuffed pillow of a bed. I recommended my mom get one of these for their older dog once he stopped being able to climb in bed with them at night due to his arthritis and bad hips. He loves his new bed which is layed atop a few small fleese throw blankets folded up between it and the carpet for some extra cushion. The non-skid backing is a nice extra, too. I have purchased the bolster beds, but our dogs end up tugging on those and ripping them getting stuffing everywhere. We’re going to get just these beds for them to use since these are are actually more comfortable as far as having more padding for the dog to lay on compared to the bolster beds from either Midwest or Amazon Basics. Being a person with a disability, I do a lot of online shopping and rely on online reviews to help me decide on purchasing. Please click if you found this review helpful. Read more

    2. Johnathon Cash

      Well worth the $$. The box is the perfect size. Read more

    3. Shailin Marie

      I’m doing this review to help you pick the right size, specially for big dog owners.I was a little worried about the size I should get. I get the 48″ for my 2 Weimaraners (80 pounds female and 92 pounds male). Perfect fit for their size! They love it! Read more

    4. Erna

      Just here to let people know that I washed this in the washing machine on the hottest setting and then put it in the dryer on the hottest setting and it came out fine. In case anyone is wondering. It says only wash cold but washing it hot worked for me. I washed it hot because my dog got sick and vet told me to wash all her bedding on the hot setting. Read more

    5. snscuster

      The material is so soft my puppy loves it. The bottom has grippers but it doesn’t get stuck when she tries to move it. It fits my Precision 42″ crate perfectly. Only had it for 2 days so I’m not sure about long term wear. Update: So I’ve had this a little over 2 months. About a month in it went fairly flat in the middle where she lays. She now has a pillow added to her crate so she has more padding, although she pretty much just lays her head on the pillow. I washed and dried it on normal cycles and it fluffed right back up. It takes about 3 weeks for it to go flat but I think washing it every 3 weeks is acceptable. It washed and dried very well. No tears or discoloration. Still recommend it for crate comfort. Read more

    6. Denny S. Coats

      I could not get these beds out of the box fast enough once they were delivered. My two female Weimeraners (90 and 70 pounds) were trying to get on it as I was pulling the plastic covering off! I put them in the floor and they immediately jumped on and laid down. It wasn’t even nap time! They have beds in our bedroom but I wanted something they could lay on in my husbands study. These are very soft. It appears they like them but we will see how they hold up after reading several other reviews. Updated review..they don’t hold up and my dogs won’t even sleep on them. In fact, they prefer the floor since the padding isn’t that thick and durable. Updated on 2/15/19..washed on gentle cycle and these came apart at the seams. Will definitely not buy again. Read more

    7. Mickey I

      My dog loves this bed. He’s a 50 lb american bulldog. This is the first bed (out of many) that he hasn’t torn to shreds. It’s a nice color and the beddin can be easily taken off and thrown in the washer. I think I will be a larger one when this one wears out or if my dog gets any bigger. So far he doesn’t mind the size at all. 😆 Read more

    8. Lisa

      Bought two, one for my 65lb Shepard mix and one for my 75lb boxer and they both love it!! Great investment for a great price!! Read more

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