Lifestyles stages ls-1630 unmarried door folding crate for medium puppies(26 – 40lbs)

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  • make certain this fits by coming into your model wide variety.
  • this unmarried door folding crate measures 30l x 21w x 24h inches & is appropriate for medium canine breeds
  • sets up in seconds without a gear required for assembly and folds flat for handy storage or journey
  • heavy obligation slide-bolt latch securely locks canine crate door in region retaining your canine safely internal their pet domestic
  • durable layout creates a secure location on your pet while you are away & offers in your dog’s instinctual “den” instincts. Patented rounded corner clips greatly lessen possible sharp factors to your canine’s crate for a safer revel in for you & your canine
  • canine crate consists of a divider panel, durable canine tray, carrying take care of, “curler” ft to guard floors & a “midwest high-quality assure” 1-yr producer’s guarantee
  • word: midwest pet merchandise manufactures the icrate and the life levels dog crates. The main distinction is the existence levels is made of heavier gauge metallic and has a tighter twine mesh making it more potent than icrate
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single door canine crates

your dog’s domestic for existence!

domestic schooling and tour collection

lifestages unmarried-door door canine crates through midwest homes for pets are your dog’s domestic for life! Designed absolutely across the protection, safety, and comfort of your dog, lifestages crates set up effortlessly in seconds with out gear. Capabilities encompass safe and relaxed slide-bolt latches, rounded corners, a long lasting satin-black electro-coat end, and a removable, washer-friendly plastic pan for clean cleanup within the occasion of an coincidence. Lifestages crates include a free divider panel for use at the same time as your puppy is growing. Actually pick the size of crate that your dog will want while it reaches its full person length. The divider panel will assist you to modify the duration of the living vicinity at the same time as your domestic dog grows. Lifestages crates without problems fold down to a portable size for suitcase-style sporting and include plastic wearing handles to transport the folded crate from one region to another with no trouble. Lifestages convey a one-yr restricted assurance and are available in six sizes.

rounded corners and safe and relaxed slide-bolt latches in your puppy’s protection.

units up and folds down in seconds with no equipment required! Clean-to-attach plastic handles make it smooth to move the folded crate.

pan stop maintains clean to take away, easy to clean plastic pan in region.

unfastened divider panel included

pleasant product is what constructed our logo beginning ninety years ago. It’s the foundation of our commercial enterprise. A dedication ongoing, enterprise-leading quality assurance practices and methods is what sustains our brand.

we set ourselves other than our competition via our dating among our studies and design branch, our exceptional warranty and checking out lab, our customer service group, and our manufacturing centers.

this ensures that the pets who use our merchandise are given the the fine, most modern, and most secure homes and merchandise available on the market.

  • every midwest product undergoes rigorous product testing from the product layout section and throughout the lifespan of the product line.
  • our exams observe specific strategies and assessment techniques and are designed to meet the very best of requirements.
  • our customer service group is prepared to help you!
  • from pup schooling…

    a crate gives a non-public, den-like space on your canine to call his very own, and it additionally helps with housebreaking, potty education, and lowering undesirable behaviors like chewing and barking. Select a crate so that it will offer good enough area whilst your dog reaches its’ full, person length, big enough to get up while not having to slump and to lie down with legs outstretched. But, don’t buy a crate this is too massive — it won’t provide the feeling of safety and safety that a dog enjoys in a nicely-sized crate.

    whilst your dog is a doggy, the crate may be too large, leading him to remove in a single quit then visit the other stop to sleep; divider panels are designed to resolve this problem!

  • use our size-breed chart to determine the correct length crate on your breed.
  • pick a crate on the way to provide good enough space when your dog reaches his adult size.
  • use the divider panel to alter the length of living location as your domestic dog grows.
  • acquaint your domestic dog with his new home. Start from early puppyhood and feature your domestic dog sleep and relaxation in his home. He’ll start to are trying to find safety and comfort internal his little ‘dog room.’
  • be mild. Inspire your puppy to enter his home. Don’t pressure him!
  • as soon as he’s relaxed with his domestic, clearly restrain him at the door with the door, praising him lavishly. Quickly he can be cozy in his domestic with the door closed.
  • remember the fact that little puppies want to ‘pass’ approximately every 2-4 hours. On a time table, (consisting of after feeding, before bedtime, first aspect in morning) allow your domestic dog out, teach him the path to the door, praise him at the door and take him out to the part of the yard you need him to apply. Very quickly you’re teaching him an elimination agenda as a way to stay with him for the relaxation of his lifestyles.
  • supervise your doggy every time he’s free in your house. Supervision is what allows you to direct behavior.
  • never punish your domestic dog by putting or forcing him into his home. Your domestic dog’s home should be his cozy area, it ought to not be related to punishment, fear, or anything poor.
  • visit midwesthomes4pets website for extra information on crate schooling and burglary.
  • product description

    the “all inclusive” lifestyles degrees folding metallic dog crate through midwest homes for pets includes all the features you’ll want to offer a handy, secure & cozy pet domestic in your quality friend. This metal canine crate consists of a loose divider panel allowing you to alter the scale of the canine crate at the same time as your dog is still developing, a plastic leak-proof pan for clean clean-up inside the occasion of an coincidence, a sturdy plastic sporting take care of for smooth portability & rubber “roller” toes on the bottom of the crate to defend your floors inside the domestic. Midwest lifestyles levels also characteristic our patented side clips which toughen the dog crate & lessen possible sharp factors making sure a safe experience for you and your puppy. Every life levels steel canine crate folds down flat for handy garage. The 30″ existence tiers (version 1630) measures 30l x 21w x 24h inches & is suitable for “medium” canine breeds. **please be aware the term “medium canine” is subjective. For the first-class in shape, we advise that you test the measurements of the actual canine crate in opposition to your canine’s grownup weight & measurements. Your canine have to be able to without difficulty sit down upright, lay down & without difficulty flip-round within the canine crate. When unsure we propose you purchase the bigger crate option. We at midwest homes for pets keep in mind that your canine is a part of your circle of relatives & it’s why we make sure our canine crates are manufactured with the highest best manage standards growing a safe domestic on your puppy that you may experience assured with. Midwest houses for pets stands behind the satisfactory of our products with our “midwest pleasant guarantee” 1-year manufacturer’s warranty. If you have any questions on our dog crates our customer support branch could be glad to help you. Midwest customer support can be contacted at: 1-800-428-8560, to be had nine:00 am – 4:00 pm, monday – friday.


    22-Inch w/Divider, 24-Inch w/Divider, 30-Inch w/Divider, 36-Inch w/Divider, 42-Inch w/Divider, 48-Inch w/Divider


    Double Door, Single Door

    6 reviews for Lifestyles stages ls-1630 unmarried door folding crate for medium puppies(26 – 40lbs)

    1. Mark Bretschneider

      I purchased many many crates for my dogs in the past 45 years, I bought the cheapest and I bought the most expensive. You used to have to get them at the pet store and pay anywhere from $90-$200 for standard great. Thank goodness for Amazon. I just added to my “stable” of dogs with an eight-week-old golden retriever named Bentley. Now he’s just a little guy weighing in at 12 pounds but he will get bigger. Right now he fits in a small crate and I mean fits. He can get in it but he can’t lay down or turn around. I needed to get him a crate he can grow into so I went online to Amazon and looked around. I saw my old friends Midwest who stood by me with durable crates during my dog show days. They always made a sturdy crate out of heavy-duty material that was well engineered and well put together. It’s been a few years since I bought a crate and a few things have changed. Pretty much now everybody offers a folding crate that wasn’t so back in the day Midwest was one of the first to offer that feature and they did it well and they still do. They have a variety of sizes more so than most manufacturers so I chose the middle middle size which is a little bigger than other manufacturers middle size. Some of the features I like was this one has double doors, one on the side and one on the end. Each closes and locks sturdily and securely with two hasps on each door. Nowadays the bottom tray is made of plastic instead of steel so with a little lighter and more resistant to corrosion and easily cleaned. I ordered this crate and it came promptly from Amazon as I am an Amazon prime member. It was packaged well and arrived without damage and I had it set up in less than 5 min.. The only problem was the location where I was going to use it was against a wall and the doors were all wrong. Well I solved that by swapping the ends by bending back four hooks on each end, then squeezing them tight again to finish up, this took all of 3 min. to do in my crate or I should say that Bentleys crate was ready to go. One of the big advantages of having the second door is that when I wanted to introduce Bentley to crate I left both doors open so he could wander in and out at his leisure. I placed a few toys and water bowl in their as well as a wee wee pad and some bedding. He was curious and wandered in and out. I will admit however, the first night he was full of screams and barks and crying for most of the night. It was his first night in a crate. The second night I placed him in the crate and he laid down and was quiet until early morning. When he saw me and heard me moving around a little bit he started vocalizing so I took him out. The Crate also comes with a divider so you can change the size as your dog grows. At this point I’m not even using divider and giving Bentley full run of the crate. I am really glad that Amazon is selling these and the price is phenomenal. If you go to a pet store I’m sure you will easily over $150 for this crate or poorly made imitation. I really recommend Midwest and I think you’ll be very happy with the quality and the operation of this crate. if you’re a first-time buyer, check the AKC standards for how big your dog will be, then buyer accordingly. Don’t buy too small as you will have to buy bigger later on. I give this five stars I love it I know you will too and it’s recommended buy If you found my review helpful please click yes on the button below I really appreciate your support for that I intend to leave reviews to help others make decisions prior to purchase taste upon my recommendations or disclosure and I utilize your reviews to help me with my purchases as well. my reviews are honest factual and accurate thank you Read more

    2. Alex Jordan

      This crate is fairly straightforward to assemble, and the divider panel is really essential for crate training a puppy. The only major downside of the crate for me is that neither door opens and lays flat against the sides of the crate. This is most noticable and annoying with the side door, which also opens out to the left (into open air) as opposed to the right (flat against the crate), which requires more space. The crate design could be improved if either the doors opened vertically or layed flat against the sides of the crate. Read more

    3. Emily K. Blalock

      It works! He’s trapped!! =D Read more

    4. HPvet

      Having raised and cage trained many dogs from pups, we’ve usually given the bulky cages away after successful house breaking. We found this to be the best we have owned over the years because: 1) Cage is very sturdy. Others we have used have had much thinner and more easily bent wire. 2) Two doors. Inevitably you need to place the cage in a position where a side door is needed. 3) Divider to constrain puppies. A divider is the way to train a small pup, limiting their ability to relieve themselves to only where they rest. They get it much more quickly. In every other situation, I built my own divider out of plywood. This would have saved me construction time and readjusting as they grew. Another suggestion – Don’t use towels or blankets that might absorb urine during taining. Once or twice and your dog “gets it.” Introduce a blanket or pad only after they are trustworthy in the crate. 4) Best fold and setup of any cage I have owned. 5) Price. Checked out three big box pet stores. This was a better value for all the items above at a lower price. 6) Liked the plastic tray for our situation as our dog is house broken and not a chewer. Think a metal insert might have been better for pups. Cons: 1) Rough spots on wire end edge at doorways. I used a fine file to smooth out the sharp edges I found on several wire ends. The manufacturer should have done the same smoothing they used on the corners at the door openings. 2) Clips not fully closed. There are metal clips that act as hinges for set up and fold down. Several were not completely clamped close, again making an unsafe edge for you or your pet. A pliers made quick work of that problem. I really wanted to give this product a five. But I just felt the slight safety issue was significant enough to mark it down to a four. No blood should ever be spilled by either pet or owner. Update: The manufacturer contacted me via Email on this issue. Manufacturing mgmt wanted the date code off the unit to remedy the problem I am very impressed by their followup and attention to Amazon comments! Read more

    5. Mandy

      My 100 lb Lab mix loves it. It is plenty big enough for him to lay in it with the door closed. Whenever he feels like he is in trouble, scared, or hot (he likes to lay on the cool plastic. The divider was useful when he was a pup for restricting how much room he had while training. It will collapse to about 4 inches tall. Double door cage has one door on end and 2nd door on side. Very good quality. Read more

    6. Tseef

      We have a 62 lb Rhodesian mix humane society adopted puppy , now 11 mos. I purchased this crate when he was 5 mos old , knowing he would grow into a big boy! The 42 crate has been perfect . We have a soft crate for sleeping , that our puppy does not chew on . We purchased this wire crate for when we go out, as we cannot yet trust him alone in the house. It has two sides that open that also lock very well. We cannot use a liner or a bag in this, because he chewed up 2 of them with attitude. We now use treats , making this wire crate a joy for him . It has worked: he can’t wait to go into it for his treats , chops his mouth opened and closed to “hint” for a treat when he sees us getting ready to go! He then gets locked in . We put Music My Pet cd in the player on repeat and off we go He is then content to chew / eat his Benebone or antler , safe until we get home. He can sprawl out and sit up comfortably . . Read more

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