Jespet gentle puppy crates kennel 26″, 30″ & 36″, 3 door soft sided folding tour pet service with straps and fleece mat for puppies, cats, rabbits, indoor/outdoor use with grey, blue & beige, black

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  • size: 36”l*24”w*27”h; foldable and lightweight puppy crate make it less difficult for out of doors journey. All dimensions are measured manually, please allow deviation of one inch.
  • 3 entrances door (pinnacle, front and aspect) for comfort daylight and breathability; ample air flow for use in all season. Adjustable wearing strap and fleece mat include
  • the crate body is make of robust metallic tube; the carte cover is made from long lasting washable 600d cloth and hex mesh fabric; a properly ventilated, stylish, lightweight and durable crate
  • fleece mattress included: satisfactory fleece bed offer a comfortable location to your pet. Lightweight and smooth to carry to all locations
  • collapsible bars with retractable springs make setup easy and garage green
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product description

there are numerous advantages to the use of tender canine crates over the typical tough-sided ones.

gentle sided crates are made with flexiable fabrics together with nylon, which makes them lighter and less difficult to carry around, as well as permitting them to be folded for garage while not in use. This protability makes them perfect as journey crates for puppies.

further, the soft dog crates generally have mesh panels on facets, which now not most effective provideds your pet with more ventilation, additionally they allow him accelerated visibility, which can be more reassuring when he is in the crate.

in case you and your dog tour plenty, a soft sided crate perhaps a great alternative to your travel.

tender-sided canine playpen

smooth-sided crates (material on a metal body) can be easily folded for storage or delivery and are light-weight. They provide the dog with a stronger feel of security however nonetheless permit visibility and airflow. They can not be used with puppies who are probably to dig or chunk on the crate, however they are remarkable for canine vehicle travel.

  • clean to set up
  • clean to interrupt down
  • clean to carry & move
  • jespet tender dog crate

  • jespet soft dog crate is light-weight, which imply it will take much less effort that allows you to circulate round.
  • it’s have excessive visibility and advanced ventilation, making your domestic dog experience relaxed and ensuring that they’ve clean air.
  • it have wallet on aspect and top where you may store your dog’s leash, favourite toys, and can be a few treats.
  • foldable: clean to keep
  • transportable: best for journey
  • lightweight: easy to move
  • word: in no way go away your puppy on my own in the automobile or unattended for lengthy intervals of time
  • tender-sided canine crate – lite

  • simple style
  • easy to folds flat for garage
  • fits small and medium puppies
  • mesh sides permit for each visibility and breathability
  • gentle-sided canine crate – premium

  • is available in length: 30″ and 36″
  • garage bag on pinnacle and side
  • fits small and medium dogs
  • mesh sides permit for both visibility and breathability
  • brown



    26"L x 20"W x 20"H, 30"L x 21"W x 23"H, 36"L x 24"W x 27"H


    Grey, Beige, Black, Blue

    8 reviews for Jespet gentle puppy crates kennel 26″, 30″ & 36″, 3 door soft sided folding tour pet service with straps and fleece mat for puppies, cats, rabbits, indoor/outdoor use with grey, blue & beige, black

    1. M

      My 13lb cat had outgrown his hard shell carrier so I had no choice but to upgrade! I just moved across country & needed a carrier where my sweet kitty could be comfortable being in a car for our 27 hour drive. This thing was freakin PERFECT! My lil buddy hates car rides and this carrier was big enough for me to set a disposable litter box in during stops so he wouldn’t have to leave the car into the big loud world. Granted he didn’t use the litter boxes until we were at a hotel, it was still nice knowing he had all the extra space. There are a few straps & clips that can be helpful to strap the carrier down in a car. Pros: HUGE, has a bunch of windows & unzippable sides, straps & clips, very soft bottom insert. Cons: I wouldn’t want to carry this long distances. From house to car is about as far I’d be willing to walk with this, it’s pretty bulky. No pockets. **This is NOT suitable for airplane travel with pets** Read more

    2. Lorien

      We bought this crate to use as a travel crate that would be big enough for both of our dogs to share. It’s very easy to assemble and disassemble, because it has these sliding bar locks for the top bars, and if you pull them apart the whole frame folds down (mostly) flat. It has a nice carry handle and three large zipper openings. One of our dogs tore a hole in it, but Jespets sent us a replacement for the torn piece very quickly and followed up to make sure it worked. I’d definitely buy from them again if I need another one. Read more

    3. Morgan

      Love this kennel. Use it for car trips and trips to the vet for two cats. The mesh sides allow them to see what’s going on and have room to move around. They also like using the top as a hammock. They feel super safe with this case! We keep it open at home and they love hanging out in it. Read more

    4. Life Adventures Together

      We purchased this portable dog crate for our mini-Goldendoodle to use when we are camping. It is placed on one of the hybrid’s pop-out beds for him to sleep in at night. We zip him into the cage and it works great. He did try to chew his way out of the cage one time when left in the cage alone for a period of time. Lesson learned for us – we do not leave him in the cage unattended. We were able to superglue the area chewed and it still works great. Deke is 35# and this is the perfect size for him. Check out Deke’s camping adventures at Read more

    5. bjm

      We have a 4 month old lab puppy (25lbs) with lots of energy and needed a lightweight travel kennel. She seems happy in the car or wherever we take the kennel. It has good vision and air flow for our warm climate. She’s not interested in chewing anything on the inside and usually has to be coaxed out of it. It’s been a lifesaver. Read more

    6. Easy Writer

      I live in South Florida and got caught last year (Irma) not being able to evacuate with my dog because I didn’t have a carrier I could, well, actually carry my dog in. He’s a 16-pound chihuahua and this year I looked at smaller carriers in pet stores locally, but I didn’t want him squished in there, not able to stand up or turn around — especially since shelters that accept dogs (NONE IN PORT ST. LUCIE, WHICH IS A TRAVESTY) require them to be kept in carriers. But I hoped that if I evacuated, I could find a shelter that would take us if I had this carrier. I wanted one big enough that he could stand up and/or turn around in. After a few missteps and returns, I found this one. It is so easy to set up (just fit the two bars inside together and voila!), and so well made. It’s fabric, which I like better than the hard-sided ones. It has straps on top to carry — at 5’2″ I would need help to carry this with my dog inside, but it can be done. I do highly recommend this dog carrier. The lambs wool liner comes with it and is a nice touch. Don’t have to buy one that fits. Read more

    7. VTRGA

      Bought it to transport my big energetic dog in the cargo area of my crv. Didn’t have trouble with her tearing through as I feared. She was fine and did very well in it. Unfortunately, she had to spend extra time in it during a hurricane evacuation and when someone came near her she reacted and clawed at the net siding, but the tears did not run and it is still usable! Read more

    8. JohnnyP

      Was lugging the same size wire crate from the house to the car, from the car to the dog training club, from the dog training club back to the car, and from the car back to the house. That wire crate weighed 28 lbs and I also had to carry my dog’s treat bag, water bottle, bowl and extra treats as well as manage the dog on a leash. I saw people easily carrying their soft-sided crates in and out and decided to look into them. I chose this one and am not disappointed. At only 10.8 lbs, with three entrances, extra storage pockets and the included pad, this beats that heavy wire crate hands down. The ONLY improvement I’d make would be to put a longer flap on the flat pocket on the end of the crate. If you put any items in that pocket that are the least bit thick (collapsible water bow, for example) the pocket bows out and the velcro on the flap can’t reach it’s small velcro mate to keep the pocket closed. As it is it can only be secured closed if there are documents in that pocket. Other than that, this crate works very well for my needs. Read more

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