Iris united states exercising 8-panel puppy playpen with door

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  • portable, and may be located in unique shapes to high-quality healthy your need: canine play yards, play gate, canine fence, and greater
  • made from durable molded plastic. Made within the usa
  • knobs on the workout playpen door panel securely snaps together to hold your pet inner
  • non-skid rubber foot to guard flooring
  • suitable for medium to huge length puppies; poodle, cocker spaniel, beagle, french bulldog, shiba inu, golden retriever. Dimensions: sixty three. 00″l x sixty three. 00″w x 34. 25″h. Dimensions of door: sixteen. 14″w x 20. 47″h. Distance among bars: 1. 7″
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the clean-get entry to iris 34” workout eight-panel pet playpens is ideal for medium to massive sized puppies and different family pets. Use it as an indoor canine fence, play gate, dog play yards, or canine exercise pens. The long lasting molded indoor puppy pen will closing for years. Transportable playpen may be located in exceptional shapes to satisfactory healthy your space ability and puppy’s wishes. The plastic panel on the dog playpen securely snaps collectively to maintain your puppy inner. The panels for canine exercising pen also function a non-skid rubber foot to protect floors. Made within the usa.


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2 Add On Panels, 24" 4 Panels, 24" 6 Panels, 34" 8 Panels, Gate

8 reviews for Iris united states exercising 8-panel puppy playpen with door

  1. Candace

    Cute little playpen. My dog is a 5 pound yorkie and he can’t escape through the sides, he doesn’t feel cooped up, has enough room to play, go potty, eat and sleep. Great for training purposes as well. Well made and easy to assemble. Very pleased with this item. Read more

  2. Ron

    Your browser does not support HTML5 video. My tiny 3 month old poodle jumped right out of it with nothing in the playpen it’s really cute though Read more

  3. Jodie

    We love this play pen! We’re kennel training our puppy in this and it’s worked out so well! Plenty of room for her during the day without us worrying about her destroying anything. I bought a 4×4 reusable puppy pad to put underneath and that has seemed to help keep the pen from sliding into a diamond shape like some of the other reviews have noted. We haven’t had any issues with her trying to get out so we haven’t covered the top but we easily could with some chicken wire or wire mesh and zip ties. We fit a dog bed, food and water bowl, and toys and she still has room to walk around and play. The locks are also secure. Not something she can open, whereas a normal kennel my other dogs can easily open and escape from! I definitely recommend this play pen for smaller dogs! Read more

  4. Abby B.

    Quick delivery, EASIEST ASSEMBLY, perfect size for my small puppy! It took less than 5 min from delivery to complete set up! This is exactly what we were looking for. Our pup has plenty of room to walk around and sleep. And the price was perfect. Read more

  5. Amazon Customer

    This review is for the *NEW* version. Do not purchase if you have small children or a clumsy husband—it will collapse with little effort. I originally purchased the larger version with pins, which is amazing. Completely child and “man” proof. Loved it so much I purchased the smaller version for our bedroom. The new design aesthetic is pleasing and I really liked the new locking mechanism. However the new version clicks together instead of being securely connected with pins. Why does this suck? Well, first you must bend down and really work to get the thing opened and closed—and your excited puppy either pees herself in anticipation or escapes while your fumbling around. Before, you could open while standing, quickly pull the pin and slide it open or closed. Second, the pins securely locks each piece together meaning you have more versatility with the pen. What do I mean? If you want to use the pen as a barrier, not in a perfect square position, the new design easily breaks apart. You bend it too far back to get a zigzag or your 2 year old pushes on it and the thing snaps apart. This is dangerous, and simply not possible with the pins. Do yourself an favor, and make sure you buy the original version WITH pins, you won’t regret it! Read more

  6. HelloReese

    I purchased this dog playpen to section off a part of my apartment for my dogs while I am at work. The playpen is very good quality and simple to assemble – you just snap the sections together at the hinges. I have small but not tiny dogs and they weren’t able to push the playpen over, or escape under it, or jump out of it. I appreciate the door so the dogs have an easy way to get out when I’m home, instead of me having to lift the entire playpen or open it from the hinges. With all of those positive qualities, there are two things that didn’t work so great for my needs. I would prefer to have a playpen that is shorter, as I’m a petite person (around 5’3) and it is a bit of a pain for me to step over it. My dogs are small and older, so they’re not trying to jump out of it and so a playpen that is shorter like 20 inches would be much better for my needs. That’s not the product’s fault, however, but a preference of mine. Also, unless you have very small dogs or a brand new puppy, you’re going to want to get a second playpen and connect it to the first to create a bigger pen area. Otherwise the area is just too small for dogs to hang out in for longer than an hour or so. Again, not a defect of the product, but I wanted to point it out so others know they’ll likely want to buy 2 of these. Read more

  7. NA

    Amazing pen! I bought two, and combined them for my 3 month old Shih Tzu puppy. She loves it to this day (5 months old now), and she runs around in it like a maniac—so it even allows her to exercise. It’s secure, as she has tried to get out of it, but has now given up and loves being in there for the most part. I have 2 large washable pee pads that cover the entire area of the pen—and then I place a disposable pee pad over it in the corner where she goes potty. Great product!! Read more

  8. Cutbank Farm

    So happy now ! I felt bad to leave our Minature Dachshund in his Kennel when were gone especially. Now he has his own play yard with his favorite toys etc. 🐻 He likes it and is very happy! One thing I can say is , make sure you get the bars that are distant from each other if you are concerned about your dog climbing over. There is a nice 10.5 inch span in the middle that would make it much harder for a small pup to climb over. Read more

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