Furhaven puppy – ultra plush orthopedic ergonomic contour canine bed, plush fake fur relaxed sofa, and quilted dwelling room couch canine mattress for puppies and cats – multiple patterns, sizes, and hues

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  • pet friendly design: the bed features a classic couch design with 3-sided bolsters that sell safety and offer additional excessive-loft cushion support for head resters, as well as secure nestling nooks for burrowers
  • sleep floor: the bolsters and sleep surface characteristic clean quilted material this is gentle-to-contact and provides a chunk of cushioned padding for greater cuddling comfort
  • easy on joints: the egg crate orthopedic foam helps cushion stress points, distribute frame weight, and improve air move, whilst the fluffy-filled bolsters offer premier assist for the neck, lower back, hips, and joints for a greater restful sleep
  • product details: silver grey; jumbo, 44″ x 35″ x 8″ (four” foam; sleep surface: approx. 32″ x 29″)
  • to be had versions: the mattress comes in coffee, wine pink, toasted brown, army, silver gray, and iron gray; it is also available in small, medium, huge, jumbo, and jumbo plus
  • easy care: pets can gift a few precise cleaning challenges, that is why furhaven made positive that the removable canine mattress cowl is completely machine cleanable on your comfort
  • client guarantee: the product comes with a ninety-day confined insurance towards fabric defects and might additionally qualify for our 60-day fear-loose program; but regulations observe: purchases from unauthorized third-birthday celebration resellers might not be protected by furhaven
  • not suitable for pets with immoderate teething or unfavorable chewing behavior
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furhaven sofa-style orthopedic foam puppy dog mattress

inviting in shape and characteristic, this incredible secure bed is designed to offer top of the line comfort for pets of all ages. The traditional couch design features 3-sided fluffy bolsters for added cushioned loft, as well as terrific orthopedic aid for each cats and dogs.

the sleep surface functions quilted seaming that stretches along the bolsters for a easy, uniform appearance. This sewing sample affords more padding for more desirable cuddling comfort.

the fluffy-filled bolsters are light-weight but supportive. The three-sided layout ensures plenty of excessive-loft headrest cushion, in addition to at ease nooks and crannies for pets to burrow into. The bolsters additionally provide super orthopedic guide for aching joints.

the egg-crate foam center soothes strain points and gives superb aid for aching joints and muscle groups so pets can enjoy a greater restorative night’s rest. The peak-and-valley design also works to enhance air stream for better comfort.

our foam is a hundred% manufactured in the united states and independently examined via the certipur-us program to make certain that it meets the standards for content, emissions, and durability.* to lessen our carbon footprint, our beds can be shipped under compression; allow as much as 48 hours for the foam to increase and regain its authentic shape. For bolsters, lightly squeeze and loosen any clumped fill material to promote better healing after compression.

(*certification issued by using alliance for flexible polyurethane foam, inc. For 2019)

small: 20″ x 15″ x 5. Five” (3″ foam base)

medium: 30″ x 20″ x 6. 25″ (3″ foam base)

huge: 36″ x 27″ x 6. Five” (three” foam base)

jumbo: 44″ x 35″ x 8″ (four” foam base)

jumbo plus: fifty three” x forty two” x 9. 5″ (five” foam base)

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Small, Medium, Large, Jumbo, Jumbo Plus


Diamond Blue, Diamond Brown, Diamond Gray, Quilted Coffee, Quilted Navy, Quilted Silver Gray, Quilted Toasted Brown, Quilted Wine Red, Quilted Iron Gray


Sofa Bed (Cooling Gel Foam), Sofa Bed (Cover Only), Sofa Bed (Fiberfill), Sofa Bed (Memory Foam), Sofa Bed (Orthopedic Foam)

8 reviews for Furhaven puppy – ultra plush orthopedic ergonomic contour canine bed, plush fake fur relaxed sofa, and quilted dwelling room couch canine mattress for puppies and cats – multiple patterns, sizes, and hues

  1. AchieveObedience

    I bought two of these beds, one the “deep pool” plush style and the other the quilted red style. Amazingly, they are vastly different. The blue one is heavy and solid and feels very cushy. The red one feels very flimsy and unsupportive. My dogs can also tell the difference- both of them prefer the blue one. The blue one is fantastic- the dogs love it, the cat loves it, the toddler loves it, its a win win. I wish I had bought two of them instead of getting the quilted one for my one dog, but he likes to chew bones on his bed and I thought the quilted top would be easier to clean. Ultimately I give 5 stars to the blue bed and two stars to the red bed. Size wise they are excellent! 65-75 lbs rough collies and a 3 year old toddler shown for scale size. These are jumbo sized beds. Read more

  2. Penelope Cox

    I am sure any dog would love this BUT I actually bought it for my kids teepee. Jumbo size fits perfectly, I am hoping it helps prevent the teepee from sliding around on the wood floors and it’s more comfy that just a few pillows like we had before. My daughter napped on it today 😁 Read more

  3. N. EM

    I bought this for my 120lb Rottweiler/lab mix and it’s so nice. A lot of times XL or Jumbo sizes aren’t big enough for him, but he has plenty of room to sprawl out and get comfy along with his blankets and toys. Seems to be of good quality and he’s happy, so I’m happy 🙂 Read more

  4. Lyric Russell

    Better than I expected! I have 3 Great Danes, all of which like to steal seats on the couch! I’d been looking at jumbo sized beds for a while, but they all are super expensive! I got 2 of these beauties for a little over $35 a piece! Much better priced than similar items at petco or petsmart! Read more

  5. Morgan

    I have a hard time finding reviews on products from Great Dane owners. Owning a giant breed dog is very different from a normal sized dog, because everything is significantly more expensive and harder to find. This bed is large enough for my giant dog, comfy enough for his picky tastes, and half the price of similar beds. I actually shared this bed on my Facebook for other pet owners, and would highly recommend it for anyone with a giant dog. Read more

  6. Tiny Tink

    I was really excited about this based on other reviews, but it appears I may have received a defective item. The package said to open immediately and to fluff out, and to not allow pets on it while it expands. I’ve had this experience with memory foam mattresses, so I knew what to expect. Mine just never expanded, however. It has been 48 hours and it still looks collapsed. Also, the dimensions for the jumbo did match the stated dimensions at all. The measurements were closer to the dimensions stated for the large bed. I finally gave it to my 80 lb. Labrador this morning, and he chose his 2 year old bed that I got from TJ Max for $18. As crumpled as that one is, it is still fluffier than the new jumbo bed. The other reviews seem positive though, so perhaps I just got the wrong size or a defective bed. UPDATE: the firm saw my review and sent me another bed. This one is much larger and matches the dimensions of the jumbo. My pets all love to snuggle together, and I am thrilled to have a bed big enough to accompany all of them. I would say to take the risk and purchase this bed. If you have an error in shipping and receive the wrong size as I did, the company will fix their mistake. I have added a new picture to let you see just how big this bed is. All my pets love the new one and I was able to get rid of all their tiny individual beds. My house is so much tidier now and my fur babies are happy! Read more

  7. Justin BIfro

    I purchased two large beds back in December. When they arrived, they were tightly packaged and was concerned about it fluffing up. Ultimately, let them air out overnight and they looked perfect. The large beds are plenty large. My dogs are 50 and 70 lbs respectively. One bed can fit both of them. Even when the larger once stretches out, he doesn’t completely max out the bed. My dogs love them. Sleep on them every night and most down time. It keeps them from trying to sleep on the furniture and beds. In addition, it helps keep the dander and smell along with dog hair floating around. I just unpackaged them to wash them for the first time. Unpackaging was simple. Two separate zippers, one for the boarder, one for the main bed. While the dogs do paw at them to settle them before they lay down, it has not damaged the cover. Though the bed did not fair so well (pictured). Will update once they are put back together. Absolutely worth every penny! Read more

  8. Ashley

    So i bought this bed for my senior dog. Ol red aint to happy with his new bed. Its true to size but the filling inside is crap. Its very loose kinda like a crappy pillow filling. He went straight to the ground as soon as he got on it and kinda looked at me like really mom what is this. Hes laying on it now that a spruced it up a bit. I wouldve been better off buying this in real life. I could 100% got a better bed for the price. Only good thing about this bed is the cover is nice. Im gonna have to buy a piece of foam to make this any kinda good bed for my dog. Oh and this bears note the filling inside was spilling out and loose inside the cover when i first got it outta the box. I was under the impression you could take the cover off to wash. When i do that ill have to put all the stuffing in another bag. All in all not happy with this bed. Read more

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