Furhaven puppy – sofa-style canine pillow bed & traditional orthopedic foam mattress canine bed for puppies & cats – multiple styles, sizes, & colors

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  • pet friendly design: the bed functions a conventional sofa design with three-sided bolsters that promote security and offer extra high-loft cushion aid for head resters, in addition to at ease nestling nooks for burrowers
  • sleep floor: the sleep surface is lined with silken faux fur, even as the bolsters are wrapped in lustrous micro velvet; both are soft-to-contact fabrics that no pet should ever resist snuggling into
  • clean on joints: the fluffy-crammed bolster railings offer ideal support for the neck, again, hips, and joints to ease bodily discomfort and permit for a extra restful sleep
  • product information: driftwood brown; jumbo, forty four” x 35″ x 8″ (sleep surface: approx. 32″ x 29″)
  • available versions: the mattress is available in driftwood brown, darkish sage, harbor blue, and smoke grey; it is also to be had in small, medium, massive, and jumbo
  • smooth care: pets can present a few precise cleaning demanding situations, that’s why furhaven made sure that the removable canine mattress cover is absolutely device washable for your comfort
  • consumer assurance: the product comes with a ninety-day restrained insurance against cloth defects and might additionally qualify for our 60-day worry-loose software; but regulations observe: purchases from unauthorized third-celebration resellers won’t be covered by way of furhaven
  • now not appropriate for pets with excessive teething or detrimental chewing behavior
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furhaven sofa-style pillow cushion puppy canine mattress

inviting in shape and feature, this exceptional secure mattress is designed to offer choicest consolation for pets of all ages. The conventional sofa design features 3-sided fluffy bolsters for extra cushioned loft, in addition to super orthopedic assist for both cats and puppies.

the sleep floor is covered with fake fur this is lustrous and silken, a extraordinary complement to the similarly easy and downy micro velvet material masking the perimeters and bolsters.

the fluffy-filled bolsters are lightweight but supportive. The 3-sided layout guarantees masses of excessive-loft headrest cushion, as well as relaxed nooks and crannies for pets to burrow into. The bolsters also offer notable orthopedic help for aching joints.

the cover capabilities a dual zippered design for get admission to to the bolsters and bed for smooth cleanups. The liners for each are also zippered to allow for brief and clean refills together with your choice of stuffing!

the excessive-loft polyester fiberfill mattress stuffing is lightweight but supportive, imparting most carry and finest comfort so pets can enjoy a extra restorative night’s relaxation. The fabric additionally holds insulating houses to assist keep your great friend warm and at ease in their sleep.

small: 20″ x 15″ x 5. Five”

medium: 30″ x 20″ x 6. 25″

large: 36″ x 27″ x 6. Five”

jumbo: 44″ x 35″ x 8″

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Small, Medium, Large, Jumbo


Blue w/ Tan Trim, Chenille Coffee, Espresso w/ Cream Trim, Iron Gate, Striped Espresso, Terry Camel, Velvet Dark Sage, Velvet Driftwood Brown, Velvet Harbor Blue, Chenille Cream, Jungle Green, Plush Gray, Quilted Espresso, Striped Blue, Bark Brown, Convertible Espresso, Gray, Lapis Blue, Terry Clay, Velvet Smoke Gray


Cooling Gel Foam Mattress, Memory Foam Mattress, Orthopedic Foam Mattress, Fiberfill Sofa

8 reviews for Furhaven puppy – sofa-style canine pillow bed & traditional orthopedic foam mattress canine bed for puppies & cats – multiple styles, sizes, & colors

  1. Call Me Chelle

    This bed is just awful. Bought it for my old girl so she would have it after her cancer surgery. She only weighs 19lbs and it flattens under her in seconds. The bolstered sides are also nothing great. They are firmer than the actual bed but do nothing to make the bed sturdy. It is wicked flimsy and floppy. It arrived squeezed into a tight ball. I let it shape for 2 full days … trying to fluff it up several times. It doesn’t fluff. Because i needed it so badly, i had to go buy a firm side sleeper pillow to put under it. It is NOT worth the price. I regret this purchase entirely. Read more

  2. Chi-lover

    I’ve purchased the large size for my Doberman before and it lasted two years. Which is a long time for any of her beds, but these are made where they’re now easy to chew. So I decided to order the huge jumbo size for her. I didn’t give it to her right away as there had been a confusion with the order and a large had been sent instead, and I debated for a while as to which I should keep. I finally decide to just keep them both, using the smaller of the two as a backup when the other is being washed. After a months use while removing the inside foam in preparation to wash the cover, I discover several areas where the seam had come apart. Completely unraveled. ( see photo ) I put the cover into a large laundry bag to protect while washing it. Then proceeded to sew up the seams by hand. Each time I had sewn up a seam I discovered another. I’m very disappointed. I haven’t been able to locate a way to contact Furhaven which is very frustrating. These are normally very well made. I have also purchased the smal size, so I own three. It’s just the jumbo that had this problem. Read more

  3. HW

    The large pet bed is a great deal for the price (I paid $30 with free amazon prime shipping.) and it is BIG. However it is not as thick as I expected, but it’s thick enough, unless your dog is huge and very heavy and in need of a thick mattress for extra cushion. The striped espresso is a nice color; however, the blue appears differently in person than it does in the picture that shows the German Sheppard laying on it. In that picture the blue appears to be an aqua or a light turquoise, but it is not. It’s a darker blue. I would suggest clicking on the picture that just shows the mattress by itself with no dog on it (hover your pointer over it so that it displays a bigger picture) to get a more accurate representation of the blue color. Read more

  4. Nematicon

    The one I received had 2 layers of foam, the white is your standard foam, while the blue layer is a lightweight memory foam. Unfortunately it’s not gel as described and is definitely not cooling. My cats still love it. The cover is a good weight. Read more

  5. Muneraven

    We bought three of these flat, square beds with patterned sides and a plain top. They all fell apart. The material just split. We have purchased Furhaven dog beds for many years. We have four dogs and they have beds upstairs and downstairs. Previous beds have been awesome (we still have two other styles and they have held up well). Let me be clear: These beds just fell apart. They were not chewed at all. We didn’t wash them. They were always indoors. They were just so poorly made that the seams gave way very easily. I hate it when a company I trusted puts out a crappy product. Now I have to find a new dog bed manufacturer. Quality control matters. This is how you lose a loyal customer, Furhaven. Read more

  6. Carla and Matt

    I know that product rarely look exactly like the picture, but i was very disappointed when I received this bed. I took the pictures as soon as I removed it from the box; and, as you can see, it vaguely resembles the product picture. I really thought it was going to be well made and look like a little dog couch that was a bed. Instead, it’s not that well made, and it looks like a bad attempt to make a dog bed look like a couch. (I’ve see other brands of these in stores that look like what I was expecting this to look like – I like to use smile amazon because some money goes to charity, so that’s why I didn’t buy in the store). I am gong to keep it, because despite the way it looks, my dogs will still use it, and that’s what matters the most to me. So, aesthetically I don’t care much for it, but functionality-wise, it works. Read more

  7. Raghubir Kintisch

    I bought this bed for a senior dog who needed a bed with cushioning and some support. According to the photographs, it appeared that the bed would have inside at the very least, a “mattress” of sorts, Not the case. When my dog laid down on it, he went straight to the ground – can you imagine? it was like he was laying on a piece of cloth because the cusioning separated. i mean the inside “cushion” is the worst, most lumpy, most uneven and patchy. if he lays on it, it collapses and he ends up rolling onto the floor. I would return it in a heartbeat, but it’s too much trouble. Look at the photograph of the German Shepard on the bed – he is clearly on some support – he looked pretty comfortable. That’s because he’s not laying on this bed. This bed is a joke and don’t be fooled by the photograph. Read more

  8. Diana Christiansen

    I had high hopes for this bed for my big Saint Pyrenes. She loves it and rolls all over it. It is rather noisy as the fabric is like that of water resistant outdoor furniture. After a while, I felt like it was getting a bit stinky so I tried to remove the cover and that is when I had trouble. The case unzipped easily, but the foam inside stuck. While trying to get the foam to wiggle free of the case, the corner of the zipper side ripped. So it’ll zip up, but there’s a hole along the seam. I don’t do much sewing… so it’ll likely fall apart! The case did wash nicely though and the foam inside was still nice and clean. Read more

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