Fine pet components puppy tent smooth bed for canine and cat

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  • plush puppy tent: we’ve designed these tent homes for puppies and cats the usage of faux suede, linen or corduroy and each comes with gentle poly-foam lining.
  • great indoor look: the undying fashion of our corduroy beige plush puppy beds lets in them to seamlessly blend into any décor.
  • secure house: the dimension of this indoor tent offers your puppy a hint of privateness and creates a nice feel of protection. 16 x 16 x 14 inches.
  • clean to maintain: the tent is system washer-friendly without stretching out of shape and acts like a smooth crate making touring easy.
  • designed to last: we carefully make our tender tents for dogs and cats to give them most durability.
  • age range description: all existence levels
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from the manufacturer

all the sensations your pet will love

polyfoam molds for your pets favourite function on every occasion, presenting a gentle however robust home in your puppy.

for those cats who like to burrow or the puppies that want to make their bed, the luxurious pillow is an notable addition.

from the tiniest of dogs to the growing old cat, this mattress will see your puppy via all of it. Our beds are constructed to final all through life.

linen is undying material with greater durability. Your puppy will front room simply while your house decor remains clean. A really perfect addition to any fashion home.

spacious dimensions that any small breed dog or cat will appreciate

our tent houses provide your puppy with the touch of privateness they deserve at the same time as giving them masses of room to stretch.

current shape and fabrics so that it will healthy any decor with the lasting appearance of neutral colorations. Our premium substances and nice production will rise up to even the inner most of dreamers.

tent homes bring together and disassemble easily for tour so that you can keep their domestic regular anywhere you’re taking your pet.

all the components are device cleanable. Wash on sensitive cycle, then air dry.

  • m sixteen” x 16″ base
  • m 15″ x 15″ pillow
  • m 14″ height
  • xl 19″ x 19″ base
  • xl 18″ x 18″ pillow
  • xl 19″ peak
  • size_name

    16" x 16" x H:14", 18" x 18" x H:16", W18&#39 x L18'' x H16'', 19" x 19" x H:19"


    Brown Linen, Corduroy Beige, Gray Lattice, Gray Linen, Navy, Plaid Linen, Sand Linen, Tan, Dark Brown

    8 reviews for Fine pet components puppy tent smooth bed for canine and cat

    1. Grandma

      I had originally gave this 5 stars because it was so darn cute and my puppy loved it. But a few weeks/months later I started noticing bites on my arms and lower legs. I checked the whole house for bugs beds and all and no problem, So I blamed it on the recliner I was on thinking it was old and had bugs so it got tossed in the dump. I then picked up all my doggies toys to was and when I took the tent out of the was all these little black tiny shell like things were all over thought it was glider but couldn’t be. Turned the tent inside out and OH MY GOSH there was a black mass along the seem and looked like a family was making a city in there. Tossed everyting in a trash bag and out the door they went. NO MORE PROBLEM WITH THE BUGS SINCE THEN…SO WARNING CHECK YOUR ITMES COMING IN FROM OVER SEAS…….. Read more

    2. Stacey

      Your browser does not support HTML5 video. I bought this for my puppy when she was about 12-14 weeks old. I have hopes that when she matures a bit that she’ll use it as a plane to nap, but for now she has crazy fun in it and I’m definitely okay w that! My one wish is that the bottom of the tent was a little thicker material. I would (and probably will) buy again. 🙂 Read more

    3. Zouboy

      My 16-pound dogs LOVE this “pup” tent. I bought just one, but they fought over it. So, I bought a second one — but many times they both pile into the same one. Read more

    4. Tiny Wizard

      My cat enjoys this bed so much it’s borderline irritating. She really rubs it in my face by staring directly in my eyes while making a big show of rolling around and basking luxuriously inside of it. I’ve never seen her enjoy something so thoroughly before. My only complaint is that this doesn’t come in a larger size. All I have is my sad flat human bed. Read more

    5. Valomajakka

      I got two, one for each of my boys. They use them differently. Washed once, still perfect. Read more

    6. Melissa Tilley

      This does not wash well! I just got it delivered today, and I washed it on gentle cycle in Coldwater, tumble dry it on low for 20 minutes per the instructions, and the stitching is coming undone all over the place!! Read more

    7. Linda M

      It’s a cozy bed, my Frenchie seems to like it. The size is accurate/as described (XL) My dog is a 35lb French Bulldog, he barely fits in there so he probably won’t be able to stretch himself inside. As long as he’s in his cuddle position it’ll work for him & keep him warm at night. Read more

    8. Itsdarock

      It is kinda of small. My cat weighs about 10lbs. She fits comfortably but won’t be able to stretch horizontally. She has been in the house since five minutes after I opened it. Last night, there, this morning, still there. She loves it! Read more

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