Excellent friends by using sheri orthocomfort deep dish cuddler (20x20x12) – self-warming cat and dog bed

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  • helps better sleep: ideal for cats, small puppies and different pets as much as 25lbs, our secure beds treat your hairy pal to the first-rate! By using supplying warmth and a experience of safety (with its high partitions), each dog couch mattress promotes more restful sleep, helping higher fitness and conduct.
  • comfy & relaxed: from cuddling to sprawling, our luxurious canine beds are flexible enough to deal with any drowsing position! The excessive 12” rear bolster wall helps ease joint pain, even as the 9” front provides head, neck and extra orthopedic help.
  • designed for comfort: brief and clean to smooth, puppy proprietors will love that our canine mattresses feature a water resistant bottom! Not most effective does this protect flooring, but because these beds are gadget cleanable and dryer-secure, extra hair and odors are a trouble of the beyond.
  • premium great: made with most effective pet-safe materials, you’ll relaxation assured knowing our doggy beds are absolutely non-toxic! Full of virgin airloft fibers, it continues its loft for up to a few times longer than the second-hand fibers observed in most other puppy beds.
  • shop threat unfastened: at satisfactory friends with the aid of sheri, we care approximately the fitness and protection of your puppy simply as a lot as you do! When you have any issues or questions on our washer-friendly canine bed, please don’t hesitate to attain out to our global-elegance customer service group.
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1. High 12 inch again wall that allows relieve stress from joints.

2. Lower carved 9″ front and aspect partitions for clean head resting.

three. At ease sherpa material that induces deeper sleep.

4. Stitched down partitions to preserve filling in region.

5. Difficult nylon backing that resists dirt and water.

orthocomfort deep dish cuddler: made for the last snuggling enjoy

the satisfactory friends by using sheri orthocomfort deep dish cuddler is a completely unique bed with excessive partitions designed to ease joints and permit your puppy sense secure and comfortable. The better lower back wall provides greater guide and relieves pressure on joints, and its front and facet partitions are carved decrease offering a really perfect headrest. It’s miles protected in extremely-soft and comfy sherpa material this is paying homage to a moms fur, helping in deeper sleep. The bottom of the bed is made with hard nylon cloth that resists dust and water.

orthocomfort deep dish cuddler: made for the last snuggling revel in

the deep dish capabilities high, generously filled walls designed to wrap round your pet, imparting him/her with a feel of protection and luxury. The stitching alongside the edges of the mattress hold the filling in vicinity and help to keep the mattress’s shape.

the decrease 9 inch carved front and aspect walls make it smooth for your puppy to rest his/her head. As they relax, they will revel in the irresistibly tender and relaxed sherpa material that the whole bed is protected in. Meant to be paying homage to a mother’s fur, this therapeutic sherpa material will useful resource in a deeper, more non violent sleep on your pet.

the bigger and higher 12 inch again wall provides extra weight help, relieving stress from joints. The mattress turned into designed with the capacity to accommodate diverse dozing positions as nicely. Coupled with the bendy sherpa material, it may spread open or be folded to create a custom designed drowsing enjoy. Deep crevices between the walls and backside cushion additionally offer a burrowing space to nuzzle in.

orthocomfort deep dish cuddler: made for the remaining snuggling revel in

the lowest fabric is made with a tough, water and dirt resistant nylon cloth that deters dust and decreases the likelihood of mold buildup. It also tastefully fits the colour topic of each mattress. The deep dish’s backside cushion is tacked all the way down to preserve its generous filling in region.

the deep dish can effortlessly be vacuum cleaned, or thrown inside the washing machine and dryer. It’s going to hold its softness after washing. Advised care is as follows: wash gentle cycle, and tumble dry in low heat.

the deep dish is exceptional desirable for puppies and cats 10-20 kilos, but can accommodate pets outside of this variety. Because of its bendy construction, in case your puppy loves to curl up tightly, it could paintings for pets up to 25 kilos. Dogs or cats smaller than 10 kilos also can experience this mattress, although it isn’t always advocated for arthritic pets smaller than 10 pounds.


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6 reviews for Excellent friends by using sheri orthocomfort deep dish cuddler (20x20x12) – self-warming cat and dog bed

  1. missgord

    I struggled to find reviews based off of dog size, so I hope this one (along with the photos) helps! Our dog is 27lbs; roughly 3lbs overweight. We think she is a Shiba Inu mix. She can stretch out decently in the jumbo size without it being too large, and loves laying against the sides. This is the first bed she ever liked, and I’m so happy they made a jumbo size for her! We didn’t try the regular size so I can’t compare them unfortunately. She is roughly 22″ by 12″ in the second picture with her head extended. In the first curled up picture, she is roughly 17″ by 13″. As you can see, she still has a little room to spare. My guess is that the bed would fit a 35lber but not much more. It’s possible she would have fit in the smaller one, but since people were posting pictures of their chihuahuas in those I went for the jumbo, haha. Hope this helps someone!! Read more

  2. Katherine Blanks

    When the bed arrived I was very disappointed that my 2 cats did not like this bed as much as I thought they might. It was dislike at first sniff. Thinking it was the smell I decided that I would use if for a few days. First as a back support on the couch, then I found it made a really great pillow. Ok so the cats dont like it but not money lost, I find the pillow comfortable. Then on a cold New York night I found that fact that it folds in half and makes a clam shell foot warmer was heavenly. With winter heading our way I decided that warm feet was the reason behind this purchase. I am now a very happy customer of this pet bed at this point. Now I return home from work, to find my beautiful foot warmer has not be claimed by one, but both of my cats. We have been fighting over who gets to use the foot-warmer/pet bed. After a family meeting we have decided an extra shift of over time on my part I should be able to buy both cats their own bed so I can have my foot warmer back. Love this product, it is soft, warm, comfortable for human and cats…dogs will have to do their own research on this product. ***update: after 5 years the two cat beds are still as loved as when I first got them. The beds have been washed many times and are still as fluffy and cozy. They show very little wear and tear. They are still a favorite with the cats. Read more

  3. P. Dean Robertson

    This is the most amazing item I have ever purchased for any cat. My ten-year-old will hardly get out of it. It’s known as “The Pink Thing” and I have emailed photos of my white cat, Isaac, in The Pink Thing to all friends and relatives. I bought it for him as a desk bed since he’s determined to keep me company when I’m working. I just pick it up, Isaac inside, when I move from one desk to another in my house. He barely looks up. It’s like he’s returned to the womb–eyes contentedly closed, kneading furiously, purring. I seriously think the sellers should consider a photo of Isaac in their amazon site as it’s completely dog-oriented at the moment. Meanwhile, thank you, thank you, for an unexpectedly plush and wonderful place for my sweet animal to spend his days!!! Read more

  4. pawesomegirl

    My 7 lb Chihuahua, Ricky, has forgotten about all the other choices of beds in the house after this bed entered the scene! He’s in it as I write this. When you first take it out of the bag, it is new of course so it’s pretty fluffy, your pet may tumble over a little bit until it stabilizes and takes to his/her shape. After that, you’re golden. It’s soft, deep and dark, just like they want it! You should get it, in fact, get two, so you don’t have to keep taking it to one room to another all the time like I do. I’m ordering another! Read more

  5. Ceeshell328

    I have been buying these Sheri’s Ortho Comfort Dish Cuddlers for years and my cats love them. They are so thick and plush and cuddly and hold their shape so well over years of use. I just ordered 2 again and they are shipped rolled up and compressed now and they are just a flimsy, floppy shell of what they used to be. The picture I attached shows the two plus year old cuddler on the left and the new, flimsy, floppy version on the right. You can see the two year old version’s opening is much smaller than the new one because it is so fluffy, the opening used to be tiny when the two year old version was new and my cats loved squeezing in. Unless the new one is against a wall, the back collapses onto itself as shown in the side by side comparison. Then the 2nd picture shows the completely decompressed new one alone, it has never re-inflated to become half the thickness, fullness and cuddliness of the versions shipped in the old shipping method of years ago. This used to be the best cat cuddler on the market, so disappointing that they can not ship whole and decompressed as they have ruined a great product. Read more

  6. D. W. Franklin

    **This review is NOT for the actual pet bed, BUT A HEADS UP to PET OWNERS about THE POOR QUALITY CONTROL STANDARDS at the MANUFACTURER** Fortunately, my cat didn’t take to this pet bed right away…. After opening the plastic wrap & removing the plush pet bed, I was sprinkling catnip on the bed (attempting to get her to warm up to a new bed). I ran my hand across the soft texture & found a SHARP METAL WIRE (see pic) nestled in the material! A nice cheap bed for pets, but apparently due to what I would estimate to be poor quality control standards at the manufacturing facility a dangerous & potentially lethal oversight was made. Don’t risk your precious pets well-being before first checking the product out thoroughly. FROM ONE PET LOVER TO ANOTHER, PLEASE CHECK YOUR PET’S BED THOROUGHLY BEFORE LETTING THEM USE IT FIRST (if you purchased this one as I did)** Read more

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