Clean-going one hundred% water resistant dog bed cover furniture protector couch cover non-slip washer-friendly reusable incontinence mattress underpads for pets kids youngsters dog cat(52×82 in,darkish gray)

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  • make certain this suits by coming into your model variety.
  • high high-quality cloth:waterpfoof,polyester. The compound water resistant layer inside the material can gain water resistant,gives power and sturdiness with splendid softness
  • dimensions:we have 4 sizes 52x82in,68x82in,86x82in,96x82in. Please degree earlier than buying; see measuring manual in pics
  • prevent sliding: capabilities thick layer of anti-slip backing with plastic drop printing, which attached the entire bed protector to save you sliding
  • fixtures protector: guard your furniture from daily wear and tear, spills and stains. It’s a great desire for homes with kids and pets. As a vacation present, thanksgiving present, christmas present
  • smooth care: device washer-friendly, wash at temperature round 30 ranges celsius, moderate laundey detergents are advised, please do not bleach.
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product description

smooth-going logo household, the factory has been growing and producing extremely good family articles for ten years. The emblem’s goal: to make homes extra comfy

  • the smooth-going furnishings covers are smooth, microfiber blankets with a 100% water-proof internal membrane, designed to completely shield your furniture and bedding . It is suitable for pets ,kids or adults with incontinence .
  • it is income huge one with small complimentary mat inside the equal package deal .
  • diverse styles of size for preference , the dimensions is 52 x 82 in, 68 x 82 in,86 x eighty two in, 96 x 82 in, and the small size is all 22 x 36 in.
  • system cleanable ,water below 30 degrees celsius ,please do now not bleach , steam iron only .
  • it is appropriate for various sorts of furniture and match well at the sofa , kindly please reference the dimensions manual before shopping.

    silicon rubber of puppy paw print on backing ,firmly hold your pad on sitting vicinity ,even on the leather sofa .

    a small complimentary mat can be placed directly in any area, or may be located for your puppy’s residence to hold urine out and guard the ground from falling fur.

    gadget washable , water under 30 diploma celsius . Please do not bleach , steam iron most effective .

    a hundred% water-proof

    four layers protection,can make certain your mattress or couch stays absolutely dry while accidents occur .


    52×82 in, 68×82 in, 86×82 in, 96×82 in, 120×82 in


    Beige, Black, Brown, Camel, Chocolate, Christmas Red, Classic Blue, Coffee, Dark Gray, Dark Green, Grey, Greyish Green, Light Blue, Light Gray, Navy, Peacock Blue, Pink, Wine, Dark Brown, Light Gray/Beige

    8 reviews for Clean-going one hundred% water resistant dog bed cover furniture protector couch cover non-slip washer-friendly reusable incontinence mattress underpads for pets kids youngsters dog cat(52×82 in,darkish gray)

    1. VAL-LA

      Unfortunately, we have a cat that’s prone to bladder problems, and she frequently pees on our bed. I wanted something that would block the urine from soaking through to our bedding, but that didn’t look like a big ugly tarp. We’ve had this cover a week, and so far it’s working very well. It looks like a regular bedspread, and it covers our queen mattress completely, including the sides. The cat has peed on it twice, and both times the liquid was easy to spot because it beaded on top without soaking in at all, so that it could just be blotted up with a paper towel, leaving no stain. At night we just peel the cover back and fold it on the bench at the foot of the bed, so it’s easy to put back on in the morning. I’m not sure what makes the fabric waterproof – whether the fabric is inherently waterproof, or if it has some kind of spray coating on it. I have not washed it yet, and I’m curious to see if washing it makes it less waterproof. I will update my review if I find that to be the case. But so far, this has been a very good solution to our ongoing problem. Read more

    2. Texas Jack

      Perfect! I wasn’t sure that the mat was included, which obviously it is. I couldn’t be more pleased. Update: our dog got on the bed with muddy feet. After the mud dried, it was easy to remove with a damp cloth. Read more

    3. Monica Knight

      The first time my cat peed on this, it worked okay, the urine had only just started to soak through – but this may have been because we caught it right away. We washed it on gentle cycle with cold water and hung to dry. Now every time our cat pees on it, the urine soaks through to our comforter. This cost way too much for something that doesn’t work at all. I can see it being good for keeping mud or fur off of your bed, but it isn’t waterproof. Read more

    4. Hes

      I just got this, so I will have to update the review. I honestly never leave reviews, but felt inclined to leave one for this. I have a 70lb husky who sheds like crazy. No matter how many baths you give him, and even with daily brushing his hair is everywhere. He also LOVES to sleep in the bed with me even though he has his own comfy bed. I have an addication to nice bedding, but realized it is pointless with him around. Have to wash it constantly because of the fur. As much as I love him, I dont love having his fur on me so I have been on a hunt for something that will let him sleep with me, but keep his fur away. I think I may have finally found it. So far, here are the pros 1.) Size. I ordered the biggest one and it covers my entire queen bed. If you have a king or cal king however, may not cover everything. 2.) it has little grippys on the the underside of it so it stays in place and doesnt slide around, with my dog moving around. 3.) it is nice and think, so I think it will be able to handle his nails and not get ruined. The material is solid. My dog doesnt have accidents, but I feel like if yours does, this will probably work as a good barrier. 4.) It looks like a bedspread! When it is on your bed, it actually looks like a comforter or quilt. I have it in grey, and I used grey shams and you can’t tell its a dog cover. Like I said, so far I am happy and this was worth the money, but will update if anything changes. Read more

    5. pepper

      I should have bought one years ago. The large size covers our California King bed perfectly. The material has a soft feel. The dog loves it. Read more

    6. Anonymous

      I purchased this after trying a couple of other products for a cat who occasionally peed on the bed (she was taken to the vet, and is very healthy- but also a rescued outdoor kitty without “house manners”). The other fluid resistant things I tried: – A fluffy triple layer pet blanket that took forever to machine dry, after having to manually wring moisture out of it when it came out of the washer -A large incontinence pad that covered about 3/4 of the bed- easy to wash and dry but looked TERRIBLE and left too much area unprotected Both of these things worked to protect my other bedding, but I wasn’t satisfied with how they looked. Due to the small size of my apartment, keeping the cat out of the bedroom was not a practical option. The Easy Going product is the answer to my dilemma- it’s relatively light and easy to wash and dry, protects my other bedding from fluids, covers the WHOLE bed, and looks like a normal thin blanket. The textured backing has quite a bit of grip and keeps the cover from moving too much. At night I just fold it back and set it at the foot of the bed. Fortunately my kitty has not tested this product recently, but I leave it in place to provide peace of mind for now. I haven’t subjected the cover to repeat washings so I’m not sure how it will hold up over time, but the fabric is smooth and soft, yet seems durable. The texture is similar to a synthetic microsuede or sateen. Read more

    7. Kristi H.

      Exactly what I needed!! Really great quality. I love the rubber paw prints on the back that keep it from sliding around. I mostly got it because I have 3 cats that lay on my bed all day and get hair all over. We recently purchased a very nice new comforter and I wanted to lessen the amount of cat hair on it. Also the new kitten has urinated on the bed a couple random times so I wanted to protect it in case that happens again. I poured a little water on this cover and it just beaded up and did not soak through. I highly recommend this to anyone with pets that sleep on their bed that get hair all over or may have accidents. Read more

    8. Cj Titus

      Love this cover. Color is perfect. It totally covers my queen bed like a bedspread. I have 2 very elderly dogs that I need some waterproof protection. I won’t ban them from the bed and this is the perfect solution. Read more

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