Casual domestic wooden medium pet crate, end desk, coffee

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  • chew-resistant solid timber production for puppy-secure sturdiness and longevity general – 27. Five internal – 24. 25” l x 16. Five” w x 21” h supposed for smaller pets – below weight restrict – 120 lbs. Blanketed
  • end desk design gives this puppy crate a local experience that blends with light and clean meeting
  • lockable gate in your peace of mind with strong timber construction for elevated sturdiness and durability
  • end table fashion top affords a further garage space it is also smooth to clean with the aid of wiping the crate with a damp material
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for over forty years, informal domestic has created furnishings with client-centric design and lasting substances for households and homes of all sizes to foster community and achieve a extra informal the following day.

  • sustainably sourced
  • strong timber
  • practical capabilities
  • casual domestic pet crate with wood slats

    our strong wooden pet crate cease desk gives a secure, personal spot in your puppy to sleep and loosen up. Sturdy lockable gate door allows for peace of thoughts whilst you’re away from domestic. Rich end/colour options assist you to comprise it with your other home fixtures. Quit desk design gives this puppy crate a native feel that blends. Lockable gate on your peace of mind. Cease desk fashion top presents a further storage area. Strong timber construction for improved sturdiness and longevity.

  • quit desk style top gives an extra garage area.
  • lockable gate to your peace of mind.
  • open aspect slats and mission fashion door offer enough airflow.
  • chew-resistant stable wood production for pet-safe sturdiness and longevity.
  • mild and smooth meeting.
  • the crates lockable latch gives safety and peace of thoughts when you’re far from domestic.

    cease desk fashion design enhances your home decor and presents all of the blessings of your conventional give up desk.

    our products are engineered for easy and problem-free meeting. All hardware wished is included.

    our commitment to highlighting the natural beauty and sense of stable wood’s grain and texture is shown inside the details, that is absolutely from sustainably sourced substances.

    product description

    our strong wood pet crate quit desk offers a secure, personal spot in your pet to sleep and relax. Sturdy lockable gate door permits for peace of thoughts while you’re away from home. Wealthy finish/coloration options can help you contain it together with your other domestic furniture.


    Black, Espresso, Walnut, White

    3 reviews for Casual domestic wooden medium pet crate, end desk, coffee

    1. Mandy Richmond

      I bought these (a large and a small) a while back but just recently assembled & started using them. They’re nicely sized. The large one is where my Pit Bull sleeps at night. There’s more than enough room for her to walk into it normally (no ducking or back-swaying) She can’t stand normally inside it, turn around freely and sleep comfortably. The small one is shared by my 2 small lap dogs. They’re old (about 15 years old) so they’re not active or hyper, they don’t jump all over each other. One sleeps towards the back of the table/crate and the other sleeps in the front by the door. My dogs have been crate trained for many years now so crating at night isn’t new to them. It’s their “normal”, it’s what they’re used to. These tables just eliminated the big clunky wire crates (that my sensitive skinned Pit Bull would use to rub her back on until it bled.) Now they still get crated but their “crates” are also tables that can be used for all sorts of things. Below I will list pros/cons: Pros: • It’s a table dog crate. It’s genius! • Not an eyesore like most standard “dog crates” • Perfect for dog owners who crate their dog(s) and don’t have a lot of room/space. Since the crate is a table, you get a product that has multiple uses. • The tables are sturdy. Cons: If you’re like me and have dogs who have been crate trained for a long time, these tables will be an adjustment. Used to just have to holler out “Beds!” And my dogs would run to their crates & get in. They seem to be slightly confused by the tables being “beds”. Lol, but they learn fast. SIDE NOTE: I would not recommend these to animal owners whose pets are not at all familiar with crates or completely crate trained. I would not use these to start crate training a puppy or an animal that has “accidents” regularly inside the house. Simply because when beginning to crate train for the first time, especially with puppies/young dogs, accidents are bound to happen. These tables are exactly that: tables. A large amount of urine or a pee puddle that isn’t cleaned up IMMEDIATELY would probably warp/ruin the floor of the table crate. Regular dog crates are usually either hard plastic or metal wire with a plastic bottom, which aren’t affected by accidents/getting wet. Since my dogs are older and have been crate trained for years, this wasn’t a concern or issue for myself. Also, because of that, I haven’t looked into liners or plastic trays that could fit the area inside the crate table. If you could find something like that, that would fit the entire area, accidents wouldn’t be too damaging. But it would need to fit snuggly, side to side-back to front, with no spaces. :::Above is my own personal opinions on the product. I purchased, assembled and use the product. I did not receive this product/crate table for free and I did not receive it at a discounted rate in exchange for my honest review. I have shared my personal opinions, experience and ideas to help potential buyers decide whether or not the tables would work for their animal/situation. I hope my review has been helpful. Read more

    2. Shelly

      This is a great piece, dresses up any room. The stars for this product are all over the place. No, It is NOT an expensive, super well made piece of furniture, but it definitely gets the job done if you don’t want a metal crate in your house. For all of the reviews that say it’s cheap, and their puppy ate it, yes, a puppy will eat it…. after all, it’s wood!! And they chew stuff!! Do yourself a favor, and get a used metal crate from a second hand store to use until you dog gets used to it, and you feel the chewing stage has passed. Pros: Easy to assemble (yes, it is) Looks great in any room Your dog will love it Your dog won’t be able to get out of it Cons: Not super well made, but then it didn’t cost a fortune either It scratches a little easy. For this I would give it 4 1/2 stars (Just watch what you put on top of it) Good for: Dogs who are already crate trained Not good for: Puppies… they will chew it up to their delight! Read more

    3. Geepeegee

      The company that sells Casual Home 600-44 Pet Crate, Espresso, 24 Inch says this about it: “Our solid wood Pet Crate End Table provides a cozy, private spot for your pet to sleep and relax. Strong lockable gate door allows for peace of mind when you’re away from home. Rich finish/color options allow you to incorporate it with your other home furnishings.” We have now had our crate for just over 90 days. Our 19 lb Miniature Schnauzer likes it well enough, but last week we learned the hard way that the crate is not “Solid Wood.” One morning we came down to our family room and noticed a small “sinkhole” in one corner. It had not been there the night before; it was something that just happened the way sinkholes do. If you look at the attached photo, you can see how the material on the top just sank in with the hole. I contacted the company, CasualHome, to ask if they would send me a new top. Here is their answer: “We can only replace the top if it was purchased from and delivered within the last 30 days.” That is a grossly inadequate response from any company considering the clear defect was there from the beginning. I would exhort you to shop around more and then question the company about how they handle defects. CasualHome doesn’t care. Once they have your money. they only care about customer satisfaction for 30 days. That’s not long enough. Read more

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