Canine crates for massive puppies – canine crate 36″ puppy cage double-door exceptional for large pets – wire steel kennel cages with divider panel & tray – in-door foldable & portable for animal out-door travel

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  • dimensions: 36″ l x 22″ w x 25″ h + split divider + more than one doors + versatile carry deal with.
  • foldable: features a handy space saving design, allowing it to be stored practically everywhere when now not in use.
  • long lasting: crafted from heavy responsibility stable steel, excessive tensile energy wire, and a black electro coat finish.
  • no tools required: versatile design permits for an exceedingly clean set up. Plus, it’s notable easy to take aside, fold, and keep.
  • a couple of sizes: available in small, medium, big, x-big, xx-large, and xxx-massive.

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product description

a high-quality way to crate train your puppy or provide them with a secure area in their personal! Our crates are engineered with heavy-responsibility steel, excessive tensile electricity wire, and a black electro coat end.

our waste & debris-gathering tray is constructed with heavy-responsibility abs plastic for long lasting use and functions a deep lip across the perimeter to save you overflow. Plus, it’s quite clean to smooth! Simply rinse it off and wipe it down.

effortlessly folds for storage or travel. However be cautious, you might by accident mistake it on your suitcase.

7 reviews for Canine crates for massive puppies – canine crate 36″ puppy cage double-door exceptional for large pets – wire steel kennel cages with divider panel & tray – in-door foldable & portable for animal out-door travel

  1. Luis T.

    I really liked it Read more

  2. Ryan

    So even though this is advertised for dogs we bought it for our cats. We recently got a new kitten and we’re trying to integrate her into our house with our two older cats. They weren’t taking to her so well; but I couldn’t constantly just keep her in a bedroom or away from everything. I also couldn’t hold her or watch them all every second so I got the idea to use this cage. The kitten could be in the cage in the living room and be out and about with us BUT she wouldn’t be exposed to the older cats until they had a chance to get used to her. I didn’t worry about her getting hurt while I did things around the house when she was in the cage. What’s nice about this is it has a separator so this is also functional for our two older cats. We can take it outside and put it on our porch and they can both be on their own side. This is helpful because sometimes when they get outside they start smelling other cats and then they turn on each other. The separator allows them to still be aware of one another; but they can’t get at each other if they start to get riled up. This size is perfect for a little kitten because you can put in a nice size litter box as well as a blanket and some toys if you need them to be in there for longer than just a few minutes. The kitten wasn’t able to get through the bars and the older cats weren’t able to get to her. This fit through the front door without having to break the cage down first. We also needed something that could be easily folded down and put away when not in use. Although I have to say that we don’t really put it down anymore because after I put a blanket over the top of the cage our cats have taken to laying on top of it where they can see outside better and where they’re also in the direct sunlight. So it’s kind of become like another piece of furniture. Even though this was not purchased for a dog I would highly recommend it for anyone trying to integrate kittens into a house that already has older cats. Also I recommend this if your cat loves to be outside but you don’t want to let them out unattended. You can put them in this cage and they can enjoy the outdoors but they can’t get away or be harmed. This cage is a good size and the price was great as well because most cages in this size range are usually closer to $100. You can find cheaper cages but they usually aren’t as sturdy or well put together like this one. Finally this cage has two separate openings which we don’t use but are great if you have two animals in it with the separator. One animal can be put in and then you can use the other opening for the other side to put the other animal in so they don’t have to have any contact. Highly recommend. Read more

  3. chistina ciriello

    I purchased the 36″ crate for my miniature Yorkies, and three of them share a crate with plenty of room to sleep and play. For my very small dogs, this is a perfect buy. The crate is lightweight, breaks down easily, is easy to clean, and I love that it has two doors. However, I would never house a medium sized dog or larger or even a very rambunctious dog in this crate. It’s lightweight because it’s made of low quality metal that bends easily. The doors do not line up correctly, and have poor tolerances. Each door has two closures, and on each door, one closure closes correctly and easily, but the second doesn’t and is a struggle. Since my three dogs weigh 15 lbs collectively, I can get away with closing one lock, but if I had purchased this for a much larger dog, like a 65-lb. pit bull, I would be incredibly disappointed, since I’m sure the larger dog would have no problem bending the door and bars completely out of wack just playing in the crate. Personally, I would buy again, because it suits my needs for my tiny dogs just fine. But large or rowdy dog owners should look elsewhere. Pros: Lightweight Breaks down easily Inexpensive Cons: Mediocre quality construction Doors do not line up correctly Read more

  4. Bea

    This cage is flimsy and cheap. Parts were rusted and door locks impossible to open and close. Gaps between cage door. Literally had to pry cage open to even sets up. Bottom is not welded correctly. Seems used and is just junk. My dogs would break this cage open no issue. I have another dog cage that is sturdy and great from elsewhere and they do not compare! Shipping was 2 days late (took a week to begin with) Customer service is a joke all they offer is 20% off if you buy another one of their products. I do not recommend this product or company. Read more

  5. Amazon Customer

    I just received this order in the mail today. The entire box it came in was destroyed on every side and looked like it was bought, opened before, returned, taped back up, and resold. It also was not the quality I was expecting at all. The handles that open and lock the cage are so hard to slide and have rust spots! They are so hard to move because of the rust that I can only open 1 out of the 2 doors. Also, it did not come with the handle that is supposed to be on the top of the cage as advertised. Honestly wondering if this was the same product as the description because of how poor quality the one I received is. How can I return this, as it is not at all what I asked for? I do not understand why the box was completely destroyed and Paws & Pals would be satisfied delivering rusted, broken products to their consumers. I am hoping for a solution to this problem. Read more

  6. Loves Books and Music

    Buyer beware: our Springer Spaniel from the very start at ten weeks old was able to bend the metal and escape the crate. He is well trained, and house broken. We’ve used it for night time and occasional outings until having to lock him in because he could bend the door. We’ve notice rusting of the wire and he was actually able to break the wire. The gauge of the wire is of the cheapest sort, ergo the price. Lesson learned, you get what you pay for. Read more

  7. Laila B.

    I ordered 2 crates from this company. I ordered both 36 inches. When I received the first one I could tell it was very flimsy and barely stood up on its own. I opened it up and realized that the divider was the wrong size (too small) for the crate and the crate looked used and was starting to rust on the hinges. The second crate arrived today and was hoping to just need to return one to have them replace it and keep the other. NOT THE CASE. THEY SENT ME THE WRONG SIZE CRATE FOR THE SECOND ONE. I’m very dissatisfied with this purchase as i waited over a week and need to start crate training my 2 puppies ASAP. I will just be returning both and buying my crate from Chewy. Read more

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