Bestpet pup pet playpen eight panel indoor outdoor metallic protable folding animal workout dog fence,24″,30″,36″,forty two”,48″

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  • ✔【robust and distinctive shapes metallic dog fence】:the canine playpen fabricated from high-energy solid cord,8-panel puppy fence layout permit to configure into a couple of shapes, pet fence to keep firmly to the floor at the same time as getting used exterior. Dog fence dog playpen workout playpen for dog.
  • ✔【 anti-rust metal exercise puppy pen】: epoxy coating finish extends the lifestyles of the pet playpen and gives resistance towards rust, corrosion, and fading, even within the most severe climates. The dog fence is simple to easy and would not absorb a whole lot of time. Pet fence with door puppy exercising pens puppy fence.
  • ✔【smooth meeting and foldabl edog playpen】: this canine playpen does now not require any tool meeting, dog fence may be deployed without delay. It most effective takes a few minutes. The dog fence is folded for smooth garage and travel. Dog fence puppy playpen for puppies transportable pet playpen.
  • ✔【comfort for pets to go into and go out】: the step door of puppy playpen allows for readily on foot thru, fence doors will not do any harm your pet. Dog fence with 2 latches for double security even if you have a naughty pet. Dog playpen with door puppy fence dog exercising playpen.
  • ✔【secure and secure playpen place】: puppy workout pen works wonderful as a domestic dog playpen or as an workout place for non-mountain climbing small animals such as rabbits, geese, turtles & guinea pigs. Puppy freely enjoys workout & gambling in puppy playpen, importantly, proprietor do now not need to gaze them all the time if busy. Puppy fence dog workout pen canine playpen.
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product description

portable workout pen is splendid for indoor & outside use. A black rust-preventive e-coat protects the canine playpen.

made from long lasting iron metal, the robust pet pen holds its form, offers lengthy-lasting electricity, and stands up to regular use. Even extra, its glossy black end affords rustproof overall performance and protection in opposition to outdoor factors.

we provide a preference of fashions, any of which could accommodate animals ranging from dogs to ducks and rabbits to cats. You’ll discover whichever one you select a first rate playground in your puppy.

canine pen can configure square, rectangle, octangle playpen for puppies; used as a barrier or pet play yard gate

the pen sets up quick and effortlessly (no equipment required). Its eight steel panels come pre-connected with welded metallic hinges to create one long piece that unfolds accordion-style. Set up the pen into the form of a circle, square, rectangle, or other form, and then clip the 2 give up panels collectively the usage of the four metallic thumb clips (covered).

the panels can also be used to nook off a segment of the room or to hold pets faraway from off-restriction regions. Or, join the pen to a metal cord crate (no longer included) to create a tremendous mixture of cozy resting area and room to roam.

the bestpet is proud to provide the puppy exercising playpen ,the 8 panel design allows for a couple of configurations to first-class healthy the region . The wire canine playpen may be used as a kennel, crate, pet hangout, playroom, or whilst a chosen time out quarter. It may be used for a unmarried animal or more than one pets. It’s light, foldable and smooth to set up and smash down so you can carry your pet everywhere you need to go. With rust resistant covered metallic and rounded edges, the folding metal fence is built to ultimate.


eight panels 24inch dog playpen.

long lasting welding for energy.

sets up in less than a minute.

collapsible for clean transportation and garage.

anti-rust steel workout puppy playpen.

variable configurations.

foldable and transportable.

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24", 30", 36", 48"


Black, Blue, Pink

7 reviews for Bestpet pup pet playpen eight panel indoor outdoor metallic protable folding animal workout dog fence,24″,30″,36″,forty two”,48″

  1. Amazon Customer

    I just ordered this to keep my pup contained while we’re at work or just need a break from the puppy to get things done! It was spacious enough that I could put his kennel in it, a dog bed, his toys & water. I gave this 4 stars out of 5 because it’s really light weight & easily movable. So I worry once he gets bigger he’ll figure out he can escape & knock it over. The pros: great size to put into any room in your house or outside. You can move it around to fit appropriately in any space. The size is great, it’s big enough to fit all my pups items in there. There are clasps you attach to keep the gate shut. Super easy to put together! This is easily collapsible for storage when you want to put it away. I think this is a great product if it’s for a pup or small animals, but I think once the animal gets too big it’ll be easy for them to tip this over. I think this will be a great product to have while my pup is still little! Read more

  2. Elizabeth Yeager

    Every one of the reviews was using it as a pet pen…I bought it to keep my toddler and cat away from the Christmas tree. Worked like a charm. Light weight…folds flat…great price. Read more

  3. online

    I bought this for my Californian rabbit who weighs about 12 pounds. It’s a nice size for him for spending time outdoors, but not big enough for him to run or jump around in (unless he goes in circles). You get 8 panels that you can shape into an octagon or square. There is no gate; you just clasp the ends together with 3 metal clips. You need a little maneuvering to get in and out, and make sure the clips are closed tight. Otherwise, it is really good for the price. I have left it outside over the summer, and there is no noticeable rust. Also, my rabbit is very strong and rambunctious, and has not been able to escape from this playpen! I feel he is safe when he is in there. I think this would be okay for small dogs weighing under 20 pounds. Read more

  4. Greysean

    Got this pen for my new little 9 week old Sheltie. It has tons of room for her – I have it set up with her water and food dish on one side, lots of fun toys and a small round bed plus the bed in the crate. It allows me to get things done when I can’t watch her, allows her to eat separately from my other dog, and gives my other dog a break from puppy attacking him. Great pen- very sturdy. I have had no problems with the clips. I used zip ties to connect to the crate just for extra stability and put a tarp down to cover my rug. A friend has suggested getting a flat piece of linoleum but I wanted something to wrap up the side incase of accidents. It is nice to be able to keep her close and safe. Read more

  5. Duchess

    I had custody of a 50 lb wild hound/pitt mix girl for a several days and this pen worked perfectly. I took advice from other reviewers and stapled the bottom to the baseboards so she wouldn’t overturn it, and knowing that this dog climbed like a monkey (who knew that dew claws are as good as thumbs??) I also zip tied Critterfence to the top to keep her in. I included a large crate into the mix. The box was damaged so only 3 clips survived, no problem, this entire rig was zip tied together. This worked!! The only negative I saw was that the door did not have a wire at the bottom for support so I had to get down on the floor to open the bottom door hitch. A little awkward at my age first thing in the am, but not a deal breaker by any means. The crate door opened to the right, so into the opening of the pen. I loosely zip tied it so it would not bang closed, and it actually helped keep her from barging the pen door until she learned wait, which she did. Seriously, this is the bomb. It worked. Yes, kinda an eyesore for the living room, but if you are into rescuing animals, you already don’t care. And its the perfect size for housebreaking. Love it. Love it, love it. This dog’s life may have been saved because she spent time in this controlled environment without the high stress environment of kids teasing her. If nothing else, she was spayed, cared for during her recovery, trained and loved while she was here. You do what you can. This is what Ian Dunbar would want you to get. Read more

  6. MrsGivens

    These fence pieces are great! While you get 8 panels, if you get creative you can take them apart by pulling the metal clips off and leaving just the amount of panels you need. For my project I only needed 3 panels around my fireplace and then I added one more panel to lay across the top. I used the little plastic clips that came with the pet kennel to hold the top to the 3 panels. All of this is to keep my 2 sphynx kittens from climbing under, behind and on top of my gas stove fireplace plus I still wanted to see and feel the fire. It works because the slots in the panels are only 2″ wide so the cats can’t squeeze through (and these cats are tiny)! I’m adding one more step by weaving some ribbon through the top panel just in case the cats get brave and jump on top. I don’t want their legs falling through. I’m very happy with how it turned out. Read more

  7. Tom U.

    This pen has been so useful with our 14-week old King Charles Cavalier puppy. We got the 24″ one and I’m wondering if we should have gotten the 30″ one, since he can jump pretty high. I like the 24″ because it’s easier for me, at 5’2″ to step over. What we love about this pen is how versatile it is! I’m VERY glad it does not have a gate because it’s more versatile; if you were going to use only as a pen, then the gate might be helpful. But we also use it as a barrier between our kitchen (all tile) and family room (carpet) which is great. Oliver has a crate, so one end of the pen is attached to the crate. The other end can be stretched all the way across the kitchen and wedged between the fridge and cabinets to create a smaller area or can be attached to the other side of the crate to create a big courtyard. At night, I have been creating a very small 2’x2′ courtyard outside the crate. Soon, we will have him sleep with the crate closed. The 3 clips work well, although he does try to chew on them when he sees them. So far, they are very durable. They are not easy for my mildly arthritic fingers to pinch, but they are doable. Oliver also likes to teeth on the metal and has not had any success in damaging it or himself…we are 10 days in! I’m really glad we got this pen…it has been much more useful and versatile than I imagined! Read more

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