Barksbar massive gray orthopedic dog bed – forty x 30 inches – snuggly sleeper with stable orthopedic foam, non-slip back

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  • make sure this suits with the aid of coming into your model number.
  • large orthopedic sleeper: 40” x 30” x 10″ – best for medium to big length dogs and also high-quality for more than one smaller puppies. Can easily preserve as much as 100+ lbs and equipped for pets up to 36″ in duration.
  • internal dimensions of sleeping area: 36″ x 24″ – crafted with among the finest workmanship and top class substances, it’s miles built to both offer the closing sleep experience with superior typical comfort and to ultimate. Best for dogs of any a while, specially older puppies with joint, bone or arthritic troubles.
  • top class substances encompass: (1) extremely soft polyester cover with a highly-priced quilted design, (2) 4″ of stable orthopedic foam base for the ideal balance of consolation, decreased joint pain and stepped forward fitness & mobility. (3) more at ease cotton-padded rim cushion to right away contour in your puppy’s neck and offer regular support and decompression for sick necks and heads.
  • glossy and luxurious quilted layout to improve any own family’s domestic decor. Comes with a built-in nonslip rubber backing on the bottom side of the cover to save you any sliding on wood and tiled floors.
  • clean to smooth & maintain: removable and system-washable cowl. Sincerely put it on gentle / sensitive cycle. Even less difficult to identify clean and put off hair.
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barksbar big snuggly sleeper orthopedic canine bed with cushioned rim for decompression

  • wonderful human-grade orthopedic foam providing deep cushioning and strain comfort on joints.
  • cotton padded partitions designed to instantly contour to the neck and head for maximum consolation.
  • a quilted gray, removable, gadget washer-friendly cowl that compliments any home decor
  • orthopedic foam pad: 35. 5″ x 24″
  • incredible orthopedic foam affords deep cushioning and pressure remedy on joints.
  • reduces joint ache and improves health & mobility for older puppies.
  • will no longer lose it’s form time beyond regulation and could preserve to contour to every and every crevice of your pet’s body.
  • complete orthopedic foam pad aid not like beds with shredded memory and tempurpedic fill.
  • ultra soft polyester with a expensive quilted layout to match or compliment any domestic decor
  • detachable machine cleanable cover with heavy duty zippers – use gentle or sensitive cycle and air dry to prolong existence.
  • clean to vacuum, spot easy and wipe.
  • actual dog mattress: forty” x 30″ x 10″
  • internal dimensions of dozing area interior bolster: 36″ x 24″
  • cotton padded partitions designed to instantly contour to the subsequent and head for maximum comfort
  • gives regular aid and decompression for in poor health heads and becks of all sizes
  • best for puppies of any a long time, specially for older puppies with joint, bone and arthritic issues.
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    7 reviews for Barksbar massive gray orthopedic dog bed – forty x 30 inches – snuggly sleeper with stable orthopedic foam, non-slip back

    1. RuthAnn Clem

      I spent $200 on a “heavy-duty” bed. Molly ripped a hole in the cushion within 2 months. I flipped the cushion over. She ripped 2 holes in that side. So, within 6 months, it was destroyed. Spent $300 for a “chew-proof” bed. Molly wouldn’t even get in it! She would sleep on the floor next to it. I think she didn’t like the feel of the fabric. I bought a memory foam bed for $150 and that one was also a total bust. Molly sniffed and walked away! My recliner and sofa were her favorite spots and there was nothing to be done about it! I was very hesitant to spend more money for yet another fail but after reading the reviews, thought I’d give the BarksBar 40×30 a try. Wow, am I glad I did! As soon as I put this bed down, she sniffed and climbed in! She is a 65-pound Lab and has plenty of room to curl up or stretch out. For some reason, she doesn’t dig at the cushion like she did with her other beds. And, she uses the sides as a pillow. Now, I can’t get her out of it! I have to coax her out to go for walks. She comes out quick, though, when it is dinnertime. She IS a Lab, after all! But, must say that I was able to go to the bathroom alone for the first time in years! Haha She just won’t leave this bed! Quality of construction seems good for the price and the comfort level must be high for her. So far, so good. If it lasts her more than 6 months, I’ll still be way ahead of the game! I have this one in the living room and she hasn’t been on the sofa since I got it. I’m thinking about buying a second one for the bedroom. I definite recommend this one! Read more

    2. IvyWildAuthor

      Lancer loves his bed! I had trouble finding a bed to fit a large german shepherd but this one is definitely large enough and he loves to snuggle into the bumpers. He kept trying to get on the couch so we had to find something that was more comfortable than the couch to deter him and this does it. Good quality as well. He did have an accident on it one day when I was late coming home from work. The one thing I would suggest, which I did now, is to take it apart when you get it and either put a pee pad or put a trash bag around the foam. That way, if your pup ever has an accident, it is easy to just wash the cover and the foam will not be harmed. Despite his accident, I was able to clean the foam just fine and wash the cover and it’s just like new. Great buy! Read more

    3. BierTodd

      We were pretty frustrated with the pricing, materials and selection we had while searching for such a simple thing…a dog bed. Granted, our dog is pretty active (working/hunting) and gets lots of exercise, so will find a way to conk out just about anywhere, but we figure that getting him a soft spot to rest his bones/joints after going hard at being a dog all day is a fair trade. After running out of multiple pet and farm supply stores shaking our heads, we rolled the dice on this BarksBar 40″x30″ bed being the right combination of price and build (thick bottom pad and durable cover) , and won out. All padding is removable, so the first thing we did is wash the bed-cover. Great zippers, big enough to make it simple to reinstall padding and get the thing ‘dog ready’. It only took a few days and he’s in it every night now. He’s a 65# Wirehaired Pointing Griffon, and he’s got plenty of room to stretch out (see pic). No regrets. – Easy to disassemble and clean, then reassemble – Quality material for cover – Good zippers – Dog approves (and chooses his bed over our bed) Read more

    4. Christine Kelly

      We have a hard time finding quality dog beds in our house. We have two large (80+ lb mixed breed) dogs and the cost of beds from big stores like PetsMart can be outrageous. We love Amazon in our house so looking here seemed like the natural choice- and I’m so glad that we did. The bed arrived quickly and in great shape. The instructions say it takes awhile for the foam to fluff up, but I found that it expanded in a matter of minutes. The quality of the zippers and the fabric is great. I also like that it seems like it would be easy to take apart and wash (haven’t had to yet) since it’s just a few pieces. The most important thing is that my dogs love it, so much so that we plan to buy another. They have two other beds, and given the choice they choose this one all the time. All in all, this is a great bed for a great price and we would definitely buy again. Read more

    5. Amazon Customer

      I purchased this bed because I rescue Boxers. They are in desperate need of a great cushioned bed due to the conditions they had in their past life. It is awesome‼. The orthopedic insert is thick and provides so much support for them. The high sides gives them a place to snuggle in and lean against, it gives them a safe place to be. It has not broken down, despite their weight of 60+ lbs. I have already washed the removal cover, & it goes back on perfectly. I would highly recommend this bed. I have a different one, that cost more, and it is already broken down. Thumbs Up for this!!!! Read more

    6. LJFrantz

      My 85lb GSD outgrew her “teenager” snuggle bed and we ordered a flat memory foam bed to replace it. Unfortunately, she preferred her snuggle bed and slept on it even though it was wayyyyy too small. We ordered this bed because it not only looked big enough, but looked super comfortable. It was a HUGE hit. She can lounge across it and use the sides as a pillow, she can curl up and snuggle-sleep and she can even roll around in it and play. We love the bed, the quality is excellent and especially, the cover can be removed and wash as needed. Great purchase and great seller. Read more

    7. kelkat

      Just received the Medium size. It seems well made and my dog took to it right away. Never a problem with Whippets! The bed ships with a solid piece of egg crate foam and has instructions to insert in bottom of bed after you air out to fully expand. It was a bit tight zippering in and I hope the zipper is strong to last. The part with the bolster pillow around the perimeter is also encased by a zipper, so should be easy to clean. The key will be whether either of the two zippers fail. I will update my review with any failures. I could not find any reviews with pictures of the Medium size. Here is our female Whippet. She is approx. 34 lbs and has some room to spare. Read more

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