Barkbox memory foam platform canine bed plush mattress for orthopedic joint relief gadget cleanable cuddler with detachable cowl and water-resistant includes squeaker toy

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  • high fill base: this canine bed is the snoozing staple to present any and all dogs the sleep of their goals. It’s perfect for all drowsing patterns and offers your pooch as lots consolation as feasible. Seasoned tip: get a size up for a more spacious revel in
  • excessive great cooling foam: with top class reminiscence foam filler and a soft plush cover, your dog will doze off and dream massive. The inner yellow and multicolored foam tufts permit for better airflow, lessen warmth retention and make for a more snuggly sleep.
  • detachable, water-proof, & gadget washable cowl: keep your canine’s mattress looking, smelling, and feeling sparkling and clean. That means messes no greater! The zippered cover slides off easily for handy cleaning.
  • colorations that fit your home: with a big selection of colours, you’re bound to locate the correct canine mattress that suits your house decor. Allow it suit or make it stand out. It’s up to you!
  • for all breeds: get the dog mattress your dog merits! This dog mattress comes in multiple sizes to simply in shape breeds like boston terriers, bulldogs, golden retrievers & greater. Now, finding a canine mattress doesn’t must be a doozie.
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what a canine wishes, what a canine wishes

bark domestic brings you the objects you need for each canine want. It’s for dogs and dog humans, examined via canine humans’s puppies. So now, you and your pooch can live your exceptional lives, collectively.

first-class is the call of the game and your canine merits the high-quality. This mattress is simple to step into and incorporates any snoozing position. Yes, even those weird ones. They’ll experience a gentle plush cover with a premium reminiscence foam filler bed to get the comfiest, coziest, excellent-est night sleep your dog has ever dreamed of.

fortunate you! The gentle plush cover is system washer-friendly and waterproof, so smooth up is brief and smooth. No extra messes, no greater mishaps. Just think of all the time you’ll be saving! It’s lots!

that’s proper! Don’t sleep at the unfastened toy with each mattress. Give your royal hairness the royal remedy with a wearable crown and a squeaky pea toy. Because snoozing in this bed feels like a fairytale, so deal with your canine like the princess or prince they’re.

it’s snuggle time!

get the rest and rest your dog (and also you) deserve. With excellent soft plush and a premium memory foam filler mattress, your dog can snuggle in and fall asleep. The mattress paperwork to their body form, so it’s nearly adore it’s made for them!

  • more restful sleeps for your dog
  • terrific assist for hip dysplasia and arthritis
  • outstanding help and exceptional comfort
  • premium memory foam filler bed with gentle plush cowl lets in for ideal sleep
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    Memory Foam – Small, Chipped Memory Foam – Medium, Memory Foam – Medium, Chipped Memory Foam – Large, Chipped Memory Foam – X-Large, Memory Foam – Large, Memory Foam – X-Large, Memory Foam – XX-Large


    Black Plaid, Espresso, Grey, Navy, Sand, Stripe, White Plaid, Green

    8 reviews for Barkbox memory foam platform canine bed plush mattress for orthopedic joint relief gadget cleanable cuddler with detachable cowl and water-resistant includes squeaker toy

    1. Lisa P25

      I just received this dog bed and bought it based on all the great reviews. However it claims to be 3” in height, but after 30 minutes it never expanded to the stated size. Bummer. I’m keeping it though – too hard to repack & my dog seems satisfied. If the dog is happy then momma is happy. Updated 12/26/18- I am changing my 3 star rating to a 5 star rating BUT ONLY FOR THIER CUSTOMER SERVICE. THE BED STILL ONLY GETS A 3 STAR RATING. After posting my review, I was contacted by Kathryn in Customer Service via emails. I have to give some major kudos to BarkBox and their customer service. They have offered to send me a new bed since they think I received a defective bed (since it didn’t expand to the 3″ as quoted). I haven’t received the new bed, but I am very impressed with the communication from Kathryn. Read more

    2. Marilyn K Moniz

      I have a seven-year-old dog. I bought her $150 dog bed when she was younger and she has never used it. I used the bottom cushion of it as a crate mat and she likes that but she will not get into the doughnut dog bed. I bought the Bark bed for her and she got on it as soon as I put it down on the floor. I brought it upstairs for the night and she immediately got on it rather than asking to get up on my bed. I’ve already made up my mind to purchase another one so I won’t have to be dragging this one up and down the stairs. She absolutely loves it and I do too. It is good quality. Read more

    3. Geo

      Sorry about the title on this review but I that sums up the incident that I found myself dealing with this morning!! We have 2 German Shepherd puppies about 3 months old. Someone had a tummy ache and bless their baby hearts, they’ve NEVER had any accident in their bed, until this morning. There was a mess!! You can imagine!! Explosive and everywhere!! After the puppies were cleaned up I was worried how the bed would clean up and I almost just thru it out but I remembered reading it was waterproof somewhere. So I unzipped the mattress pad cover it comes with and to my shock and awe NOTHING had gone thru to the mattress!! The mess sat for a little while because I had to clean the puppies up and I’m not sure when the accident happened exactly. I was so amazed that nothing soaked thru to the mattress itself!! I cleaned the mattress cover and removed everything I could and then thru it in the wash. I washed it on HOT twice just to make sure nothing was left in the machine. I used a little Resolve Carpet Cleaner ( yes on stains in laundry) Persil and Clorox. I thought the cover would shrink and come out heavily stained and/or bleached out. Again….. SURPRISE!! 🙂 Ta-Da!!!!!! The cover came out looking like new. Nothing remains of the huge mess from earlier!! Thank you for making a puppy/dog friendly mattress and cover! Not only have the puppies enjoyed sleeping and laying on it, I love how durable and easy to clean it is! I highly recommend it! Read more

    4. Tim Moore

      I have a 14+ golden retriever that weighs about 65 pounds. The illustration is very deceptive in leading one to believe that the bed is large enough in size to fit her. Also, the thickness of the bed I would question as well. I was buying something that was for my aging golden, meanwhile she does not use it as it is to small. It comes in a very small box and unfortunately, once it is opened you cannot put it back in the box for a return. Read more

    5. Amazon Customer

      We were looking for a new bed for our dogs and couldn’t be happier with our purchase. Previously we have bought beds from Harry Barker. I have been disappointed in their selection of beds for awhile so I decided to give this a try and I’m so glad I did! My dogs love to rest on it. I am also a dog babysitter and my clients have been fond of it too. My dogs are 50lb Goldendoodles, and my client is a 25lb Samoyed puppy. As you can see, Scout takes up most of the bed. If you have a dog larger than 50lbs this may not be the bed for you. Hopefully they offer an XL soon, I would love to purchase one! Side note, the bed came with a stuffed squeaky pea (like the princess fairytale) and my dogs are obsessed with it. Read more

    6. aottke

      This is pretty crappy quality. I could have gotten something like this for a third the price at TJ Maxx. So lame. It’s fine and kinda works. And we just piled a bunch of blankets on top of it to make it more of a pad, but what’s the point of this if you need to do that? At the end of the day, it’s a very cheap product not worth the money. Don’t be tricked by the price or photos… Read more

    7. Morris

      Cheap zipper. Not an incredible product but does the job for a crate. Read more

    8. Brittany Lasley

      Excellent bed. I thought at first it looked sort of thin but it does not really sink and is very supportive. My 75 lb german shepherd would rather lay on this half the time than sleep with me on my bed! Read more

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