Ameritex water-proof canine mattress cover pet blanket for fixtures mattress sofa sofa reversible

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  • water-resistant – assured! This top rate protector prevents almost all forms of moisture and beverages from leaking through. Best for people with dogs and cats!
  • software -suitable for all varieties of furnitures,especially for couch and mattress. The wonderful smooth and high priced blanket can definitely make you percentage satisfied time together with your pet
  • seems in one – ameritex water resistant fixtures cover is reversible and offer hues to in shape your furnishings
  • machine washer-friendly – clean to clean. Gadget wash cold and tumble dry low
  • one hundred% cash-returned assure – our products are ensured with a one hundred% cash-again guarantee,and please touch us in case you enjoy any problems! Your delight is our first precedence!
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ideal for those with puppies and cats!

  • water-proof – ameritex fixtures protector prevents almost all kinds of moisture and beverages from leaking via.
  • utility -appropriate for all styles of furnitures,mainly for sofa and bed. The exceptional gentle and high priced blanket can without a doubt make you share glad time with your puppy
  • two seems in a single – ameritex waterproof furniture cowl is reversible and offer two colours to suit your fixtures.
  • four sizes for deciding on – 52 x eighty two in, 68 x eighty two in,82 x eighty two in, 102 x eighty two in.
  • 4 layers to protect your furniture

  • wateresistant microfiber cloth
  • microfiber filling
  • water-proof tpu coating
  • wateresistant microfiber cloth
  • size_name

    20×30 Inches, 30×30 Inches, 30×70 Inches, 52×82 Inches, 68×82 Inches, 82×82 Inches, 82×102 Inches


    Beige+lightgrey, Chocolate+beige, Chocolate+darkgrey, Cream+beige, Green+navy Blue, Navyblue+stoneblue, Sand+beige, Sand+stoneblue, Beige+Lightgrey, Chocolate+Beige, Chocolate+Darkgrey, Cream+Beige, Green+Navy Blue, Grey+Dark Grey, Navyblue+Stoneblue, Pink+Burgundy, Sand+Beige, Sand+Stoneblue

    8 reviews for Ameritex water-proof canine mattress cover pet blanket for fixtures mattress sofa sofa reversible

    1. J_Shene

      If you’re like me who has been searching for a blanket that will allow you to easily vacuum dog hair off every few days, this is it! I have a hound with long hair that literally sticks to everything. After trying a few blankets and sheets and getting tired of vacuuming for 30 mins or washing all the time to still have hair left over please just buy this blanket. It’s not too tacky looking and it’s also great for paw licking as my dog would leave wet spots all over my comforter. I also washed this blanket before I used it and it dried just fine. Some reviews said it never would dry for them. Guess I’m lucky. It is a tad warm with over blankets underneath, but obviously this can be solved with a new blanket to sheet ratio lol. Read more

    2. D. Graebner

      My older female pup is starting to experience some trouble with incontinence. She doesn’t always wake up in time to realize she needs to go, so she doesn’t quite make it to her “potty place.” Since she spends most of the day lounging in my bed while I’m at work, I was returning home to find that I had to change the sheets some evenings. If I forgot to check, I had the unpleasant experience of starting to get into bed late at night, only to have to get up again to change the bedding. This blanket allows her to lounge on the bed as much as she’d like without messing up my bedding. It appears sturdy, and so far she hasn’t leaked through it. It survived a couple of washings so far, and has retained its shape and waterproof quality. It’s nice enough I can throw it over the couch as well if I need to. Read more

    3. Cls107

      This will cover a king sized bed almost completely. At least from end too end, not top to bottom. It is water proof and has gone through my washer and dryer several times and comes out fresh every time. You just have to remember to put your dryer on it’s lowest heat setting. It is a little noisy because it sounds like it is a layer of plastic sewn between the cloth so when you move on it, it will rustle. But it’s not too inconvenient. Any moisture or water stays on the surface, it’s not going to be soaked into the blanket at all. So beware when you are moving the blanket. I do not have any pets but this blanket was a lot bigger and cheaper than similar blankets that are sold for more “adult” use. Despite the few issues I mentioned, I really like this blanket and am thinking of ordering one more in a different color. Read more

    4. Elina T

      This is a best protective cover for the bed I’ve used! We have 2 dogs that think they own the place so I’m constantly having to change the bedding from their hair, dirt that works it’s way through to the sheets, not any more! This completely protects the bedding underneath, looks nice, quality material that blocks dirt, hair and even wet dogs after baths can jump up the bed and not affect our bedding underneath and it washes up great! Just realize the color can bleed in the washer, at least the burgundy, so use cold water and like colors and you’re good! Read more

    5. Emily Burns

      While I am very pleased with the size, color, and overall quality of the product, I found that this cover tends to keep heat trapped underneath. We generally have a very light blanket on our bed as to stay cool through the night. Since adding this cover we have both been waking up multiple times throughout the night drenched in sweat (with the air conditioning set to 66 degrees). I would give it 5 stars for all other categories, but unfortunately we will be trying alternate covers. Read more

    6. Angela777

      Must have as owner of two dog a Frenchie and Shiz Tzu who both always want to be with me so needs these type of covers to cover my beds and sofa this is large covers my queen size bed and my love seat if I need it . I need the big one bc other wise my dog just pushes the smaller one aside as if to say he insulted he can’t lie directly on my sheets or sofa with this big one much harder for him to do that but he tries. It protects my sheets and keeps my sofa clean and I just remove before go bed or remove from sofa when got company. The price is reasonable for the size which I appreciate . Read more

    7. Jessica Lozenski

      Works great. Recently got a puppy and she goes potty the second she wakes up, so when she falls asleep on the couch next to me it saves us both. Doesn’t leak thru even if she has a full bladder. Even went and bought a 2nd one for when the other is in the wash. Read more

    8. Jordan

      We bought this to cover our king size bed so our husky (who apparently cannot sleep unless she sleeps with us) could lay on. She doesn’t pee on our bed but she does jump up on our bed with wet paws sometimes. Just the other day she jumped up and puked on part of the blanket. I can definitely say that this blanket is 100% waterproof and was super easy to clean. I’ve also vacuumed the blanket recently to get the hair off and it’s really easy to vacuum as well. I would recommend buying this blanket. It will definitely protect your bed. Read more

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