Amazon basics round bolster canine or cat bed with flannel top

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  • round pet mattress offers a safe, relaxed region for a cat or small canine to snooze
  • plush flannel top floor for ideally suited softness; polyester canvas sides and bottom for power
  • curved, barely raised part for brought shape and a pillow-like surface
  • device washable for smooth cleansing. System wash one at a time in cool water with mild detergent; do not use bleach; do no longer tumble dry; line dry; do now not dry easy or iron; dry absolutely earlier than use; reshape if wished
  • measures 20 with the aid of 20 by using 6 inches; weighs 1. 1 kilos
  • endorsed for extra-small and toy breeds together with chihuahuas and toy poodles (up to 12 lbs), and small breeds which includes boston terriers and beagles (13 – 25 lbs)
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8 reviews for Amazon basics round bolster canine or cat bed with flannel top

  1. R. Precourt

    Our cat took to this immediately and now we have created a monster in that we can’t get her out of it. We literally don’t see her much any more because she wants to go upstairs and sleep in her bed. I thought this would be a waste of money as our cat is more likely to want to sleep on anything else (like the box it came in, a plastic bag, etc.) But, my wife insisted and the rest is history. It is very nice quality and looks good. Most importantly, the cat loves it, so everyone is happy. Read more

  2. LA-Mom

    The side seams are not sewn properly, so they come apart the first time you wash them. I ordered two of these for my two 10-pound poodle mix dogs. After washing them on the cold-water hand-wash cycle, both had the side seams come apart which resulted in stuffing all over the washing machine. I returned them and Amazon sent me two new ones. After washing the two new ones on the cold, hand-wash cycle, the side seams again came apart! I have had many dog beds, and none of them were this poorly made. Why can’t they stitch the seems correctly — it doesn’t cost extra money to use a sewing machine properly! I returned threw the second set away and am giving up on AmazonBasics. Please Note: my dogs are both adults who do not chew or scratch on their dog beds, so this was not a matter of using the beds roughly. Read more

  3. SDmomma

    UPDATE: I have now washed this bed in the washer. I stand by my five star review. I washed it in warm water with detergent and I tumble dried it on low heat. The tag says not to put it in the dryer, however I did and it held up nicely. No seams ripping or anything. I’m not surprised because this bed seems to be pretty good quality, but I’m really happy it held up. My suggestion is to vacuum the bed before you wash it to get rid of the pet hair, turn it inside out to get all the hair that builds up in the creases, and tumble dry on low heat. Very satisfied with this purchase and hoping it will last us awhile!! Original review: This pet bed so far is working out great. The quality is pretty good for 15$ and is a huge upgrade from the last bed my cat had. I bought him a really cheap one on amazon a couple years ago and that one held up in the washer and dryer (although barely) so I am going to say that this one will probably do the same. I haven’t washed it yet but I will update this review when I do. The size of this bed is perfect for my 10 lb cat. He’s even got a little room to spare. It’s very soft and it has become his new spot in the house. When it came in the packaging, it was a little distorted and lopsided, but it flattened out overnight. I attached some photos of my 14 year old Abner enjoying this bed. Read more

  4. Liz Zélandais

    We originally got this bed for our little 20-pound dog. As you can see, he fit perfectly and he loved it. Then the 20-pound cat found that he liked this bed, and would torment the dog to leave it. Just to keep peace, we ended up buying four of these beds to put in different parts of the house so both would be happy. They are. They love these sweet little beds. Here are a couple more things about them. 1) They’re very well made. Quality materials and manufacture. 2) They’re cushy and soft. If they made one in human size, I’d get it. 3) Very lightweight, so very portable. (If you have found my review helpful, I’d really appreciate if you would click the “Helpful” button. Thanks so much for reading! Liz) Read more

  5. Bry_in

    The picture looked great and was similar to one that my sister had purchased from another store for her dog, but unfortunately it is not what I was expecting. The description makes it look like it is solid and the pillow insert is for extra comfort but really the bottom is just a thin piece of cloth and the pillow is the only thing that supports and shapes the bed. This would be totally fine if the pillow and walls were well stuffed, but the one that I got is poorly stuffed and goes flat super easy and will not hold the weight of my small dog. I really meant to return this, but my dog got it dirty while I wasn’t home -_- (my bad) Read more

  6. Roadrunner66

    Initial impressions: Much better constructed than expected. Pillow is very soft. Sophie,our 15 lb Lhasa Apso, climbed in to the bed immediately after removing from the shipping container. Obviously very comfortable with her new bed. Product came in a box appx. 15X24X3. I was initially worried that the walls of the product would be crushed–but they returned to normal height upon removal from the container. Read more

  7. Mew

    I recently adopted a kitten, and he is IN LOVE with this bed. He makes muffins (kneading) in the bed and falls asleep after. When the kitten walks away, my older cat comes by and chills. Well, I don’t blame them. This bed is super soft. If I were a cat, I wouldn’t get out of this bed – ever. *I hope my review was helpful 🙂 Well-made pet bed at a great price – Highly recommended! This is my genuine review after purchasing this product. Read more

  8. Crowsfeet

    I purchased for my 12.5 lb cat. Probably could have gone smaller, but she doesn’t have to curl up so tightly. Two friendly cats could definitely fit in this bed. The bed is really nicely made with medium brown canvas on the outside and fleece on the top and insides, over very cushy stuffing. The sides are well-padded too. It took about a week for my cat to get used to it. She now sleeps in it every day. Some of the time she likes putting her chin on the top of the bed while she’s sleeping. Most of the time she just curls up in it. It’s big enough for her to stretch (the bed bends with her.) All in all, a great pet bed for the price! Read more

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