2pet foldable dog crate – soft, smooth to fold & carry canine crate for indoor & outside use – cozy dog domestic & dog tour crate – robust steel frame, washer-friendly fabric cowl

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  • all-in-one foldable dog crate – in case you’re looking to buy a foldable dog crate that combines all the capability with a hint of class & innovation, 2pet fold-a-crate is the best desire – all-in-one dog crate for indoor, outside, schooling & travel functions – talk over with the scale chart for size details
  • robust steel tube design – in contrast to many different flimsy & makeshift dog crates accessible, fold-a-crate makes use of a sturdy but lightweight metal tube design that may be folded/opened up in a few minutes – consists of a pinnacle take care of to convert it into a completely-functional pet provider
  • washer-friendly gentle cloth cowl – the metal frame is covered with a water-resistant, smooth oxford 600d cloth cowl (a nylon variant) that is fully detachable & gadget washer-friendly – the brand new & stepped forward design includes complete frontal zipper that puppies can’t easily chew to bits
  • ideal air flow, mesh panel home windows – way to the well-designed bone-fashioned home windows & mesh panels, this foldable canine crate maintains perfect herbal ventilation – this kennel comes with a water resistant mat for the ground of the crate reversible cleanable fleece cushion pad
  • doing the right aspect – being absolute puppy enthusiasts, we donate a portion of income to numerous pet shelters & charities – with a 1-12 months guarantee against manufacturing faults in place, your orders are secure & secure – click on ‘upload to cart’ & order the satisfactory, multipurpose foldable dog crate proper away
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please consult with the size chart earlier than buying

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we trust that the smallest contribution could make a huge impact in others, in pay it ahead. It is why a percentage of your purchase is dedicated to those pets in need.

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in 2014 as puppy fans and owners 2pet became created with a unmarried goal: to give for your little pets the whole lot they deserve! Our organisation is targeted on masking all of your pets’ desires.


Small 20in, Medium 24in, Large 28in, Xlarge 32in, XXLarge 36in


Biscuit Beige, Bonny Blue, Grizzle Grey, Rawhide Red

6 reviews for 2pet foldable dog crate – soft, smooth to fold & carry canine crate for indoor & outside use – cozy dog domestic & dog tour crate – robust steel frame, washer-friendly fabric cowl

  1. Amazon Customer

    To be honest, while our pet does love the crate- it ripped in the mesh window on the first day with her (a 6 week puppy) swatting at it once. I am very disappointed because I love this product. I have reached out to the company to see if they can send replacement mesh or resolve this. Waiting for response. Update. I reached out to the manufacturer and they were snarky and claimed that they don’t recommend this crate for puppies. Yet they advertise it as a dog crate. Horribly customer service because they responded and were terribly defensive and offered no resolution whatsoever and blamed me and my pup. Read more

  2. Amazon Customer

    Love this crate. The design is great and it is somewhat easy to carry around. However, my dog has leaned into the mesh and it tore it. This crate is in no way durable. This crate is good for small dogs who do not weigh a lot. The mesh cannot withstand heavy dogs leaning on it. With the quality design of this product I am very very disappointed with how durable it is. Buyer beware: DO NOT PURCHASE FOR PUPPIES OR LARGE DOGS. Puppies will chew the mesh and large dogs will be to heavy to lean again the mesh. I am sad I will have to throw this product away. I will be looking for a new product that is more durable and is someone lighter and easier to take down and put up than this one. Read more

  3. Mountain Girl

    I hope this helps with size questions: I bought this for my 22 lb rescue for the back seat of my truck. It is smaller than the one he sleeps in at night at home, but in that most of the time in my truck he sits in a harness in the front seat this is just for longer trips and for carrying into a hotel. The one he sleeps in at night at home is larger and would be too wide for the back seat of my truck and more cumbersome to lug into a hotel. This is the perfect size for the back seat and trips. That being said he is a bit of a chewer so I would not leave him in it unattended in a hotel room for much time. It is very nicely made, went together easily with the two upper frame bars. I did buy a better interior pad, the one provided is ok and probably would have sufficed, but his little guy has captured my heart and I like to spoil him. Oh one more thing: SEATBELT ! This was easy for me to thread through a spot in the back and the top handles to secure with the seat belt in the back seat. Read more

  4. Amy J.

    After lugging a heavy, bulky MidWest wire crate to the dog sitter’s house for boarding when I went on a trip, I decided to purchase this soft crate for my Frenchie puppy. When it arrived two days before going on a road trip including a stay in a hotel, I set it up in the kitchen for him to explore. It was easy to set up. He took to it right away! (The attached picture is from his first time getting in it.) He sniffed around, nibbled at it a little, and then laid down and chewed on his bully stick. In the hotel, he did well sleeping in it, once I covered it with a light blanket. (He’s used to a crate cover at home.) I haven’t put it away, since he still likes to hang out in it. I purchased the medium size, which will still fit him comfortably when he’s an adult. (He was about 12 lbs. when I took the picture.) The crate seems quite durable, but full disclosure – my puppy is a light chewer, not hyper, and used to sleeping in a crate. So, YMMV. The red color is very tasteful and is pretty true to the photos – maybe slightly darker. I am getting another Frenchie puppy soon, and if they end up preferring to sleep together, I will purchase the same crate in a larger size to use when boarding. Read more

  5. JM8

    Learning that one could bring a contained, non-service dog onto public transportation, has opened up a whole new world of opportunities for us! My dog is considered large at 50 pounds and also has more fur than a wookie so I had to find something that would contain him comfortably while also allowing me to walk with it (and was not a stroller…I did not want to scare the daylights out of some well meaning person who came to gaze upon my “baby”). My dog is actually not crate trained either, which was another challenge as he was a rescue and stress pees when crated…like in a 2 foot radius outside the crate…I didn’t even know a small puppy could do that. After some treats, the dog seemed fine in this crate. I attempted to put his food in there to also make him feel more comfortable but he responded by hiding it with a stuffed animal and then checking it frequently through the window. I walked a mile with this strapped over my shoulder. It is about the size of a portfolio that a college art student would use, if that makes any sense. Popped it open at the station and fed the dog treats judiciously. The moment of truth was sliding the crate onto the train (we did sustain some damages there but I nothing more than wearing some holes in the fabric bottom). I was able to unzip the top and keep up with the treats the whole ride! He was a very good boy! I would highly recommend this for public transportation with an animal IF you feel you are able to maneuver the weight. It was really easy to lift with the handles when my friend helped me too and seemed very sturdy. Read more

  6. Brent S

    Exactly what I expected. This is our secondary crate that we use in the living room and for travel. My little sheltie puppy loves playing and sleeping in this foldable crate. Highly recommend. Read more

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