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                                                        FREE GRAM, BLUNTS OR EDIBLE

21 years +
Valid ID From your state.
Written Recommendation from a Certify  Physician
No public meets for first time patients, home or business delivery only.

Welcome to Dope GoldStreets!  We are word wide Premier Medical Marijuana Delivery Service.  We are honored to have you as a member of our collective, as a token of our appreciation we present you with an introductory gift on your first visit with us. We offer you a choice of one of three freebies. You can choose a complimentary blunts, each two pack is hand-crafted with Top Shelf Flower. If you prefer extra-strength pain relief, try a gourmet chocolate by Bhang or a soft and gooey brownie from Milf ‘n Cookies . It’s hard to choose between our free premium quality gifts, so give it a thought before placing your order. Thanks for becoming a part of Dopegoldstreet and welcome to the family!

As a token of our gratitude for joining, please choose from your FREE gram or edible on your first order of $70 or more.
What you Need

       Required Documents for Every Visit:

    Your original Doctor’s Recommendation
    Photo ID